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  1. Free IR training opportunities at Thermal Imaging Conference in San Diego June 3-6th, 2013 If you will be purchasing an infrared camera in the near future, consider this promo from United Infrared whereas you purchase www.jumpstartir.com for $595 and they will give you a credit voucher for full value towards any IR camera they sell. Most of the manufacturers will be at conference so you will gave a great knowledge base going into it. On top of that, you will be with hundreds of other thermographers to network with. If you already have a camera, why not get Level I training. You can sig
  2. You will be able to hear Scott speak at this conference below For all those that might be intersted in some training opportunities and an exciting conference, United Infrared will be presenting Thermal Imaging Conference June 3-6th, 2013 in San Diego. We have a great line up of speakers (including Scott Wood) with over 55 technical sessions at a great hotel with a great location. Check out the website for more details including the earlybird specials. http://www.thermalimagingconference.com
  3. Charlie, I will give you a tip, take it for what it is worth. I have been a home inspector for 15 years, have personally performed over 7000 inspections and I have zero law suits. The point of all this is based on some things I learned day one from my mentor. (peter walker) He told me to stick to the standards, the minute I exceed them, I open up my liability. It wasn't that I shouldn't own a moisture meter but not to let anyone ever know I had it and to never put that in a report that the Moisture Content was xx etc..The moisture meter in all purposes often confirmed what I already
  4. United Infrared, Inc. (http://www.unitedinfrared.com) today announced the launch of their http://www.ElectricIR.com training module. Under the technical directorship of Dr. Bob Madding (practicing thermographer since 1972 and former Director of ITC), the first training class will be held August 29-31st, 2011 in Orange County, CA. You can see the full training schedule and curriculum along with their other courses at www.unitedinfrared.com/training If you are interested in learning more about the module, you can join us in a free webinar this Friday July 15th at 12 noon Eastern. https://www
  5. Seems like allot of questions here about all the cameras and what is best.... Here is the simple answer...They all WORK! and do the same RESULT...take IR images. Everything along the way is preference meaning what button does what. I have operated both Flir and Fluke and am familiar with most all other brands including Testo, Process Sensors and several other of the chinese brands. Here are a few comments: Flir Touch Screen: It is supplementary but not required to be used. Every feature can be operated from the buttons on camera itself (up down select etc.) Flir E60 Camera is
  6. Retrotec Q5E for sale Retrotec High Power 2hp fan (8100 CFM) good for large residential and small commercial where the standard fan will not achieve 50 pascal. Fan is in excellent condition as it has only been used for display and some training classes. Fan is about 2 years old but the Gauge is new as it went through gauge exchange and is fully calibrated as of June 2010. Youc an see information about fan at http://retrotec.com/residential/Product ... elQ5E.aspx The hard panel system by far is the best and quickest set up time (3 minutes) vs the soft panel cloth door. Syste
  7. I have both (Minneapolis Blower Door and Duct Blaster equipment for sale. If interested you can give me a call. The equipment has only been used about 5 times, little over a year old so is basically in excellent condition. I also have the software for automated testing/reporting for both pieces of equipment. We are selling cause we are using the Retrotec product.. Located in Southern California Peter Hopkins 888-762-2547 ext.3
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