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  1. This is the first I've seen this. With this fireplace you're just supposed to throw a match on top of the fire glass once you turn the gas on. I did not attempt to do this. Does anyone have experience with this? http://www.thecustomfireplace.com/defigl.html
  2. Mike Lamb

    Fenix flashlights

    I bought the Fenix UC35 and am happy with it so far. Sunlight bright with four levels of brightness. I did not get Chad's discount but was given $36 off because of an insiders discount – not sure what that meant but I bought Fenix before. I got it in four days. $54. No shipping fee. Does anyone know if it would be a problem to recharge my new 18650, 3.6 V, 3400mAh, in the charger for my old 2600mAh, 3.7 V batteries?
  3. Mike Lamb

    Fenix flashlights

    Is Fenix still the go to flashlight? My PD31 which I loved has finally crapped on me with an unworkable on/off button after six years I believe. I am now using my Ultra fire XD-502B back up which I bought a few years ago for about $11 and have never used. Very nice light. And about $60 less than the Fenix.
  4. Mike Lamb

    Exterior grade lumber

    This lumber is being used for an outside deck. It looks like standard construction grade and nothing that should be used outside. Do these stamps determine location use? I did a quick walk-by and will look at the house tomorrow. Typical pressure-treated lumber is tagged at the end of each piece with treatment info.
  5. Our colleague Kurt got some interview time in today's Chicago Tribune homes section. HI buying mistakes.pdf
  6. Mike Lamb

    sill rot on older Anderson windows

    I find that older wood windows from the 80s and earlier are doing just fine and I assume it's because of the chemicals used to treat the wood. The 1990s had horrible problems with rotting wood and not just Anderson but, Norco, ROW, Marvin, etc. I think the windows are clad with aluminum and not vinyl. Regardless, water gets behind the cladding and sits there and the poorly treated wood rots rapidly. I believe there was a class action suit against Marvin. I make a point to check all windows carefully especially at the lower corners of the sash. Blackening is the prelude to rot and I always point that out in the report. Here are some recent pictures of a 1990s condo.
  7. Mike Lamb

    HI Artography - Scorched Wire

    Olympus TG-4. Kurt recommend it while back and I'm happy with it. It has a bad habit of going into video mode if you brush the button but I can live with that.
  8. Mike Lamb

    Asymmetrical roof valley

    If there is such a thing I bet it would be the same as flashing a symmetrical valley with some common sense consideration of water flow. It's what's behind the shingles that matters. From memory of a roofing job I did a many years ago: After tear-off, apply an ice and water shield at each valley that goes a minimum 12 inches over each plane. At a violent water intersection which this roof has I would increase the water shield considerably. Follow with underlayment/tarpaper. No nails should be driven within 12 inches of the valley when applying shingles. Roofing cement should be used to keep the shingles down near the valley line. If it is leaking it sounds like the whole valley part of the roof will need to be redone.
  9. I still bring a hard copy of the inspection agreement to the inspection for my client to sign. I e-mail a copy saying "read this," because you're going to have to sign a copy of it at the inspection. Some of the more tech savvy clients sign and send right back to me. But most don't. Do you use an app that you like to get an electronic signature for your agreement? Please share.
  10. I recently had the pleasure of doing a home inspection for Olympic gold medalist Kendall Coyne, and her fiance, Mike Schofield, (an NFL lineman for the Chargers). Here she is "throwing" the first pitch at a White Sox game.