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  1. I have never seen light tube without a lens on top. I did not have access to the unit below.
  2. Bathrooms and kitchens were on the other side of the building so not likely. I could see no lint if they were for dryer vents. No smell. There was a sister building and that had the same thing near the AC units.
  3. I saw these on a 2009 building and do not know what they are.
  4. This is the other panel - I don't know if subpanel is the right word. The 100A main has no wires running to it.
  5. I'm trying to get my head wrapped around this. A neutral wire has been tapped at the bus bar of the main electric panel and then run to another panel with a bunch of hot wires which are wire nutted at the separate panel and those wires are using the neutral bus on the separate panel instead of the main panel. Is this okay? If not, ramifications? The first picture is the neutral running from the service panel. the next two pictures are at the auxiliary panel.
  6. Does a dirty/opaque sight glass mean a steam boiler has not been flushed regularly?
  7. I always write it up and call for electrician to correct it. Today's double tap showed insulation that might be melting. I also write up under wired breakers, 14 AWG with 20 amp, although I've never seen a problem with this.
  8. Still in business since 1939, they claim, Blommer Chocolate Company is the largest cocoa processor and ingredient chocolate supplier in North America.
  9. It looks like there were water problems at the corner. The radiators were leaking? Make sure there are no ongoing moisture issues with the pavement. Cover the area with plastic taped at the edges and see if you get any condensation underneath. I'm not a big fan of mold testing.
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