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  1. Hi All, I think that the insurance agent is overstating the issue based on what the agent thinks he or she is seeing from the ground. I seriously doubt that an insurance agent put a ladder against that gutter and climbed up there to get a close look at the cover and the darker algae-covered areas appeared from the ground to be denuded of protective granules. Had the cover been properly cleaned prior to the agent's visit, the agent probably would have graded the roof acceptable. Just my opinion, based on what I'm seeing and knowing how lazy prone to overstatement some agents can be. "
  2. I wouldn't even call it thinly disguised, Jim. Point number five is Get Insured. There are links in there only to Inspector Pro. If one really wanted to write an objective article about business strategies, and one of those strategies was to Get Insured, one would expect there would be links to a list of all insurance companies that specialized in home inspectors, not just IPro. Yes, very much like click bait. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  3. Hi Jim, More guidance came out from DOL via email. They are basically saying it's OK for folks to go business as usual as long as they do the safety guidelines. Personally, I think it's a huge mistake and I wouldn't be surprised if someone gets sick. Folks should realize that, even though about 95% of folks survive this, your lungs are left scarred by fibroids and nobody is talking about how long it takes for them to fully heal, if ever. I still think that, until this is over, folks should STAY THE F**K HOME !!! ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  4. Nah, the knees have been bone-on-bone for more than a year. I had to postpone the replacement surgery several times. Now, it's the medical folks that have postponed it. I've swallowed enough pain killer tablets in the past year to cobble the driveway. Think I've watched all of Netflix and Amazon Prime too.
  5. It isn't. Can't go vertical for more than about a minute without a lot of pain. So...……….
  6. I used to social distance myself from the New York State Police in one of these. They could get close on the straights but I'd blow 'em away through curvy back roads. Later addendum: I should have added that, despite quite a few follow-the-leader games, they only caught me once - but once is all it takes. Damned fog! Drove into a cloud bank in a low area. Nobody was behind me when I entered, but when I came out the other side there was a brown Fury III with a bubble-gum machine on the roof closing on me close and fast. After chasing me for 15 - 20 minutes, I turned down a road I wasn't fa
  7. Had to laugh. I saw this on some home inspector's FB page today and grabbed it.
  8. They've been around for about 15 years in the Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond area of Washington
  9. Wow, Spain is a big country but it's got 5,000,000 less people than S. Korea.
  10. Half-joking repair recommendation = Flex Glue
  11. https://www.foxnews.com/health/fda-oks-emergency-authorization-of-drugs-touted-by-trump-to-fight-coronavirus
  12. Some more info from someone who appears to know a lot more than some. https://techstartups.com/2020/03/28/dr-vladimir-zelenko-now-treated-699-coronavirus-patients-100-success-using-hydroxychloroquine-sulfate-zinc-z-pak-update/
  13. We're fighting a real war. With automation, it probably takes a total of ten seconds to make a mask and a half hour on a rapid assembly line to create a respirator. If they are going to force GM to join Ford, Philco, etc. in making respirator production more rapid, they can do the same for mask producers. Hell, if there aren't enough producers in the country, toss some money at some enterprising individuals so they can buy the machinery and supplies and set up new companies churning them out around the clock. Hell, the new entrepreneurs will make money and they can even put some folks back to
  14. So, now, something else to add to the discussion. About two hours ago, I was communicating via FB messenger with an old schoolmate from my hometown, Amenia, NY. Amenia is in Dutchess County, about a hundred miles north of the World Trade Center in Manhattan. My friend told me she is mad as hell and terrified. Keep reading and you will learn why. When the first few COVID deaths occurred in New York City and she'd heard all of the dire predictions that there would be a pandemic, she'd shut herself up in her home on March 1st. She is retired, over sixty-five and has COPD, so she felt it
  15. The other day, either here or on another home inspector's site, an inspector explained how he was being pressured by agents to ignore one of these Governor-ordered stay-at-home orders. He was arguing with others who urged him to stay home because he was worried that, if he refused, agents would not refer their clients to him in the future. Hmmm, who is the low man on the totem poll in the transaction - the agent, the buyer or the inspector? I submit to you that the referring agent is going to always think of the inspector as the low man on the totem pole, regardless of comparative experie
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