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  1. Wow, I am impressed with the amount of feedback. A big thanks for your time and analysis. Based on the feedback, it is a fair conclusion to fix what is broken, keep the claim open for 1 year or thru next spring and have it inspected again. It is probably best to have a review before we get into hail season again. Thanks again. Ted
  2. I have heard and would like to confirm if this statement is true about flat concrete roof tiles. After a hail storm and outside of the obvious damaged tiles, that invisible damage occurs to concrete roof tiles that compromise the strength of the tile itself. The hail storm delivered hail sizes ranging pea size to baseball size hail (2.75" diameter). I am now advised by friends that I should hold out for a total new roof instead of a repair job. The adjuster and contractors have found approximately 50-75 cracked and broken tiles. I see no evidence on invisible (micro cracks) on the internet
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