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  1. Here's a picture. I forgot to include it with the original post. The gouge is on the top side of the dish. I am puzzled how it happened. I was not in the house when this occurred. Anyhow, I am not terribly concerned about a perfect match. I only want to get close to the existing color. More importantly, I want to get a smooth surface. Right now, you run the risk of cutting a finger. I appreciate the advice.
  2. My shower has a matching soap dish that has a nasty gouge right through the center. It is rather shallow but I would like to fill it with a matching grout. If I use grout should I use should I use sanded or unsanded? Are there other option to fill the gash with something other than grout? Do I need to use some type of adhesive or cleaner before application? I appreciate the assist.
  3. I have four separate rooms in the basement of an 1889 home in Ohio. The basement rooms have brick floors and the walls are limestone. I only use the areas for storage of certain items and for the kids to run around occasionally. I want to add humidifier(s) to the area. My question has to do with disposing of the water. I can run waste hoses to the outside but I am concerned about freezing in the colder weather and accumulating too much standing water around the foundation. I do not have a drain/trap in the area at all. Is there any way to force this water through an existing waste drain? I have an HVAC system near, washing machine drain (ceiling height), etc.
  4. I have a new bathroom in an old (1889) Victorian on the second floor. Of course the hot water heater is a distance away in the basement. I get hot water but never enough and it takes too long. I am considering running a small tankless unit for this one room. Recommendations?
  5. I appreciate the feedback, If I went with an insert, with glass front, will I get heat in the room?
  6. I own an 1889 Victorian home in southern Ohio with six fireplaces. Three down and three upstairs (bedrooms). The previous owner brought gas intro the three downstairs, installed gas logs and all is well with the exception of some white/black residue that falls within the chimney. It is more annoying than anything else. Question #1: Other than capping the chimney what can be done to the interior of the chimney to stop this residue? Question #2: The upstairs fireplaces need converted as well. Would you recommend vented or unvented logs?
  7. I have a Kenmore electric dryer (model # 110.66922500). Motor runs but it is not heating. I replaced thermal fuse and heating element. No improvement. I appreciate any help.
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