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  1. Yeah...no weep screed there...just flashing and counter flashing. I guess the caulk doesn't matter since there is no weep screed anyway.
  2. New roof was installed and the roofer caulked the top edge of the counter flashing for a stone veneer wall when there was not caulking there previously. I think this is okay since the counter flashing goes up behind the veneer screed and is not meant to be relied on as a drainage point?
  3. Thanks for all the info...looks like this is expected. I bought a humidity monitor to see what the humidity level really is. Over the past 2 weeks, I have had a max of 79% humidity (this is not prolonged, just a max). I checked to see if there is condensation, but there was none. Not too sure what to do. I have been in the house 4 years and just noticed the condensation issue. The wood and insulation all look to be mold/rot free. When should I take action if at all?
  4. Ummm...I am not in the crawlspace all the time, but when I do it's usually dry (no musty smell or anything). However, I have noticed the dirt on the vapor barrier looked like droplets, as if water was on the plastic at some point. So I assume it has happened previously. I am pretty sure its not coming from under the vapor barrier. I will say the installation of the vapor barrier is not great (no spikes or tape), but it definitely covers more than 80% of the crawl space. I bought a humidity monitor to see what kind of humidity is in there going forward. What is a normal humidity level?
  5. Should I be concerned or just assume it's a once in a while event. Or...when should I be concerned?
  6. Hey folks, it's been a bit humid here the last few days in Charlotte, NC. I was in my crawl space (which is covered by a vapor barrier) and when I put my hand down it felt moist. To my surprise it was moist. There is a tiny bit of condensation on top of the entire vapor barrier. All the vents are open and the ceiling is insulated. Should I be concerned or is this normal. The house is 4.5 years old and I do not see any signs of mold or wood rot. I assume this is just because the air is really warm and the ground is cold?
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