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  1. Have you all take a look at the pictures I posted?? It shows my setup http://s1134.photobucket.com/albums/m601/netminder78/
  2. Hello here is the pictures of my setup as I said earlier, this shows the cold air return vent, location for cold air return in regards to the water heater and furnace as well as the fresh air intake. Let me know what you all think. Right now it is -19 deg C (outside), 68 deg F (inside) and 28% humidity but still frost on windows, maybe the windows are just gone and need replacing could be a posibility. anyways that vent I show in the picture I currently have a card board over to restrict air flow in the basement. http://s1134.photobucket.com/albums/m601/netminder78/
  3. Hello can you all help me out by telling me the following: -What is the current humidity in your home -What is the temperature outside your home -What is the temperature inside you home I just would like to know what every one else humidty level is in comparison to minds. thanks very much
  4. Terence what I mean by don't wan't to get any lower than 30% is that if I open all the windows in the house (air the house out) the humidity will drop to 18% or lower. But I was told to keep the humidity at around 30% if lower run the dishwasher or vent the kitchen cooking less etc to increase the humidity or maintain it. I do not use a humidifier. I was also told if the humidity is to low (less than 30%) I might have problems with my wood furnishing, hardwood floor etc. I taught 30% humidity was good a number to be at am I wrong??
  5. Terence, Humidifier is turned off and water valve is closed. Humidity right now is 28% and heat inside is 70 deg C and temp outside is -17 (feels like -24).
  6. Bain, The 3" flex duct hooked up to the cold air return seems to be some kind of fresh air intake, it just brings in a small amount of fresh air and mixes with the air before it is pulled into the furnace. I have a two stage HI-efficency furnace and run the fan on low 24/7 The cold air is located 5' away from the water heater but draws air from the opposite wall not the side where the water heater is mounted. I am going to take a picture and upload it of the configuration so you can have an idea of what I mean. Do you think the cold air return in the basement is causing the condensation on the windows?
  7. hausdok, thank you for that reply, for some reason that makes complete sense. I am going to take a pillow and block that return vent in the basement up increase the temperature to 68 deg C instead to 65 deg C and see if the condensation reduces. Steven Hockstein the chimney has a B style liner and is located in the middle of my house so it is kept warm until the attic, I had someone take a look at the chimney and they said every thing look fine and liner seem good but I may get a second oppinion.
  8. some windows have both inside of the windows and inbetween the window pane (the one that is inbetween the pane has always have a broken seal). I was going to replace the ones with the broken seal but the window people advise me it might not be worth it since the windows are still in good condition and may never see a return in my invenstment.
  9. these are the things that I did differently this year. -I replaced my mid efficiency furnace with a HI-efficiency furnace but kept my conventional water heater -I installed a cold air return in the basement living room, the living room is the opposite wall next to the furnace. -I installed ceramic tiles in the kitchen and washroom upstairs. But that being said the humidity is 31% upstair and 36% downstairs can't go any lower because hardwood would start sweaking and seperating. Richrad
  10. Yes this is the first year I am noticing this issue
  11. Hello I am hoping some one can help me with this problem I am having any suggestion, ideas is greatly appreciated. I have: -HI-efficiency furnace with its own intake & exhaust -3" flex duct connected to the cold air return about 10' away from the furnace -Conventional water heater which vents up the chimney -Cold air return registry installed in the basement. -Home is 59 years old and the windows are 20 year sold but vinyle and double pane. The humidity is 29% according to my humidity reader, dehumidifer would not come on because it is below 35%. The ouside temperature is -20 deg C and my house temperature is set at 66 deg F. I have lots of condensation and frost on all of the upstairs windows which is double pane and no condensation in the basement. Can some one explain why I am having this problem the humidity is low enough I cannot go any lower because it will dry out my house. I taught it was back draft from the water heater but I don't know can anyone think of any thing. Thanks Richard
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