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  1. Can any of you guys tell me what's going on here? All exposed copper is bright green (ground wires, exposed branch wire ends, exposed SE wires, even the bus bar). The panel is on an interior garage wall ... there is a roofing leak nearby that is allowing moisture into the wall. House has been empty for at least 6 months. Can the nearby moisture be causing this? Is it something that requires immediate attention, or is it OK until the connections at breakers get compromised? Thanks in advance. Click to Enlarge 43.15 KB
  2. Imagine this HVAC Manufacturer Info: Max Breaker Size: 50 Amps Min Circuit Ampacity: 32.6 Amps Run Load Amps: 22.5 In the panel, a double-pole 30 Amp breaker, tied. Is this breaker in the panel sufficient? It seems to me that I can only assume that there is an even distribution of power between the two conductors. In theory, the circuit could carry up to 29 amps on each line, which would put total amps to 58 (above the max), without tripping the breaker. Should an inspector call this out as a possible issue, pending manufacturer's install specs? I keep asking inspectors who offer me different answers, so I am trusting TIJ to break the stalemate ... what do you say? And thanks.
  3. should have said >>ladies and/or gentlemen<< ... apologies Should the control be outside the box, or is it ok in there if the connection is covered?
  4. What would you gentlemen say in your report about this connection for the thermostat control of a tankless water heater? It doesn't seem like the greatest idea, what with the gas and the water and all. Thanks in advance. Image Insert: 177.34 KB
  5. Thought you guys might enjoy seeing the new friend I found today near an underground propane tank. You think I should put a warning in my report for the propane guy?! Image Insert: 164.66 KB
  6. O

    What is this?

    that seems like an acceptable way to say i have no idea ... i'll run with it! thanks to everyone for all the help.
  7. O

    What is this?

    ok, so the gas meter is actually present on the same wall, but it's a good 10 to 15 yards away and there is an A/C unit between the two. you can see the meter in this picture (meant to show grains in the gutter)... so you think they could have just changed their mind about the location of the meter? Thanks for all the ideas so far ... my lack of understanding still scares me. Image Insert: 271.86 KB
  8. O

    What is this?

    thanks for the reply. it is capped, but it is on the side of the house which would be a strange location for a gas connection and there is a gas connection in the back yard for a grill, so i don't think that's what it is ... any other ideas?
  9. O

    What is this?

    where the wall extends to the left in the picture, there is a jaccuzi tub on the orther side, then a sink ... but nothing really interesting directly on the other side. sorry about the picture
  10. O

    What is this?

    Image Insert: 296.32 KB
  11. O

    What is this?

    Can somebody please tell me what this black pipe is? Right below the faucet on the right-hand side? The house does have gas, but it's not a gas pipe is it? is it some kind of air gap to prevent water hammer? or am i way off base? Any help is appreciated.
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