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  1. Thank you, gentlemen. As always I have learned so much from all of your feedback. I really do appreciate you all helping me to improve my reporting skills. Have a good day inspecting!
  2. 161 views and only one person had anything to offer. Help me learn here people. I promise this is the last mock inspection I am putting up for review here. Again, I appreciate all of you who have offered their reviews previously. I thank you as well Hank for your comments on this report.
  3. I appreciate everyone who has provided their insight, comments, judgments and advice about my previous mock inspection reports. I tried to incorporate the advice I received on this latest mock inspection. So for those of you who have the time and are willing to help, or maybe looking for a little laugh, let me know what you think. All advice is welcome. No need to hold back. I can not improve if I am not aware of where I am making mistakes. The report is at http://www.troypappas.com/uploads/Mock4.pdf
  4. There is no electrical disconnect near the compressor cabinet. The house is forty years old so I don't know if this was not a requirement at the time or not. Should this be written up as an improvement or improper installation since this system is eleven years old? Click to Enlarge 41.28 KB
  5. I believe it is some type of plumbing connection. I could not trace it to its origin after it entered the wall. Any thoughts? Click to Enlarge 16.84 KB
  6. What are some of the more common issues you find with spiral staircases? Is is acceptable to be the only means of internal access to the upper level of the house? Do you call out the open risers like these as a safety hazard? Click to Enlarge 40.33 KBClick to Enlarge 38.54 KBClick to Enlarge 33.76 KBClick to Enlarge 21.1 KB
  7. Shouldn't there be an access panel to do work on this type of tub? Click to Enlarge 23.93 KB
  8. Is this cellulose loose fill insulation? I am writing up the lack of insulation and the fact that the wiring is laid over it. Just double checking on the type. Click to Enlarge 62.6 KB Click to Enlarge 55.83 KB Click to Enlarge 54.67 KB
  9. These were terminated due to a remodel.
  10. Just curious if having multiple venting systems on the same roof is beneficial. This roof had soffit and ridge vents, turbine vents, and fan assisted gable vent. Is there a point of diminishing return with to many systems working at the same time, or will they all compliment each other?
  11. There are a couple of vent stacks on this roof that were covered with foil tape. These vents wobbled back and forth quite a bit because they were cut off in the attic. Would you suggest to have them removed and the roof repaired, or terminated with a better method? Click to Enlarge 77.31 KB Click to Enlarge 27.16 KB
  12. At least half of the outlets are open ground 3-slot outlets. This pictures below are of the wiring in the attic. What is this wiring called? Looking for wording about the danger of open ground 3-slot outlets. Should these outlets be protected by a GFCI breaker or outlet, and labled no ground? Click to Enlarge 54.67 KB Click to Enlarge 54.11 KB
  13. I am pretty sure this is asbestos siding. There are a few areas with minor damage. This siding is on the right and left side of the house, and vinyl siding on the front and rear. With only minimal damage would you write it up to have damaged sections sealed or have it all replaced and removed? What wording do you all use in your reports when reporting on asbestos? Click to Enlarge 29.82 KB Click to Enlarge 23.48 KB Click to Enlarge 22.1 KB Click to Enlarge 32.89 KB
  14. This is directly under the kitchen sink. What is the purpose of the extra pipe material? Click to Enlarge 41.16 KB
  15. The water heater vent is tied into the furnance vent. The vent to the exterior is practically horizontal. This is a five year old water heater. Is the damage here being caused by backdrafting or poor connection of the water entry pipes? Click to Enlarge 44.26 KB Click to Enlarge 45.21 KB
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