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  1. Seeking a full time electrician in the Chicago/north suburban area. 2+ years experience required. Full time position, $15-25/hour based on level of experience. Please contact Steve at (847) 809-6904. Thanks!
  2. Hi Al - While I agree that Louisiana's licensing laws aren't the toughest out there, they're certainly not among the weakest. In fact (for what it's worth, anyway), ASHI's 2005 rankings of state regulations governing the home inspection industry places LA 2nd overall (just behind New Jersey at #1 and just in front of Texas at #3). Applicaton for an LA license requires 90 hours of classroom education through a state-approved provider and 30-40 hours of supervised field training with a LSBHI-approved provider. You must also pass the NHIE, abide by the LSHBI SOP/COE and carry a minimum of $300,000 in E&O/GL, as well as complete an Inspection Reporting Form at the end of each month for the Board and submit a state-mandated fee of $5 per inspection. More info at http://www.lsbhi.state.la.us/
  3. Thanks everybody for the great advice! I've shared the thread with our inspector in Biloxi (where the job is taking place) and found some "cookie cutter" proposal templates. He's got a lot of experience with multi-unit buildings sucvh as these, so I'm confident he can put together a well-versed and competitive bid for the client. Fingers crossed we get the job!!
  4. I've been asked to bid (in writing) on a 344-unit condo inspection and would like to know if anyone has a template or past proposal for a similar project. If so, could you please share it with me via e-mail? Thanks in advance! Marilyn a-proinspection@comcast.net
  5. I'd like to hear what you guys think of this. The Realtor in question is offering a free pre-sale inspection performed by an "independent certified home inspector," yet the owner's brother (stated as a partner in the business) is clearly IDed in the article as a licensed home inspector himself. This would lead one to believe that he's probably the one performing the inspection, no? From: www2.townonline.com/allston/atGlance/view.bg?articleid=202916 Family Crest Realty, formerly McDermott Realty, 545 Washington St. in Oak Square, is now providing the seller with a free presale home inspection. Principal broker Jerry McDermott, along with his brothers Jim and Joe, have instituted a program called Hassle Free Home Sales. When listing a home with Family Crest, an independent certified home inspector is hired at no cost to the homeowner to conduct a comprehensive home inspection prior to showing a home to any potential buyers. A certified home inspection can cost $500 or more. Family Crest believes that pre-inspected listings benefit all parties involved in the home selling process. "Your home will sell quicker and for the best price if a buyer knows the home is in good condition early on in the process. Also the seller will have the opportunity to correct problems and eliminate last-minute repair hassles that could delay the closing, or worse, cause the sale to fall through. Not a bad strategy when you think about it," said partner Jim McDermott, who is also a licensed builder and home inspector. Jerry McDermott said his experience has shown that once an offer is accepted, many sellers develop a belief that their property is sold, only to realize that they have to renegotiate the entire sale when the buyer's home inspection is completed, causing unwanted stress for both the buyer and the seller. He also stated that buying a home is the biggest purchase most people will ever make. A buyer should come away from the sale with the peace of mind that they won't be subjected to any unexpected surprises. For more information, call 617-787-5851 or visit www.familycrestrealty.com.
  6. Thanks for Jim's name, Charles. I'll try calling him in the morning. As for the Aussie inspectors coming over to the U.S, Hausdok, I imagine those romantic accents of theirs don't hurt them when they're talking to prospective customers.
  7. I don't think you know him, Mike. He's a native Aussie. He'll be here in the summer, and wants to get trained in WDI, but I can't seem to locate a facility in the Orlando area that offers this. Any advice from Mr. Cramer or the other guys in here would be appreciated.
  8. Hope you can help me guys... I have an inspector emigrating from Australia to Orlando later this year. Before he arrives, he needs some advice on WDI training and/or mentorship in his new area. Does anyone know of a reliable and respected instructor and/or resource I can guide him to? Please drop me a line at a-proinspection@comcast.net if you do. Muchas Gracias! Marilyn [-crzwom]
  9. Here's a good reference site for your problem: http://www.algone.com/algae.htm I agree with buying a couple of snails and algae eaters as well. Also - how many hours per day do you keep the aquarium lights on (and/or is the tank exposed to bright sunlight)? Algae LOVES light, so cut the lights back by 2-3 hours per day to help control it a little better. The fish won't mind. When all else fails... empty the tank, rinse the gravel in boiling water and start fresh. Don't use chlorinated water for the refill, though. Goldfish are pretty tough, but not THAT tough. Good luck!
  10. James - what a nice surprise to see you here! The guys didn't tell me you were a vet... that's terrific. Thank you for your service to our country. [:-angel] I stopped by the site you suggested, and am going to put together a donation from the A-Pro crew. Hope to talk to you after you're back from New Orleans! - Marilyn
  11. Here's a nice way to thank them personally: http://www.anysoldier.com/ We just sent a big package of stuff (ranging from Q-tips to beef jerky and most everyhtin in between) to a medic stationed in Tikrit. She says that even the everyday items we take for granted stateside mean the world to the troops.
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