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  1. Does anyone have any opinions on Inspectit report writing software. I jst got the Texas version and cant seem to get the "LOC bookmark" to insert in my custom comments. All opinions are welcome. Thanks, Greg....in Houston
  2. Thanks Guys, I am making arrangements to go back to the house in question and get the manifactures name.I will post again ASAP to let all know the outcome. gsozz
  3. Hi all, This is the response from the builder to the buyer, concerning the tape on water heater flue and the heater flue proximity to the suction line insulation (The flue is touching the insulation on the suction line). "I had my AC contractor come out again to look at the tape and clearance issues stated in your inspectors report and he brought to my attention a white sticker that clearly states that a zero inch clearance is required on the furnace flu pipe. It is a double insulated pipe and therefore gives off very little (if any heat). Feel free to take a look at the sticker if you have any further questions. As for the tape - he said that is a heat resistant metal tape designed for furnace connections and is only being used as an added sealant on the joint, not to actually hold the pipes together. That being said, I have no choice but to leave the tape on. I respect the opinion your inspector, but unless a code violation is noted or some type of MSDS is provided for the tape being used I am obligated to leave the tape as is. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions regarding this." I'm not sure, but something smells fishey. Any comments would be appriciated. Thanks, Gsozz
  4. Hi Robc, I am still a novice inspector and don't know as much as I wish I did. I did not check for screws at the c' to b' vent connection. By c' vent, do you mean the vent that is connected to the furnace? When you say foam insulation are you referring to the blue foam insulation on the walls of the attic as shown behind the water heater? If so, I am not aware of this exposure being a violation. Should this situation be different? Thanks for the help. This is a great place to learn. gsozz
  5. Hello everyone, In fridays inspection I found a variety of tape used on ducts and "B" vents as shown in the pics. The "B" vent tape is the aluminum type commonly use to seal A/C housings. As far as I know, tape of any kind should not be used on "B" vents. Is this correct? see pic 1 and 2 I also found tape used to seal the HVAC duct work. This tape was marked "Polykin 557 duct tape rated for type 1 ducts". Can any one tell me if this is approved for use on HVAC ducts? see pic Thanks all, Gsozz Download Attachment: IMG_0001.JPG 175.24 KB Download Attachment: IMG_0005.JPG 199.81 KB Download Attachment: IMG_0007.JPG 208.86 KB
  6. Thanks for the good words. I just got another contract engineering (industrial design)day job in Houston, so it looks like I can remain in Houston for now and persue the inspections. Thanks to all for the encouragement. I know it takes a while, but my problem was that I had not seen much engineering work since 9/11 and was going broke fast. I still think there is a way to market that I have'nt thought of yet. I'll keep pluging. If I could get up to 4 inspections a week I would not have to worry about a different day job. gsozz
  7. These brick sized concrete blocks were used to support all the rebar in the bottom of the fottings in this prepour inspection. They were placed approx every 6 to 10 feet with the rebars re3sting on top of theme in most places. Is this what is refered to as a "dobie" . Thanks, gsozz Download Attachment: CMU.JPG 158.37 KB
  8. Should PVC be wraped upon penetrating a slab? As I understand it any pipe penetrating a concrete slab should be wraped or coated to prevent contact between the pipe and the concrete. Is this correct? Thanks, Gsozz
  9. I've done four inspections since last November...........I'm about to fail at this.......what secret do you guys know about marketing that I haven't discovered yet?[:-crazy]
  10. thanks Jim i think that will back mu up. gsozz
  11. Hi hausdok, The stairway starts in the garage and goes to the attic. The attic extends over the entire house. (not just a garage attic.) Thanks, gsozz
  12. Congrad's on the marrage excalibur. You'r traveling a long way for the wedding. If it was in Houston my band could play your recption! gsozz
  13. Thanks for the responce, I have looked in the IRC and could not find anything related to this situation. Since this is a "new home" I'm betting the builder will want a "code quote" to verify that I know what I'm talking about when I tell him there needs to be a door seperating the garage from the attic. Does anyone know if the IRC addresses this. Again, this is a "stairway" that leads up to the attic from the garage. There are no "pull down" attic access stairs, just an open stairway to the attic. Thanks, Gsozz
  14. Hi all, What we have is a garage with a stairwell leading up into the attic. The stairwell does not have a door, so the garage is open to the attic. Thanks, Gsozz
  15. Hi All, I will be inspecting a new house tomorrow that has the attic access from the garage. The access consists of a stairway that leads from the garage to the attic without any way to close off the attic from the garage. This is the first time I have seen this arrangement and am wondering if there is a requirment to be able to close the attic off from the garage. It would seem to me to be a good way to spread a garage fire to the rest of the house very quickly. The house is in Houston, Texas Thanks, Gsozz
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