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  1. Thanks mike. Got your point. I'm going to have to go over my whole web page. I would rather not have to deal with issues like the ones you described.
  2. This site is a great help I agree. I will absolutely be turning to everyone here throughout my career.
  3. Joe, I worked in the power generation industry as part of the operations dept performing DAILY inspections at power plants.
  4. Anything else you notice I'm doing wrong please let me know. I'm a newer inspector and appreciate all your help Joe.
  5. Wasn't aware it was copyrighted info. I had a webmaster design it for me. I told the company (em4b) what I was looking for and they built it. I'm calling when they open and I'll get it fixed. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Again, the topic isn't how to perform. All I was looking for was a premade template.
  7. My wifes an agent. Every inspector she uses does them. I was basing my stats on the facts In our area.
  8. Its apparantly different in P.A. , for the most part every home inspector here is performing septic inspections as per FHA guidelines. It is required for an FHA loan to have water, septic, and termite but not structure. Kind of Ironic due to the fact that termite isnt an issue but radon is and thats NOT required.
  9. The problem isn't performing the inspection. The question was directed more towards me being lazy and looking for a Pre designed template so I can get rid of more paperwork.
  10. I see why the mold test is pointless. I was under the impression the test from the lab would tell you if the mold was dangerous or not. Thanks for clearing it up Scott. Now if I could only find a septic template to use Id be set.
  11. Yes, inspectit is word based. Yes I know what to look for, all I need is a template so I can stop using the forms I made.
  12. The reason I was asking is the water lab asked if I wanted swabs. She also said alot of inspectors will due a swab test to verify it is mold. The lab charges 25$ to do the test. I wasnt aware it was a scam.
  13. Im looking for both I guess. I will be inspecting them for an additional fee and noticed some inspectors include it in there emailed report as a seperate report.
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