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  1. Yes, you can vinyl side over the old Inselbrick. Don’t tear it off. Have the siding people install a quarter inch fan fold insulation before siding. It’s only R1 but does not hurt cutting down on drafts.
  2. If there is not a lot of blackness underneath the roof sheathing in the attic then the gable vents are doing their job. That means the attic is being ventilated adequately. Don't mess with something that is working. Assuming this, clean the gable vents and blow in a minimum of 14 inch cellulose insulation across the attic floor. This will keep a naturally hot attic from radiating down through the ceiling in summer making the AC work harder, and help keep warm air from rising into the attic in winter. I think that's all you want. Trying to get balanced heating and cooling with a one z
  3. There is a full time operator. Watch your step please.
  4. I was told this building had the first open cage elevator in Chicago. 1893. It is still hand operated.
  5. And the sealant around the glass melts.
  6. The outside temp. today was 50F.
  7. I have read installation instructions where south facing doors should not have glass storm doors installed because of extreme heat. A black door does not help. This is a good illustration for that advice.
  8. I'm not feeling nostalgic. I'm giving Erby's machine a try. It's supposed to arrive today.
  9. And it gives you carpal tunnel. Trent, what model Milwaukee? Does it have a deep socket for flipping bits?
  10. Be careful what you wish for. So far 82 lbs. from my smallish garden with more to pick. I have run out of freezer space and there has been a pandemic run on freezers - unless you are willing to pay double.
  11. I'm looking for a new cordless screwdriver available on the market. One that pivots and has a deep enough socket to fit a reversible straight and Philips bit. Or at least have a compartment to hold an extra bit. The Black & Decker I have seen and Ryobi have shallow sockets without any compartment to hold extra bits. Suggestions? A built-in light attachment is also a very nice feature. I'm only using this for removing screws from electric panels and other panels I might run into around the house.
  12. Would you be concerned about this corrosion at the SEC main disconnect contacts? What kind of metal is this? Aluminum? This is a panel that was mounted in a basement directly against an outside foundation wall without an appropriate separation.
  13. What do you make of this? About 8 foot of the foundation near the two steel columns In this crawlspace has lifted/separated about a half-inch to three-quarter inch space between the foundation wall and the footing. There was no undue stress to the foundation or problems to the structure/floors above. There is a caulked foundation crack nearby but did not look anything out of the ordinary. 32-year-old house.
  14. Not long. A couple seconds. Both inspections happened to be Frigidaire 15+ years. Marc, so if only the compressor shuts down I would need to stick something under the float and then go outside. ☹️
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