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  1. Getting ready to get a new roof and need some advice. I live in Augusta, Ga and my contractor uses 15lb felt for deck protection and 90lb roof roll for valleys. Would it be better to use GAF Shingle Mate and Weather Watch for deck protection and valleys? My contractor said that the GAF products are not needed for this area. Thanks
  2. Food for thought. The info seems logical to me. but I am only a homeowner. http://roofersreview.com/PowerVentilators http://roofersreview.com/Ventilation http://roofersreview.com/ShortCircuitMyth
  3. Thanks everyone for all of the input. A little clarification regarding the 4 gables with vents on my home. My home was built in 1985 with four gables and vents as part of the original design. My builder worked with the Georgia Power Company to include “Georgia Power Good Cents Programâ€
  4. I am getting ready to reroof my home. I have researched attic ventilation on the internet and I am totally confused about ventilation requirements. My home is a single story ranch with 2076 sq. feet of heated area and a two-car garage (529 sq. ft). It has 14-soffit vents (7X14 inches each), four gable vents (18X22 inches each), and three roof power vents. My contractor suggested that I cover the power vent openings in the roof and install a ridge vent. Would this be a better method for attic ventilation than the power vents? Also, would the gable vents have an adverse effect on the rid
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