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  1. What do you think would cause the black streaking on this roof cover? It reminds me of black algae on the north side of the shingles roof but I don't think I've seen this before. The roof was in good condition and I would estimate around 10 years old or so.
  2. I found this very odd. The lower wall on this hundred plus-year-old house was wood studs. But brick was installed about 6 foot above the foundation. Has anyone seen this before? There were other houses in the neighborhood just like this one with the fake stone in front but the masonry walls extend all the way down to the foundation. ??
  3. It's required here. Illinois SOP: k) When, pursuant to the written agreement with a client, the electrical system is inspected, the home inspector shall: 1) Inspect the ... interior components of service panels and subpanels; ...
  4. The cheapies are only good for radiant heat and the client thinks I'm cool to have thermal imaging. A plus is when scanning old upright cast iron radiators I can see if they are mostly filled with air and need to be bled.
  5. What do you call the middle metal blades at the back of the panel that the circuit breakers snap onto? Anyway, the breakers are now sticking out a little like a "V" down the middle, so the front is not as snug as it should be.
  6. Would sealing the exterior of the limestone blocks slow deterioration? Or would block replacement be the best remedy?
  7. What would you say, if anything, about GE breakers in a Square D panel? The breakers stick out 1/2 inch at the middle contacts, but other than that I saw no other problems. 20-year-old panel.
  8. Am I crazy or does this stairway look like a crotch?
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