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  1. Week 7. The children are getting big enough for Styrofoam cups. Cayenne, Jalapeno, Habenero are doing nicely. Will be putting them in the ground in about 4 weeks or so.
  2. I started a Lambtoon page on FB. I've started to draw some new stuff. Sharing is good.
  3. Letter D at the end of Distance to complete 3 words: Bored (a triple word score), He, and Distanced. 42 points.
  4. Its not fake news, its just old news, at least here in the US. The US Surgeon General said the same thing one month ago, but I think that advice is going to change. Healthcare workers wear them for a reason, and there is a severe shortage of masks for hospitals, etc.. The problem with face masks is if the mask gets infected, people are touching their masks and infecting their hands. I will go along with something is better than nothing regarding face masks.
  5. I doubt Illinois is anywhere near specific guidelines for real estate but we'll see. I'm still doing inspections. Inspector and one other person on site sounds low risk/reasonable, per WA/GOV link.
  6. I went one full week with nothing and now I'm busy again. My precautions so far are: Keep my distance from people Wear disposable gloves during the inspection. I cut off the pinky on one glove so I can feel hot water (and other things temperature related if needed) Sanitize hands after the inspection. Sanitize all the tools touched during the inspection which is usually cameras, screwdrivers, electric tester, flashlight, etc. Wash my work clothing after each job. That's about it for now.
  7. Holy smokes. That's a garden? Awesome.
  8. I'm tackling growing peppers indoors from seed. My progress. I grow hot peppers and make hot sauce with them.
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