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  1. OK let me be a little more clear...I have an older home with an in ground pool that had broken and cracked joints made of/with ABS with a large poured concrete surface around the pool area. I have to start digging out the area that I believe where the joints have failed because of pressure testing failures on the ABS lines buried therein. I have potentially identified four areas that seem to fit typical installation patterns and where a radius is needed. Is there any adhesive that will repair the union and elbows or join ABS to PVC or do they still make ABS joints?
  2. I have ABS installed for my in-ground pool (not my choice) and the fitting or joints are cracking and the clamps are rusting apart and have come/coming apart….without MAJOR $ and replacing the entire pipe system is there a way to repair the union via means PVC or are ABS unions and elbows still made? I still have a lot of cement to break up either way and dig down several feet.
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