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  1. Mike Lamb

    Chicago inspection question

    Installing an ejector pit isn't going to protect the basement from sewage back-up/flooding in this situation unless the OP is going to seal the basement floor drains which I don't think is a good idea. Nearly all "newer" (post 1960) construction around here has overhead sewer so an ejector pit is a necessity whether there's a bathroom in the basement or not.
  2. Mike Lamb

    Chicago inspection question

    If you're building has an all gravity sewer system, I only see disadvantages with installing a sewage ejector for the bathroom. Chicago § 18-29-712.1 Building drains below sewer Building drains that cannot be discharged to the sewer by gravity flow shall be discharged into a tightly covered and vented sump, from which stack the liquid shall be lifted and discharged into the building gravity drainage system by automatic pumping equipment or other approved method.
  3. Mike Lamb

    3 inspection photos you should take to manage your risk

    I take about 200 pictures per inspection. At a recent 4800 ft.² home I took close to 500 pictures. I take at least one picture of every room and exterior wide shots of every angle of the house or building . The pictures are my notes which I go over one by one when I do the report. I use hand signals if the photo actually means something but is not obvious, and then of course, wide shots and close-ups of problems. It takes no time at all to shoot pictures from the hip while I'm walking or standing still. This is just how I am comfortable doing it. 99% of the pictures mean nothing. Occasionally, I will see something in a photo that I did not pick up live.
  4. Is anyone familiar with this type of foundation movement gauge? The foundation to the left of the crack was underpinned.
  5. I have a couple women in the house and was trained a long time ago to lift the seat and try to hit the middle. And, God forbid, don't ever forget to put the seat back down!!!
  6. The bathroom in an occupied house. Yes. I that is human excrement in the bottom of the bucket.
  7. Some instructions I have seen for roof vent terminations call for a flashing for PVC pipe. What would be the downside of using a lead plumbing stack flashing?