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  1. I thought of grabbing my magnet but my tool box was at the other end of the crawlspace, and I was too lazy to go get it.
  2. Is it worth noting – and/or recommending action – when the SEC has an amp capacity of 90 with a 100 amp main disconnect? In this case, #2 AL, THW.
  3. The main runs of this boiler piping is silver. What material is this???
  4. Thanks. I should have Googled first. I thought cleaning from the registers would be easier.
  5. I often see these black plugs on HVAC ducts. What are they for?
  6. This isn't a 2 family unit but I assume this is the intention.
  7. Can anyone identify the siding? Its masonry but it looks like it has been put up in sheets or panels. Early 60s.
  8. You can look at – Section M1305 Appliance Access - A 30 inch minimum level surface is needed in front of appliances for servicing. And also, the obvious common sense issues that concern you. That's a very interesting set up.
  9. Photo says non-issue. I would treat it like a flat roof. Will it dry off in 48 hrs?
  10. Yes, you can vinyl side over the old Inselbrick. Don’t tear it off. Have the siding people install a quarter inch fan fold insulation before siding. It’s only R1 but does not hurt cutting down on drafts.
  11. If there is not a lot of blackness underneath the roof sheathing in the attic then the gable vents are doing their job. That means the attic is being ventilated adequately. Don't mess with something that is working. Assuming this, clean the gable vents and blow in a minimum of 14 inch cellulose insulation across the attic floor. This will keep a naturally hot attic from radiating down through the ceiling in summer making the AC work harder, and help keep warm air from rising into the attic in winter. I think that's all you want. Trying to get balanced heating and cooling with a one z
  12. There is a full time operator. Watch your step please.
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