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  1. I am looking to purchasing HomeGauge Software and looking for some current/past users who can give me some feed back on the usability, customization and overall satisfaction with the software. cheers,
  2. I am new to the business, actually just setting up my business and am looking for information on insurance. What type of insurance do most inspectors carry, their policy limits and premiums they pay. I am located in Ontario and am looking for info from inspector located in Ontario. Cheers,
  3. Can inspectors working within the Province of Ontario provide me with some information on E & O Insurance in Ontario. I am currently looking at getting in the business and have many questions regarding the levels of coverage, estimated cost of coverage, companies and your experience with insurance brokers. I am located in Ottawa, who would you recommend I contact. Thanks in advance,
  4. For those inspectors working in Canada (Ontario) what reporting software do your use and recommend. Are there any requirments that differ from the US Cheers,
  5. I am just getting into the inspection business and wondering what type of vehicles people are using. I have a Ford Escape and am feeling a little undersized. Your comments are appreciated.
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