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  1. Hi, It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that iNACHI and Nick have appealed. They are in it up to their necks to the tune of just over $600K combined, with an annual interest rate of 6% until it's all paid, as the document below will affirm. We all know that I'm incapable of doing even second-grade math; but, if I pushed the right buttons on this calculator, that amounts to over $36K a year in interest alone. That's one huge Ouuuuuuch!!! ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike S0708904.PDF
  2. I'm with you Les. From day one I've done a walk-n-talk that I've always called 'The School of the House." Most customers loved it - those who didn't seemed to be the very young tech types who were constantly distracted by something they were gazing at on their smarty pants phones. Realtors who repeatedly referred me liked it - those who saw my inspection once and never ever referred customers to me after that hated it - some even complained that I was taking too long or was talking too much. They were promptly told, politely but ex-military-cop firmly, to STFU and go sit down and read a paper, work on their listings or go down to Starbucks and get a coffee. You get clients who say things like, "This is great. I'm learning so much I wished I'd brought a video camera 'cuz I'll never remember all of this." That's when they got assured that they'd see 10% pf everything they'd learned again when they received their report. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  3. Laughed so hard I peed my pants. My wife feeds this one little bastard peanuts every morning in the back yard. Tomorrow I'm gonna begin construction of a new squirrel cata....uh, er…., "feeder" for her. This oughta be good! ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!!
  4. Yep I remember an inspector from the Olympia area, Andy Lally, telling me years ago about how he discovered where an HVAC contractor failed to install an upstairs air return. Weeks later he was contacted by the buyer to reinspect the same home because the seller reported that an air return had been installed. Andy returned to the home, climbed the stairs and found a very nice air return grill on the wall near the floor of the upstairs hallway. He bent down to look inside and noticed that it seemed to be unusually dark in there. Taking out a screwdriver, he extended the tip through the grill to discover that the drywall behind the grill had been painted flat black. The buyer stalked away - never to return. I've always thought that incident is an example of how little regard/respect many builders hold for home inspectors in general. Who to thank for that? Maybe the so-called "professional" associations that for decades have perpetuated the idea that, to get jobs in this business, an inspector doesn't need to really know much about home inspections - just how to suck up to real estate agents and not be too picky when doing an inspection. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  5. Thanks for the compliment, Marc, but I, frankly, don't think my reports can hold a candle to Jim Katen's. I'm in awe of that guy's ability. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  6. Absolutely the best advice ever. I carried E & O for the first 4 - 5 years and dropped it after a nutcase threatened to sue me for obvious earthquake damage and the insurance company agreed, after soaking me for a $1000 deductible, to refund her the $350 fee. For the next 18 years I never went to any arbitrations, never had to go to small claims court, and was never sued. I figure I saved the equivalent cost of an M class Mercedes by not carrying E & O and simply concentrating on doing the absolute best damned home inspection I could, calling everything out, documenting it, and letting the chips fall where they may without giving even one second's thought to whether or not my being "too picky" would affect the number or future referrals or cause agents to lose my phone number and forget my name. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  7. Where I grew up, the term squirrel could be applied equally to furry gray or brown rodents that nest in trees or to anyone that exhibited odd trashy irrational behavior. Today we usually refer to such folks as meth heads. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  8. Hee hee, Don't need 'em. I live in a place where weed is legal and you can't drive half a mile without running into a pot shop. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  9. No doubt the gnomes from Victoria Island got inside the damned server and began unplugging s**t. I keep telling ya to invest in some rat poison but do you peachniks listen? Noooooo………………………. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  10. As a former involuntary resident, I highly recommend this venue. The electric shock treatments available in the spa are especially invigorating. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  11. Kewl! Gotta love religious symbology. Get a load of these. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  12. Marc, That hasn't been the case here in Washington state. We now have ten years of licensing behind us, our state's seven-member board is 100% home inspectors, and home inspectors' reputation and consumers' overall impression of inspectors here is far better today than it was prior to licensing. It used to be common to hear of consumers complaining about inspections or suing inspectors here - now it's a rarity. Virtually every one of the dire predictions made about all of the self-serving things that licensing and a licensing board would cause have never transpired. Give some credit where credit is due - believe it or not, not everyone who chooses to serve on such boards is a self-centered jerk only concerned with feathering his or her own nest. Some actually advocate strongly on behalf of consumers. After all, many of those consumers are their families, friends and co-workers. If the board they serve on is always making choices that benefit the inspector and screw the consumer public, doesn't that mean they'd be voting for choices that will screw their own families, friends and co-workers? ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  13. Damned acid reflux! ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
  14. You don't want one of my reports. I write full-narrative and it's guaranteed to put you to sleep - especially if you're brain has been conditioned to social media where you are limited to posts less than 148 characters and you've developed too short of an attention span. What Jim calls "mushy mush mush" report writing I call inspectorspeak because it pervades this profession. There should be a dark room somewhere staffed with hundreds of retired fifth grade English teachers sitting in front of computer screens. Every home inspection report created anywhere on the planet should have to be emailed to them for proof-reading and correction before being sent out to clients. This profession's reputation and respectability quotient would see a huge uptick if that were the case. The geezer English teachers would probably appreciate it too. Like Jim, I like to write like I speak - even if the bluntness of it shocks the crap out of all agents present and sets their teeth on edge. More than one report I've sent out said something like, "The deck stairs look like they were constructed by a fourth grader who watched one episode of This Old House," or something similar. Tell it like it is and don't mince words. One of the advantages of never sucking up to agents for referrals is that you can get away with that kind of s**t and the phone will still continue to ring, 'cuz it will be past clients and their friends, relatives and co-workers calling you most of the time instead of agents. Oh yeah, and your hair, or at least what's left of it, will gray more slowly - hah! ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike
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