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  1. Right. So what is happening here? The four hot wires upper right don't have neutrals to go along with them. Is it possible that the circuits can be borrowing the neutral from the panel next to it? Would that work? All four wires go into a nearby junction box that is packed with wire nuts. The large neutral conductor is attached to a cold water pipe.
  2. The wires from the neutral bar in this panel on the left are tied directly to the neutral service conductor instead of running out with the hots. What are the ramifications of this?
  3. Dryer Duct Insulation

    I'm looking for a reference - code or manufacturer - stating dryer ducts in cold non-conditioned spaces should be insulated.
  4. Cut Rafters

    Here is and another example of the same although this makes more sense as the rafters are downsized. It is a 30-year-old house and there was no noticeable sag.
  5. Stone Relief?

    Thanks. Entablature got me pointed in the right direction for searching. The stone protrusion at the top of the building is a cornice. The lower band of stone is a frieze. Entablature is pretty much the same thing but support is provided by columns.
  6. Stone Relief?

    What would you call the lower and upper stone at this brick building? Stone façade? Stone relief? Upper stone crown? Stone band?
  7. The park across the alley from my house was foggy a couple nights ago. Candycane_Park_fog_infrared.tif fence bw.tif
  8. Arc Fault breakers testing?

    It became code in Illinois in 2002 to have AFCI breakers installed for all sleeping room receptacles. I don't know why just bedrooms. If there is a test button – which there is – I press it to see if it trips and will reset. Sometimes, they will not reset but that means there is something wrong and it needs to be fixed. If people are in the house I make sure no one has any computers running or stuff like that which will mess with them. They can reset their own clocks. I don't worry about it. I do the same thing if there are GFCI protected circuit breakers.
  9. This is a blind shot I took of a 20-year-old gas-fired boiler. I see scorching above the top of the heat exchanger. Do you think this is cause for concern? Would a dirty exchanger cause this?
  10. Attic Mold Boiler Plate

    Thanks for the responses. I think it would be best if everyone said in their profile what part of the country they are working.
  11. Attic Mold Boiler Plate

    I remember. Thanks.