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  1. CREIA/ASHI OC Chapter is pleased to announce a California Real Estate Inspection Association Toolbox on Saturday June 4, 2011. The Toolbox is entitled: AIR-CONDITIONING COMPONENTS, CODES AND CONDITIONS Speaker: Michael Casey, MCI, Casey O'Malley Associates Full details are provided in the link below. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com ... id=preview
  2. The Orange County Chapter of the California Real Estate Inspection Association is holding a toolbox on 9-11-10 (8 am to 12:30 pm (check in from 7:30 am)) in Laguna Beach, CA. "STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING ISSUES IN BUILDING INSPECTIONS" Speaker: Massood Gaskari, P.E. Please click on the link below for full details. http://library.constantcontact.com/doc2 ... 8y95M9.pdf **SPECIAL BONUS - No additional Cost to Toolbox Attendees** At 1:30 pm the same day we have been able to arrange a tour of two new construction sites in Laguna Beach that are tying to be the first LEED Platinum designated residential dwelling on the Pacific Coast. LEED Platinum is the highest "Green Building" certification currently available. Click link below to check out the houses we will be looking at. http://www.tresorproperties.com/
  3. The Orange County Chapter (CREIA/ASHI) is holding a Toolbox on Sunday 7-18-10. We have a property available for a group inspection. The toolbox is entitled: HOME INSPECTION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CREIA STANDARDS OF PRACTICE AND GENERAL STANDARD OF CARE - GROUP INSPECTION OF A SINGLE FAMILY HOME Please follow the link below for a flyer. We welcome all attendees. http://www.noteworthypi.com/pdfs/2010-07-18toolbox.pdf
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