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  1. First, I would like to thank everyone for their replies. Just FYI, the furnace was part of an original install for my new home. My home is nearing three years old now. I have had three contractors/technicians look at this unique problem, and they are all stumped as to the root cause. I will try to include some pictures of the furnace as time permits.
  2. This side faces north. Click to View 23.07 KB
  3. I have a Rheem Classic Series Super Quiet 80 gas furnace. The unit is not quite three years old and every winter I have the same problem. When the winds get up and start to gust over 30 mph, this causes the heater to cut off and/or lock out until the winds die down. Once the winds are steady, and die down the heater turns on and returns to normal. The local technicians cannot identify any hardware malfunction. The owner’s manual lists several safety features. One of which is the pressure switch that monitors pressure conditions within the furnace vent system during the heating cycle
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