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  1. greyboy39

    Aluminum Wire

    So, I don't see aluminum wiring to often unless its' stranded and typically it's the SEC. At todays inspection solid aluminum #8 was observed at a double pole 40 amp breaker which is serving the electric range. Getting conflicting information about #8 having the capability to serve 40 amp breakers and am wondering if it is adequate and do ya'll make your clients aware of of its' presence regardless of adequacy. It was marked as XHHW #8 and was in a house built in 1986. Top two wires in pictures and picture of the wire jacket is included but apparently not a very good one.
  2. greyboy39

    Tub/Shower Step

    Yes Jim, the step is what I was referring to. For some reason I was under the assumption that steps to showers were prohibited. Checked with the local building inspector and he notified me that they are not prohibited but still require proper step dimensions. If it was in a commercial property and not a home it would be a different story. Still a bad idea in my opinion, bound to be some wipeouts.
  3. greyboy39

    Tub/Shower Step

    Haven' t had this issue in awhile. Any specific code cites I can draw upon? Getting conflicting information between 24 inches and 30 inches in front of a bathroom fixture. Thanks for the help in advance.
  4. greyboy39

    Vent Clearance Clarification?

    Yep that's what I'm referring to, distance from ventilated soffit. The sidewall direct vent is approved but just needs to clear the ventilated soffit by a certain distance. And that's the question that I have. I do not have the model number or make.
  5. greyboy39

    Vent Clearance Clarification?

    You are looking at a garage heater vent. i haven't seen this condition in awhile and was hoping someone could clarify the clearacne requirement from the soffit. Im reading 2 feet and 4 feet from different sources. I know its typically up to manufacturers recommendations but just need the general rule of thumb. Thanks in advance!
  6. greyboy39

    Island Sink Venting?

    The 3inch pipe is dedicated for this island sink only. No connection to the mains/vent was observed and therefore was incorrect according to the local AHJ. If a connection to a vent was present the configuration would have been allowed like you said Jim as a result of the size of the 3 inch downpipe. Thanks for the info.
  7. greyboy39

    Island Sink Venting?

    Is this confirguration ever okay for an island sink install. Capped 3 inch downpipe under the sink and no vent connection anywhere along the run to the basement. I figured it needs an AAV or bow vent, but any light shed on known allowances would be appreciated.
  8. greyboy39

    Do you report it

    Wires terminating into an electrical main panel and not connected. Does it make a difference if wire nuts are installed? If so, is their a code cite you reference? I always have and basically stated no foreign objects in panel..but have never actually seen a code prohibiting it.
  9. greyboy39

    GEC requirements

    No Marc, it does go into the meter box. I'm going to call the ahj back this evening to get some confirmation and reasoning behind what I heard from him this morning. Thanks for all your help in the meanwhile. I just typically see the GEC attached to the ground neutral bus so looked a little funny to me.
  10. greyboy39

    GEC requirements

    Apparently, he said that the gec from the meter is supplementary and that a direct connection to the neutral ground bus in the electrical panel was necessary. He did ask if the main shut off was at the meter, because there wasn't it implied that this had some bearing on that requirement.
  11. greyboy39

    GEC requirements

    Hi Mark, the gec comes from the electrical meter to a ground rod. The comment about the water main was simply to describe that it is made of polyethylene and therefore is not a means of grounding.
  12. greyboy39

    GEC requirements

    Also, don't know if it makes any difference but the service disconnect is in the panel inside the house not at the exterior at the meter box.
  13. greyboy39

    GEC requirements

    Ok, I spoke with the local electrical building code official and was informed that the ground rod from the meter is a secondary supplemental ground and a connection to the neutral ground bus is still required. The house is utilizing polyethylene water supply pipe to the home and therefore cannot be a grounding means. Any further clarification would be appreciated.
  14. greyboy39

    GEC requirements

    Had a house today with the GEC only connected from the meter to a ground rod. 150 amp service and the conduit from the meter to panel was plastic not metal. Is this allowed? I've always seen them connected to the neutral/ground bus and in 10 years have not seen this configuration. Finding conflicting info online. Thanks in advance to anyone who can she'd some light.
  15. greyboy39

    P trap directly into main stack

    Thanks for the clarification Chad. I initially thought it could potentially back siphon as a result of being too near the main stack.