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  1. Thanks, fellows, this is a great resource, and thanks to each of you for the quick responses. Here is another picture showing very heavy white deposits on a window sill coming from the weep above it, at about 8 ft above grade. It is a one story home. Trying to figure out if this wall is damaged or just had a rough start. Could this have occurred if the brick was not fully installed and then it rained heavily? If so, would you expect there to be damage to the interior of the wall? Thanks again, Ken Download Attachment: IMG_1770.JPG 471.4 KB
  2. Inspecting a new home in Austin TX. Very unusual amount of white powder coming from all the weep holes on this wall (but none of the other walls). I wonder if it's from water penetration during construction in our recent unseasonal and heavy rain storms. Does it suggest that the wall is not watertight behind the brick? It looks and feels most like it is dissolved sheet rock, but it could be something else. Any ideas? Thanks for your help, Ken Download Attachment: IMG_1771.JPG 569.05 KB
  3. During a recent one year builder's warranty inspection, I found all the breakers at the left side of a subpanel were not squarely installed. The right vertical row was straight like all the thousands of other breakers I have seen but the left vertical row was not. In my report, I called out that these Square D 110v breakers needed to be properly installed but the builder's electrician said he did not see them out of line (gasp!) and if they were it was OK. I would very much appreciate feedback from this forum. The picture is not too great but the breakers at left are immediately ap
  4. We find doubled lugged neutrals on breaker panel buss bars in more than 50% of my inspections here in Austin. I call it out whenever I see it.
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