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  1. Thanks for your quick reply Mike.
  2. I was driving through a neighborhood and noticed mildew growing on the outside of probably 60 homes. They were built about 10 years ago. Could this mildew be caused because the homes are not insulated behind the walls? I was told they had Tyvek wrap installed when they were built. If it is caused by moisture, is there a sealing paint that can stop the mildew eyesore? Thanks Guys. ValDav
  3. valdav


    Being a new home inspector, I have to tell you guys that you need to be commended for your knowledge and lack of arrogance for all the experience you have. I will be posting lots of questions and I hope you reply to my questions. I am doing my best but as you all know, we will always be learning till the day we retire. For example, I learned that it is dangerous to put your hand on a the electric service cable especially when you do it while the sprinkler system is spraying water on you. Just Kidding Michael w/ValDav
  4. Thanks to all for your opinions(facts). The vent is actually over the shingles at its bottom base. Owner states the vent didn't start leaking until after the last hurricane. The shingles above the vent are in excellent condition. I thought that it was possible the winds which came from the hurricane pulled the vent up slightly off the sheathing and this was causing the leaks. Thanks again for your assistance. Valdav
  5. I recently inspected a home built in 2003. The owner is having roof vents leaking around the flashing. I informed him that is was likely the flashing did not have roofing tar between the vent and sheathing. What do you think? Valdav Download Attachment: Picture 030.jpg 568.66 KB Download Attachment: Picture 045.jpg 304.1 KB
  6. Do you use inspection software or written reports? Why do you prefer one or the other?[:-magnify
  7. Thanks to all who replied to my question about software. I appreciate your willingness to help.
  8. I am looking for reporting software that is easy to use and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. If you have something I may be interested in please let me know.
  9. I personally have pinnacle studio, a(cheapest version) and it works very well. It is a simple program to use but you need to make sure you delete the video from the computer after you complete making a disc, it takes up lots of memory. Michael
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