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  1. I pulled out the nest and the little dude climbed up the Romex into the rafters, lickety-split, like he had done it a few times before. The wires were chewed pretty good.
  2. Little Calumet River, Blue Island, IL
  3. I bought the Fenix UC35 two yrs ago. No complaints. I dropped it about 20' to a wood deck. No problem. I dropped it about 10' to a metal deck. No problem. Water proof. I can vouch for shock protection and the light is bright. 960 lumens.
  4. Both furnaces in this place had these red plugs in the exhaust? The reason?
  5. 2.5 ton each. A 2800 sq. ft, ranch.
  6. There may be two coils. I don't know. I just thought it was weird.
  7. This house has 2 outside split system compressors w/ separate refrigerant lines going into one furnace air handler plenum. I have never seen this. No zones. One thermostat kicks both compressors. Both compressors are operating fine. Any thoughts as to why this was done?
  8. If reporting on these pics, I would say that the moss/algae growth will accelerate roof deterioration. But I determine wear on shrinkage of the shingle, curling, granule loss, etc., which seems minor in this case. This roof has a good life of another five years or so. Zinc strips really work and would likely kill all this moss stuff.
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