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  1. How do you comment or make a reply to any articles that get posted on TIJ? I see a comments tag at the bottom of the article but nothing happens when I try to use it. Or quite possibly I'm just missing something obvious. On another inspection website, the format does not allow you to make remarks about an article that gets printed. Is that the same here?
  2. My client wants to change the siding on the house he's buying from aluminum to vinyl claiming aluminum pulls heat from the house in winter. At least one remodeling website I looked at supports this. It makes some sense but is it a valid conclusion? I cannot find a credible study to support this.
  3. Hmm. Someone is trying to send a message.
  4. I'll see if I can find the name of the trail. I have the feeling they are all sensational.
  5. For some reason the electrician did not trim off the excess wire length and wrapped them up and left them in the bottom of the panel. Could there be any chance of overheating? Is it worth complaining about? Click to Enlarge 69.28 KB
  6. And poetry will die. Bricklayer Love by Carl Sandburg I thought of killing myself because I am only a bricklayer and you a woman who loves the man who runs a drug store. I don't care like I used to; I lay bricks straighter than I used to and I sing slower handling the trowel afternoons. When the sun is in my eyes and the ladders are shaky and the mortar boards go wrong, I think of you.
  7. Shouldn't the exterior downspout connection for the radon mitigation be sleeved into the upper connection since air/gases are being pushed upward? It seems common sense but I don't know. This may have been done for water that might run down? Click to Enlarge 29.19 KB Click to Enlarge 62.95 KB
  8. I don't ever recall seeing an ANSI date from the 70's so I will assume early 80's.
  9. https://www.ansi.org/about_ansi/introduction/history Thanks, but I don't see the answer to my question. Do you?
  10. Around when did the ANSI date start getting printed on gas appliances?
  11. Just a little hi-jinks and cheap advertisement. My brother owns the building. I didn't go to the parade but I'm told there are pics on social media.
  12. All ready for the parade. Click to Enlarge 1075.81 KB Click to Enlarge 69.79 KB
  13. Follow-up: I contacted the manufacturer, Marion Ceramics. They did not have any technical notes on installation. They directed me to Laticrete which is a mortar and bonding product used to fasten veneer. There technical notes were misleading. They did have drawings that had the veneer installed over a moisture drainage system. I finally talked to a technical representative and he told me as long as the right adhesive/mortar is being used you can apply the veneer directly to CMU. Click to Enlarge 92.13 KB
  14. This does not seem right but I cannot find any technical notes to contradict this application. I have looked at the BIA technical notes 28C on thin brick veneer which says this can be applied over CMU which has a base coat over that. I don't see that a base coat was applied here, but besides that I can't find any specific notes on this application. They are supposed to finish the work on one of the walls when it gets warmer. I have seen some masonry notes that you should apply thin brick veneer over metal lath on masonry but applying it directly over isn't a no no.Any thoughts? I called the representative of the manufacturer of the thin brick veneer and they have not gotten back to me. Click to Enlarge 47.85 KB Click to Enlarge 37.11 KB Click to Enlarge 51.6 KB Click to Enlarge 54.83 KB
  15. Click to Enlarge 112.52 KB