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  1. Thanks for all of your replys. I have checked for animals and other related things, but I have not come across anything so far. We did have an air quality test done when we bought the home and one of the tests was in the attic. They did find a little bit of mold, but we had it remediated before we moved in. we also replace the old insulation at that time. And no chinese drywall. The house was built in the late 40's Today it's rainy and cool and I can not smell a thing in there. It baffles us.
  2. We have lived in our home for over 2 years. During the summer months we get this smell in our bedroom. It only surfaces during the hot part of the days. So in the morning and evening we don't smell it. We had a smoke test done to our sewer system to see if there were any leaks. No leaks but the way they flanged our pluming above the roof line it may allowed some sewer gas back in - we fixed that right away. I can not find a dead animal. We can not figure it out. Also, the house is a split level. So the master bedroom it the highest point.
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