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  1. The bathroom in an occupied house. Yes. I that is human excrement in the bottom of the bucket.
  2. Some instructions I have seen for roof vent terminations call for a flashing for PVC pipe. What would be the downside of using a lead plumbing stack flashing?
  3. I know very little about mold remediation. Does this look like some kind of mold killer or just paint?
  4. Mike Lamb

    HI Artography - Lamp on a Chair

    Cast iron hydronic.
  5. Mike Lamb

    HI Artography - Lamp on a Chair

    Did you take a picture? 😄
  6. Mike Lamb

    Electric panel line control?

    What does a line control panel do?
  7. The insurance company of a recent client – MetLife, I think – is denying homeowners insurance because of galvanized steel pipe which they say can cause cancer. I have not heard of this before and I cannot find anything reliable on the Internet. I called my State Farm agent this morning and she said she has never heard anything about old galvanized steel pipe being a health hazard and State Farm would not deny coverage. Maybe it's a California thing?
  8. Mike Lamb

    Room wall switch requirement

    Does anyone know when it was required to have a wall switch in rooms that powers a light or wall receptacle?
  9. Mike Lamb

    Cat IV Vent Clearance

    Thanks. I found this in my library for a Rheem direct vent. The vents are a little high. Lateral is not an issue.
  10. Mike Lamb

    Cat IV Vent Clearance

    Does the 8 foot lateral clearance to sidewalls apply to PVC Cat IV vents? I did not see anything in the codebooks to suggest that it does not. However, I don't see anything in the manufacturer's instructions regarding this.