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  1. a quick update.. I've got the furnace turned down so it doesn't kick on. Drying some cloths right now and decided to check the 4" vent. It appears to work properly...when the dryer is running fresh air is being sucked in from outside. In a bit I'm going to kick up the furnace and check the cloths dryer vent to see if it's actuall getting closed by the furnace suction.
  2. I had the problem with "moisture in basement ceiling from fresh air vents" and remedied this problem by replacing the vent tubing and sealing up a good size hole that wasn't caulked in the 6" plenum vent at the rim joist side. I've gone on to rip everything out of my basement because it didn't look good. This picture below is about 15 minutes after I pulled the insulation and removed the wood frame, ice dam in the corner after about 15 minutes. Click to Enlarge 29.3 KB Anyway, i have installed 2" blue xps on the walls and 1.5"on top of the blocks. I'm still currently work
  3. it can get a bit cold here in minnesota at times. Last week we had straight temps -25 deg and windchills of -30 deg.
  4. i was able to get to my project on Saturday. Ladybugs in the general area of the fresh are vents....yep, sure enough the bottom side of the large 6" vent was not caulked good enough. I don't think they could get a caulk gun under there too seal it. I used the great stuff before I put the new insulated piping back on. Even though it's only been 12 hours since sealing it back up I don't see any frost next to the vents and no condesation anywheres so far, although it's a warm 27 deg outside. Thanks for the ideas and comments. Randy
  5. thanks for all of the responses! much appreciated. I had the hvac company come out that did the original install, not much from them except that I need more insulation...hummm, that's why they replaced both of those vent tubes years ago. O'well there is clearly an air leak! But they said they would put in an HRV for about $2k. The problem is in the Northwest corner and right at the fresh air vents where they enter the home. The plastic covering does have several holes in them so that doesn't help either. I hold my lighter next to the tubes right where they enter the home and when I
  6. Hello, I had my home built in 04 with an unfinished basement. Minnesota winters get cold, and every winter it seems I get a great amount of moisture (ok...water) dripping off of the 4" insulated fresh air vent tube. The 1st winter we noticed this and had the contractor take a look, he replaced about the 1st 7' of insulated tubing. The next winter it did it again...builder went bankrupted. anyway this past fall I decided to insulate the celing for noise and hoping it would take care of my problem with the moisture. Nope..i just removed the sheetrock to check on it and it's wet up ther
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