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  1. I feel like I asked this before but cannot find the answer. What do you call this gable protrusion above the roof line?
  2. Read Brick Industry Notes 46. Pictures might help. Is there something that is causing the cracks that needs to be addressed? Caulking and grouting are different things. I would not recommend caulk. It does not breathe. Go Brick ...Two methods used to repair mortar joints are face grouting and repointing. While both have been used successfully, they are intended for different purposes and vary in performance. Repointing is generally recommended and is performed more often because the procedure is better suited to correct various types and severities of mortar joint deterioration compared with face grouting....
  3. Are there any fiberglass doors that have a proper fire rating for garage to house entry?
  4. Would fiberglass stuffed around a duct penetration be an acceptable fire stop?
  5. Is this type of residential surface wiring okay per the NEC?
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