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  1. I am just happy to have received some attention. I have been a carpenter building residential homes for the past 25 years. I have been looking at the HP's and now recognize the reversing valve. However, I have only seen a small liquid line and the large gas line, never have I seen both of them the same size. I have seen 3 lines, 2 small and one large. One of the small ones had a small barrel looking thing attached. I would like somebody to explain the purpose of that device. Chip
  2. Thanks Mike, Now I feel a little more welcomed. I was ready to leave and never come back with the responses I received from my first post. Yes, I am new, I have a lot to learn, but I have already come a long way from where I started. I did go to a 2 week training program, and I study every nite. I will always have questions, and if nobody minds I would like to ask some of them here. Chip
  3. David: Don't take offense. I appreciate your response to my question as it is helpful. I am working hard to learn as much as I can. Please bear with me. Chip
  4. Bill Thanks for your response. That was the answer I was looking for to my stupid question. Chip
  5. The house was warm and cozy. It had electric heat. It was difficult to tell if it was a heat pump or a air conditioner since the label was faded. I would like to now how I can tell the differance between heat pumps and air conditioners when it can't be read on the label? Chip
  6. I am having a little trouble determining which system I am looking at if the label isn't readable. I came across a system that wouldn't turn on when I cranked up the stat. My thinking was that it could possibly be a air conditioner and it doesn't want to help with the heat. I am a little confused on how to inspect these systems so I would like to find out how the seasoned veterans handle these inspections.
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