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  1. Jim, This is common in my area. Builders do the absolute minimum they can. It makes our job easier since we can see everything. Like the joist the plumber cut and the joists that didn't have enough bearing on the joist ends...
  2. Jim, Not a pre-drywall inspection just a regular inspection on a brand new home. And thank you for the reminder that a header suffers the same limitations as beams do. I was overthink things as I do on occasion. Appreciate the help you guys
  3. Appreciate the info Marc. It was wider than 4' as it was above the sliding glass doors but there's just a single story above
  4. Good afternoon ladies and gents. I am writing a report for a new build I inspected this afternoon and ran into a header that I am assuming (yes I know what they say about assuming) was notched to fit in a sliding glass door. I am drawing a complete blank on coming up with reasoning why they shouldn't have done this. I don't recall a code cite for headers offhand and I'm having issues finding much information online. I can't recall seeing a header notched before. Plenty of joists, beams and the like. At the worst they've poorly notched out approximately 2" from the doubled 2x8's.
  5. Both of my Werner ladders hyperextend like this. One of them is less than 6 months old and the other is 7+ years old. Never had an issue from either
  6. Thanks Jim. I could not find this exact fitting anywhere so I was just curious if anyone could identify it. It also did not have any markings which concerned me some considering the quality of work (or lack thereof) of the PEX installation in this property. I appreciate the help!
  7. I couldn't find anything on Google about a 4 way brass PEX fitting. There was a similar one but that was a female fitting and not made for potable water. Neither myself or the sewer lateral guy had seen one before. I was hoping you gentlemen would have some more insight....
  8. I found this fitting and can't identify it or find any information on it. There were no markings on the piece that I could find. The guy doing the sewer lateral was also scratching his head. I apologize for the fuzzy pic. It's also the only one I was able to get.
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