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  1. "Touching base to see if you do infections in mokena."
  2. Paleontologists date this crawlspace find to the 1950's.
  3. Anyone familiar with this window trim?

    It looks like a vinyl window for new construction with integrated j-channel built in to the frame. Nice feature. Can't say on the brand. I have installed Pella's that are similar.
  4. What is the name for this exterior piece?

    And shouldn't we see a flashing above it and not caulk?
  5. Does the wood trim that protrudes at the bottom of the siding have a name?
  6. Missing sill plate

    A lot of folks should update their location.
  7. Missing sill plate

    What part of the continent is that? Denray, you should update your location.
  8. This house has signs of woodpeckers putting holes in the wood siding. The powder around these holes at the fascia look odd. Bird or bug?
  9. I'll be looking at a house Monday with an inward bowed horizontally cracked poured foundation. I am told it has been repaired with Kevlar carbon fiber straps. Any opinions on this type of repair?
  10. Run away

    Illinois SOP forbids me from telling a client not to buy a house but they figure it out pretty quickly without me using those exact words. Body language, facial grimaces, remarks like, "the cost to try to fix this is going to be huge." etc. I have had many jobs where we never make into the house. I give an appropriate discount. They always hire me again.