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  1. Thanks for all the useful advice. I have been looking into the new iphone but I was also considering a pocket pc to use with some inspection software. Can I use the iphone with any inspection software or do I need two seperate electronic gadgets? I really want something to record my inspection electronically as I do the inspection that will go into final format almost immediately (my thought is why add another step such as taking notes etc. when I can pretty much get it down while doing the job).
  2. Firstly I'm a newbie to this forum and also as an inspector (just one make-up class to go; already took the state exam and passed). I am therefore gearing up to get into the field and want to make sure all my electronics are inline with my new profession. My current cell is gonna go (a piece of you-know-what) and I've been looking at new smartphones and plans and was curious as to what the more electronically gifted among you use. I've been thinking it might be helpful to access email from my website between jobs as I want to be able to have requests via email as well as by phone. Any
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