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  1. Was checking the service panel and found 2 grounds, 1 ground was a rod and other I thought was connected to the copper pipe main in the crawl space, but when I went down there I noticed that the ground wire wasn't connected to copper pipe. Was this because the service line was PVC not a continuous copper pipe?? Thanks Click to Enlarge 43.57 KBSM
  2. I inspected a new house today and noticed the air handler in the crawl space was not mounted to the floor joist, it was sitting off the ground on top of cinder blocks. Would this be acceptable. Click to Enlarge 59.42 KB
  3. Inspected an old house today that had OLD KNOB & TUBE wiring present at least on the first floor (observed from the basement) How do my fellow home inspectors rate this type of wiring Defective old wiring present, recommend a licensed electrician to evaluate for safety or List the wiring as Marginal old wiring present or say nothing at all. Thanks SM
  4. Does the bonding always go to the service panel??
  5. Just wanted to know if grounding of the gas line pipe to the service panel was acceptable. This was house built in 1993 and the service panel was also grounded by way of the copper water line and the meter base had a ground rod. thanks Sm
  6. Thanks for the info (Understand completely)
  7. I inspected a 1981 year old house today and found that most all the 3 prong bedroom , living room and bathroom outlets were hot neutral reversed. Tested the outlets using a Ideal SureTest circuit tester. [ FOR YOUR INFO: The service panel had a plumbing ground. I know hot neutral isn't correct, this would be a defect (Safety Issue) correct?? Just a bad electrician, or what?? Any thoughts Click to Enlarge 17.3 KBThanks
  8. Need help finding out the year of this York heat pump unit. Please Help Model# D1NA030N05606A Serial # NDEM048989 Thank You
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