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  1. Thanks Scott, In my post i said "IF I need to run 3 dedicated circuits". So therein is my question. Do I have to run a dedicated circuit for each fan-coil given the circumstances?
  2. This is a personal project question but the situation coult possibly come up in a HI. I am installing a multi-split hydronic HVAC system in my home. The fan-coil units require 220V to each unit and I will be installing 3 fan-coil units. There is a transformer in each fan-coil unit that steps down the voltage and converts it to DC. I only have room for two more 220V circuits in my panel. For the installation I will need a total of four 220V circuits if I need to run a dedicated circuit to each fan-coil. 3 circuits for the fan-coils and 1 circuit for the outside unit. The fan-coil u
  3. Tap Inspect has updated the iPhone app. Version 2.0 allows the user to modify the template, add customized headers and footers, add additional drop down boxes and selections. Has anybody started using this new version? Any comments?
  4. Is anybody using the Tap Inspect App for iPhone? http://tapinspect.com/ It's fairly new. The app is free. Once you sign up you get 5 free inspection reports. After that they are $5 each or $60/month for unlimited. I have downloaded it and briefly looked at the format and the format of the report product. What do you all think?
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