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  1. Any ideas on how to decode/age an American Standard/Sunbeam "Shawnee" furnace? Gravity-fed. No real serial # on the plates. Only the following: SGA-85 Series: E-1
  2. Any new thoughts (Carson Dunlap maybe) on the Montgomery Ward 84AN-6203A???
  3. The American Standard code was incorrect...it's SGA-85, Series E-1. Thanks in advance.
  4. I pulled one of the panels off that covered the actual furnace. Inside is a big round tube, probably the porcelain enamel you're talking about. It is probably 1 1/2 ft wide and as tall as the furnace. The guy who tried to date it today thinks it's 1962, b/c of the 62 in the serial number (84AN-6203A). There's a catalog online (from 1962) that I linked a few posts back, and the interior of that furnace on the third page looks different than what i've got from that year. If you see that page, would you think mine is older based on the porcelain tube? Or does that not matter too much??? Thanks for all the help. Much appreciated. I also have a house with an American Standart/Sunbeam model (SGF-85), series E-8. He thinks that's 1956. Any thoughts?
  5. There's a guy coming to look at it tomorrow or the next day. I was just trying to get a close "ballpark" to see if our dates jived.
  6. I found no rolled on date anywhere. The Emerson motor is 1997, so I would think that it's been replaced.
  7. Click to Enlarge 88.61 KB
  8. I looked at the motor itself for the blower. It's an Emerson (St. Louis, MO). The numbers that could be considered model numbers are: SA55 NXSFA-4865 Cat. 8000 -or- E22922 Mfg No. A86 7
  9. This link (page 3) is the closest description/picture of what I have. But I think mine predates these. The catalog numbers are similar to mine (84AN-6203A). http://www.heatinghelp.com/pdfs/254.pdf
  10. It is gas, and the wiring predates anything modern. I will check the blower housing. I am in an "old furnace" contest, and trying to find out the age. I appreciate the help/suggestions.
  11. The only thing printed on the regulator is "HM" R20A "Pat. Pend." On the piece of metal that the manufacture plate is attached, an "FS" is stamped. That's all I've found for stamping or writing. I've looked about everywhere.
  12. Download Attachment: IMG_4002.JPG 1354.25 KB Click to Enlarge 52.69 KB
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  14. The plate only mentions the "unit number." The wiring is similar to the knob and tube (no plastic sheathing).
  15. There is a hole cut in my living room floor (roughly 4 X 4 ft) that was used to get it into the basement. They redid the joists as well. They then used newspaper and linoleum on top of the floor to cover it up. That newspaper was Jan. 1958, so I'm thinking it's at least that old, if not older. Curiousity killed the cat. Can't find any serial number. Just a "unit #". It's rated at 140,000BTU.
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