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  1. I'm kind of confused about the cubic ft of air. I know sq. ft. and cubic feet are two different things, so what size opening would equal 50cf?
  2. As John pointed out, it's a variable autotransformer. It would have been used for dimming lights or anything else that relies on variable voltage (such as a DC motor). It would not have been used on an AC motor. How do you know that it was still operational if you don't know what it controlled? Look for a largeish bank of lights or a DC motor. Auto transformers are robust and long lived, but they do eventually break down when the insulation on the windings fails. At that point, you'll just get line voltage all the time, no matter where the brushes are on the coil. - Jim Kate
  3. Has anyone seen one of these? It was located in the kitchen of a house that was built in 1940. It was still operational, but I was not sure what it's purpose was. Powerstat was written on the face. Image Insert: 37.16 KB
  4. Eric, yes that helps. The Code Check 5th Edition says under "Fireplace with gas appliance": "Decorative log set requires damper blocked open" And "Unvented log heaters not in factory fireplace unless L&L." I was just a little unclear about what that actually required. Tim
  5. The unit was installed just recently in an existing wood burning fireplace.
  6. I understand that when gas logs are placed in a fireplace the damper should be equipped so that it cannot be closed. But I'm told that ventless gas log systems should have the dampler closed. Is this true, and if so, is there a way to tell the difference between a vented and ventless gas log system by looking? Thanks for your help.
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