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  1. As the first respondent said, it's easily corrected with a pigtail and a wire nut. It will take longer to get the cover off than to make the correction.
  2. Hi Steve, Not sure what happened there. When I clicked your link I got This item was encoded in a format that's not supported Then when I closed it out I got a short audio on a black screen that sounded like a jet flying far overhead but no visual. I've yet to meet a Llama or Alpaca. I have met a ferret once. He was friendly but when he suddenly appeared around my feet I just about jumped out of my skin until I realized it wasn't a rat. I don't do rats - I don't care how cute someone thinks they are.
  3. It's Poria Incrassata - I like to refer to it as A.I.D.S. for wood.
  4. Yeah, there are other solutions but they are all going to be expensive. Unfortunately, discussing them here is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine; because, nobody here can know, by what you describe, everything that's going on with that foundation. Advice you get here might help, but at the same time it might make things worse. It was probably a bad idea to start jack hammering your basement floors as a do-it-yourself project without finding out more about your building site before you began. Since your house is on clay soil, Before you do anything else that could cause those foundation walls to buckle at their base, you need to seek guidance from local drainage and foundation professionals .
  5. Mia, Are you trying to drive yourself insane? If you find out that the sample you've taken contains asbestos what will you do - move out of your home never to return? I've got news for you. There is no place on the planet you can go to eliminate the risk of asbestos exposure. However, if you're so afraid that you're going to inhale asbestos fibers, go out and purchase a full face respirator with P100 filtration, wear it 24/7/365 and only take it off to eat. That won't get the asbestos out of your lungs that you've already inhaled, but it will prevent more from getting in there - except for the asbestos you breath when you take it off to eat. Let me put it in perspective for you. Do you use a blow dryer on your hair? If so, you've already inhaled thousands of asbestos fibers and that wasn't the first time. You've been inhaling it your entire life and didn't realize it because, thanks to the fact that so much stuff was made with it, especially car brake pads, it's everywhere. Some people who've been exposed to asbestos eventually develop cancer and die - that's a fact. It's also a fact that most who've been exposed to it don't die. It's one of those things in life where you really can't do much to affect the outcome; so you're better off not to dwell upon it. I'll bet there is a statistic somewhere that says that the odds of you dying from exposure to asbestos is a tiny tiny fraction of the odds that you'll die in a car accident or exposure to someone else's filthy cigarette smoke. Let it go!
  6. If you guys didn't have power and/or heat for a while I'd be more concerned with the system freezing up. If it freezes up and ice expands and cracks the coil, as soon as the ice defrosts they'll begin leaking like crazy. Coincidentally, my own sister, who lives in Virginia, has one of these systems. When it began acting up on her, she googled it and found her younger brother's blather about the system on here. LOL.
  7. Chances are that the seller had already broken it but placed it so it would look normal, hoping you wouldn't test it.
  8. I think the roof was probably installed on a very hot day and as people walked around on the roof some of the tabs moved and then re-bonded after the sun went down.
  9. It's about time! Why Are Certain Electrical Panels Ineligible for Insurance (harrylevineinsurance.com)
  10. About twenty or so years ago, there was this forensic engineering firm in North Carolina that reported issued with 200 amp Siemens load centers. They would get hot and eventually melt down and burn through the back of the panel. At the time, they'd investigated about seven cases and were looking for more. I bet that Google could find that report for you. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  11. I call those damned things anti-inspector devices. Yung would go around the house and remove every one of those while I was doing the contract with the client. Otherwise, if I'd run into one the client was liable to hear a little bit of the slightly salty language I tend to use when my curmudgeon comes out. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  12. Is the floor platform constructed with I-joists? I joists sometimes exhibit a lot of bounce and vibration while still being perfectly functional from an engineering standpoint - as Jim already pointed out. The Engineered Wood Association has published a paper about how to stiffen up I joists in order to reduce floor vibration. Click on the attachment. I-Joists Vibration Retrofit.pdf
  13. How old was the unit? I've been out of the loop for a while, so I don't know if they're out there yet, but a while back - probably about ten years - I read an article about new heat pump tech that was allowing heat pumps to work at far colder temperatures. I might have posted something about that here. Check the archives.
  14. I'm more interested in what looks like a Studebaker truck in the background.
  15. Yeah, all four are broke; it's just that the second from the left is more broke than the other three. Ha ha.
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