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  1. Sister Verona's Hot Sauce can be purchased - so far - at four Chicagoland locations. But if you're not in the neighborhood we can work something out. I will message you.
  2. I use Facebook and Instagram to promote my various adventures – home inspections, my fledgling hot sauce business, my artwork, an occasional nice picture of my family. I don't engage. I promote in a vanilla non-offensive way. I think social media should be pretty much for cute animal pictures and pictures of awesome food. I love seeing great pictures of unhealthy food. And that's about it.
  3. I have never investigated what lead tastes like until now. I read that lead has a salty and sugary taste which is unusual for poison. Rodents love salt and sugar. I know mice and chipmunks are very fond of copper wire. I have never tasted copper or lead personally. The parents wouldn't let me.
  4. Like me. My grasp of electricity is not the greatest. Many questions here. So the tied breakers in question are sharing the same neutral? And if one breaker trips you want both to trip so the neutral cannot be overloaded? And the ties should not be removed? And tying the two breakers together with something other than electrical wire should be done? I also had to look up the acronym MWC. Minor Work Certificate? That would mean someone other than a licensed electrician did the work?
  5. But why? And is it a bad idea?
  6. The electrician in this rehab tied random adjacent 120V breakers to each other with a piece of wire. Any logical reason to do this?
  7. I know this insulation was used at least into the 1960s. It probably contains asbestos. Does anyone know the name? This building is from 1917 but I doubt it is that old.
  8. The modified bitumen roof was in generally good shape except at an area with gathered debris/poor drainage. Would these cuts be from membrane deterioration, or man-made?
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