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  1. Actually, he is a wonderful hubby and we have a great marrriage. I just hate to see the time and effort he puts into jobs (after working 12 hour days and taking care of his 89 year old dad) to have them look so amauter, when the actual job itself looks great.
  2. we are going to build a deck running from a previous deck in front of our dining room. Everytime my husband builds anything outside, he worries a lot about moisture wrecking the house and his precautions are wrecking the appearance. Our house has the thick black plastic that is under the siding and goes over the foundation and looks terrible. I can't put plants close to the house (watering would seep into the foundation or hurt the siding) or put bark (ground is too close to bottom of siding). We were going to use 16 inch patio blocks to form a small patio against the house, but he didn't want want the rain to splash off the roof and damage the siding. (We do not have gutters and with a deck and the shape of this addition, it would be hard to drain a gutter). He puts small concrtete blocks around the perimeter of the deck so that no dirt can touch the posts. These individual blocks are about 6 inches wide and look terrible. I don't see these things at other peoples' homes and I don't want anymore cement blocks showing. BTW, where we live is in a desert area - very llittle rain and snow in the winter. Does he need to put his posts farther under the decks, let the dirt touch them or what?? HELP I hate to have all the money and time go into another project that looks bad!!
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