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  1. Modified bitumen has products with different color granule finishes that look OK. Or an asphalt shingled roof over a complete ice and water shield underlayment. There must be ridge vent designs that are wind /waterproof.
  2. https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/06/14/gunman-opens-fire-gop-softball-practice-alexandria/3GaNXsBl54BJyzuXyV1qHN/story.html
  3. Thanks. I got some interesting info at the electric forum: http://www.electriciantalk.com/f29/old-high-low-votlage-system-replacment-wow-42027/ http://www.electriciantalk.com/f2/ge-low-voltage-lighting-system-repair-replace-51588/
  4. First time for me to see this type of wiring.
  5. It's new laundry equipment.
  6. There are three wires running from an electric dryer to a condo subpanel. Would it make sense that the green wire is a neutral for 120 V from the dryer or would that need 4 wires? Or is this a ground that should be isolated from the neutral bar on the panel?
  7. All the windows in this apt. had notebook paper glued over them. It speaks to me but I don't know what it's saying.
  8. If you were a brand new HI with no experience, what would you charge? When I started in 1996, I wasn't just inexperienced. I was a well intentioned, horrible inspector. It took me a little while to figure out how ignorant I was. To get work, I was charging $180 for a small house when my the competition was charging about $300. Regrettably, my clients got what they paid for. In 1996, I would have charged $250 to inspect that town.
  9. How do you comment or make a reply to any articles that get posted on TIJ? I see a comments tag at the bottom of the article but nothing happens when I try to use it. Or quite possibly I'm just missing something obvious. On another inspection website, the format does not allow you to make remarks about an article that gets printed. Is that the same here?
  10. My client wants to change the siding on the house he's buying from aluminum to vinyl claiming aluminum pulls heat from the house in winter. At least one remodeling website I looked at supports this. It makes some sense but is it a valid conclusion? I cannot find a credible study to support this.
  11. Hmm. Someone is trying to send a message.
  12. I'll see if I can find the name of the trail. I have the feeling they are all sensational.