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  1. The flame indicated to me a breach in the heat exchanger. The homeowner & their agent tried to discredit me as not qualified. Well, it appears the HVAC technician confirmed my suspicion. I had an opportunity to return during the installation of the new unit and get a few more photos for my collection. There were a few other visible cracks. [:-angel] Image Insert: 162.84 KB
  2. I agree this appears to be installation problem or an issue with wall framing not a defect in the product. It looks like CertainTeed FC. If on the coast with south & western exposure, weather & wind could be a huge part of the problem. My sister had a B & B on the Newport coast with vinyl siding. Many times we heard the walls & windows flexing in 60 to 90 mph storms. I always wondered how much moisture was getting into the walls. Last summer the Everett Herald had a story about cracking in a FC board called "Maxiplank" in a Stanwood area home. There is class-action suit in
  3. Has anyone seen failure problems with Hardie siding or any of the other fiber cement products?
  4. After the garbage disposal died and removed, who says a automotive radiator hose won't get the job done. Image Insert: 287.86 KB
  5. What is an acceptable amout of water under a 6 mil vapor barrier, during the 9 month rain season in Washington State? There were no signs it ever got above the vapor barrier.
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