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  1. Thanks!
  2. Seems like this vent should not be reduced as it rises above the house, right?
  3. Almost looks like PVC on the TPR line. And shouldn't be reduced right where that T connects..
  4. Good statement. Now when it comes to camper shells those aluminum ones are terrible for radiating heat. In the winter. It's better to get outside into a tent than stay on the metal bed with a metal shell.
  5. That's what I figgerd. Seen em on mobile homes. Smooshed up on stucco can't be much better.
  6. Thanks for the replies all.
  7. Light in shower of old viki has metal ring around it. My voltage sniffer goes off whether the switch is on or off. How serious is that?
  8. In a perfect world shouldn't this not be exposed? Does this look proper?
  9. That flang laying against the stucco is not the way to do it, right?
  10. Stucco siding with vinyl framed windows added. What would have been the right way to do this, in a nutshell?
  11. It's on an exterior wall below an eave. .
  12. My spouse was kind of understanding for the first two years, but it took me 7 to get it going. Starting in 06, in an area where client's didn't know the difference between an appraiser vs HI, not sucking up to the Realtor run area, all didn't help. My dad hung in there on my side. Had our house paid off. Everything paid off. $750 retirement. Obama care, eventually. That helped. Oh, and the first 4+ years I studied this stuff like crazy. It's been the toughest thing I've ever done and I started at the tender age of 53 after getting downsized by my wonderful employers.
  13. Nice. Thanks Bill. Here's a tid bit at the other end of the roof. Click to Enlarge 44.28 KB
  14. Does this look like too low of slope for comp? One layer of paper. Click to Enlarge 74.32 KB
  15. OMG, I figgerd something out for once. [:-dunce]