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  1. Thanks Mike, That is a great suggestion and will make my job easier. Thanks for the tips, much appreciated! Sean
  2. Thanks Mike, The sensor was actually quite high on the wall, about 8 or 9 feet so it was difficult to see the "touch to silence" Upon zooming in on the photo, it is clear. Thanks for you feedback, I appreciate it. Sean
  3. I noticed a few of these sensors on the wall of a condo during an inspection. They were covered with tape. Does anyone know what they are? Please let me know.. Thanks Click to Enlarge 15.93 KB
  4. I was in a 1906 home today and in the attic I found this strange insulation that I have never seen before. It resembled a brown sawdust like material. Does anyone have a clue what it might be? Thanks Click to Enlarge 62.4 KB
  5. Can anyone help me determine the age of this Inter-city furnace Serial #143000 Thanks, Sean
  6. Hello everyone, I was at an inspection today. As you can see from the photo, there is tuck tape, insulation and dirt showing. Hard to see, but also a drain pipe going down through the sill plate where it has been cut. The only thing covering this area was a pice of polystyrene board behind the drywall. This was an area of moisture damage to the drywall. How would you write this up? Please advise... Click to Enlarge 48.32 KB
  7. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it. I don't usually see a single sink with a garburator. Also, I have also been told by a few plumbers that they don't recommend them as people often put the wrong things down there like stringy veggies, rice and starchy foods like potatoes which can cause clogging. With only one sink, and a clog then it can be a hassle. I see a lot of homes with hammer arrestors common on PEX systems. Thanks again guys...
  8. Does anyone see a problem with this installation? A garburator has been installed under a single sink. Is it or is it not more prone to clogging? Am I being too picky? Click to Enlarge 33.35 KB
  9. Hi Jim, Yes, I am aware...That is right. Now that I look at it it is bonded. Thanks for the clarification, it is much appreciated.
  10. Hello everyone, I came across this at an inspection today. It appears that the ground is attached to the gas line. Any opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Sean Click to Enlarge 59.45 KB
  11. Thanks guys, I appreciate it... Always so much stuff to learn
  12. Hi gang, I came across this and wanted to see if I could get some feedback. It is rusting all over, but the gauges seemed to be alright. I am fairly new to the game in terms of larger boiler units. Any feedback would be great Click to Enlarge 55.28 KB
  13. That's good to know Bill, thanks I appreciate it
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