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  1. Pyrobar

    I ran into this Pyrobar stuff the other day. It was lining the floor beneath a back porch. I did some research and it was a fire proof insulator used around structural members but also used to build non-bearing walls. The mortar used for this product probably contains asbestos and workers often cut it with a saw. Here are some links if anyone is interested: https://archive.org/details/PyrobarGypsumTile
  2. We got a foot of snow then 60F weather which made for some good soup.. Homer Glen, IL.
  3. Vent Clearance Clarification?

    Generally, at least a foot above the roof line depending upon the pitch of the roof and 8 feet laterally from side walls. I don't think that is going to cut it.
  4. Inspecting roofs will be a little sketchy this week.
  5. Old and frayed cloth covered wires

    Thanks. Electrical wire, cable insulation (30 percent) and structural member or framing (19 percent) were the specific items most often first ignited in electrical fires (Table 6).
  6. What comments would you make if any about excessively frayed cloth wiring inside a panel? And, does anyone remark in their reports that statistics show the older the wiring the greater the fire hazard?
  7. Internal siphon gauge

    What does an internal siphon gauge on a steam boiler do and is zero and optimal reading?
  8. When a fireplace has a gas starter where you turn on the gas with one of those square keys and use a match to ignite it, do you turn it on to see if it works? I do. I do not put a match to it but turn it off immediately just to see if gas flows. I am just wondering if others turn the gas on briefly? I'd rather not do it, but I had a complaint many years ago that there was something wrong with the gas line to the fireplace. They had to spend a lot of money to fix it, and I didn't discover it during my inspection.