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  1. Light Fixture Problem

    Try swapping the two fixtures, just to see what happens.
  2. 1969 Home wiring

    That's not entirely correct. Remember that the first aluminum wiring that came out in 1964 was an alloy that was just not well suited to household wiring because it was so brittle. There's no rating of a device that can make up for that problem. Every time the wires are handled, there's an increased risk of fractures that can lead to hot spots in the wires. That alloy was used up to about 1972. After 1972, the improved alloy came out and was much better. You really can't discuss aluminum wiring without making a distinction between the two. They're like night & day. As for devices, early ones were only listed for copper, but then when aluminum wiring was introduced some devices had labels that said CU/AL or AL/CU. These proved to be problematic in their own right and were really not suited for use with aluminum wire - most especially those with stab-back connections. This shouldn't have been surprising because there was no UL standard in place at the time to govern such labeling - it was entirely at the whim of the manufacturer. In 1972, UL came out with the AL/COR (aluminum, copper-revised) standard. Those devices are, indeed, manufactured and intended to be used with aluminum wires. (This doesn't include breakers, by the way, which are fine if marked AL/CU.) Confused, yet? Bottom line: don't recommend AL/CU or CU/AL switches & receptacles.
  3. Artography - Park in fog

    Reminds me of Linda Hamilton's recurring dream in T2.
  4. 3 wire to 4 wire feeder repair

    Ok. If it's NM cable and if the new EGC enters each panel through the same knockout as the feeder cable, then it should be allowed. I'd check with the AHJ first though.
  5. What brand is this siding?

    I've only seen it once in the wild. The bead might have been more defined, but it's hard to say. Lighting can make a big difference.
  6. Holes in Radon Pipe

    Looks like it works the same as the one in my picture, only shorter. Also, I can't see the benefit of routing the condensate back into the radon pipe below the fan. Why not let it drip on the ground or plumb it to a rain drain or other place of disposal?
  7. Buckling of roof

    I guess I've wasted hundreds of hours moving stuff during my inspections. . . You're asking for information that no one can give you from a distance. We can't remote-inspect a house for you.
  8. 3 wire to 4 wire feeder repair

    Bill's correct. 300.3(B) This rule has some exceptions, but none applies to this situation.
  9. What brand is this siding?

    Hardiplank makes a siding with that profile. Choose a discreet area and probe the siding to see what it's made from. If it's fibercement, then it's probably Hardiplank's "beaded smooth" product.
  10. Buckling of roof

    It's impossible to say without seeing some pictures and knowing what the construction methods are. Wood shingles, shakes, 3-tab comp, laminated comp, or what? What kind of roof framing, trusses or rafters? Spacing? What kind of roof deck, plywood, shiplap, or skip sheathing with plywood on top. If plywood, what thickness? Crawlspace or basement? Water problems? Even with all of the necessary data, we can't really say without seeing it.
  11. Does this thing flip over?

    It's just a handle extension to give the user more leverage. You should be able to rotate it up 90 degrees and the transfer linkage should just slip over it.
  12. My new website

    It looks good. I like it. Two suggestions: At the bottom of the Home page, under the heading, "An Interactive Create Request List," the penultimate sentence reads, "Simply use the CRL™ to create your repair addendum along with your real estate agent." Alert readers will chuckle at the error. I suggest simply dropping the "along with your agent" part. It's not necessary. Near the top of the Services page, the rascal who wrote the copy must have re-used the same paragraph from another website because he refers to you as "Trust Inspection Services." In addition to correcting the error, you might want to do some searches to see how much of the copy on your site is re-used from other sites that HomeGauge already designed. You want the copy on your pages to be unique.
  13. Holes in Radon Pipe

    How does the "special coupling" collect the condensate without creating a narrower interior cross-section?
  14. Holes in Radon Pipe

    One of my partners ended up talking with the tech who installed it - it's a condensate drain: https://www.radonpds.com/shop/all-accessories/hydro-sep/ He said that they've stopped using them because they felt that the 2" pipe caused a restriction in airflow and because they figured that condensation isn't going to be the limiting factor in the fan's service life anyway.
  15. Holes in Radon Pipe

    Everybody's a comedian. . .