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  1. I have an old brick home with a limestone foundation, the basement walls need tuckpointing and I would also like them cleaned up and sealded up, lots of moisture and mildew from spring to fall, I don't have any drains in the floor as the main drain runs out a foot above the floor,could I sandblast,tuckpoint and then seal?
  2. things seem to be doing fine now,this topic is done, thanks everybody for your input. tcupps1
  3. Its about ten years old, but I also closed off the ducts in the upstairs at the beginning of winter to save on the heat bill, but maybe that is constricting to much and building the heat up and shutting it down to soon, so I opened the dampers to see if that would make a difference.
  4. well I took the motor down to get it tested and they said the bearings were shot,so I purchased a new motor and installed it, it seems to be working better BUT, It is still shutting the burners down before it reaches the desired temp of 70, gets to about 68 now, I don't know , are the burners suppost to shut off frequently on its way to the desired temp?, I thought they would stay on the whole time until it gets there. man, this is really frustrating,[:-banghea,I can't afford to have someone come in to look for the problem.I'm going to keep working on this ,but I do thank you all for your help
  5. Let me start by saying that the motor has been acting up for a couple of weeks. It stopped and just hummed a couple of times, the burners shut off before the desired temp is reached, but the fan conyinues to run, then after a couple of minutes the burners start back up, but only for a couple of minutes. Today I removed the motor and took it apart and the sleeve bearings, I thinks thats what they are?,they have sponge material wrapped around the sleave,I applied lubricating oil to the ports until the sponges were saturated, because they were dry, I put everything back together and it still does
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