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  1. Thanks to everyone who has recently posted on this topic. As others have pointed out, there is no simple cure for this problem. According to window manufacturers, vinyl is an inappropriate siding material because of its low melting point. According to the vinyl siding manufacturers, the windows creating the reflections are defective because they cause concentrated areas of high-temperatures. Under our legal system, liability is being determined by the courts. Anyone who wants to communicate with me on this issue is welcome to e-mail me: Martin Holladay, editor Energy Design Update hol
  2. Thanks to everyone who provided useful information. Keep the information coming! Martin Holladay holladay@sover.net 802-626-1082
  3. I am writing an article for Energy Design Update about the warping or melting of vinyl siding due to reflection from window glass. I am appealing to inspectors to share their observations of this phenomenon. Among the questions that interest me: 1. What color was the vinyl siding? 2. Do you know if the window glass had a low-e coating? 3. If the window had insulated glazing, was it noticably concave? 4. Do you know how the situation was resolved? Who stepped up to the plate to offer a solution: the window supplier or the siding supplier? 5. Do you have any photos of such warped siding? T
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