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  1. I saw a couple of guys frame a partition wall down the middle of a house. One guy had his end of the plate on one side of the chalk line, the other guy was on the other side. They had it nailed down and were nailing studs when I walked by. Maybe that's what happened here. It's really hard to frame something that badly out of square. You're making all these square cuts and none of them fit and you're going WTF? It takes something special to persist once you notice a few bad cuts.
  2. Was removing carpet in a slab-on-grade bedroom addition and found the wood debris in the attached photo in a couple of spots. Looks to me like someone's been tunneling the PT bottom plate. Found a couple of possible culprits as well. Can anyone ID?
  3. This stuff is in the attic of a 100-year-old house. It's batt-like with large fibers that are a medium-brown color. At first I thought it was sawdust, but it's formed into batts. Click to Enlarge 39 KB
  4. Leaking AC unit? What is it leaking? Is it possible it's defrosting in heating mode and that's what you're seeing?
  5. Are you being asked for a fixed price? A single visit to capture a point in time, or multiple visits to establish a baseline and then followup to look at trends? As a starting point, I imagine somewhere in the range of $100-200 per hour plus travel and expenses. Are they going to provide a licensed electrician to open equipment? Might need to look at how that works before committing to a price. There used to be good discussion at the Snell Group forum called "IR Talk" but it appears they don't maintain it anymore.
  6. I was wondering about that. There were no laundry machines installed (they are being replaced), but the connection for the dryer vent looked poor, and I suspect a fair amount of the exhaust air ends up in the room.
  7. Saw this today in a 2004 house. The copper has aged to an odd color, especially the flex connectors. Washer and dryer are in this room, which is in a walkout basement. Any explanation for this? Click to Enlarge 82.23 KB
  8. Looks to me like 100-amp wire protected by a 400-amp breaker. Is there possibly an exception allowed because it's only traveling a foot or so?
  9. I haven't seen it but was told its a comp roof. Apparently part of the house is round, and the installers cut the shingles in thirds to crib them around the curve. The problems start but to do not end there.
  10. Sorry for the title... not enough characters allowed. Got a dousy of a call from a homeowner, a large, badly failed, expensive, brand-new roof. Need someone who can come here, inspect, report, assist attorney with damage claim. Any names? Thank you in advance.
  11. The issue is that the air gap above the insulation communicates with the rim joist around the entire perimeter of the floor. When it's cold outside, a lot of heat is lost at the perimeter. I can't remember the DOE's exact numbers, but insulation with an air gap above it suffers significant performance degradation.
  12. It would take a serious project to redirect all of that water, and it would probably need periodic maintenance. Can you discharge all of that water downhill of the house at the property line? If you can get a screaming deal on the place, and there are many other wonderful things about it, then it might be a good move. Question is, how many guys do you have on speed-dial that own excavators, skid steers, loaders, and dump trucks? This is not a project you would do yourself with stuff from Ace.
  13. I have a customer whose home has hybrid stucco cladding. Most of it is (I believe) two coats of cement stucco with a third coat of acrylic that also serves as the color, total of about an inch thick, with chicken wire. The details around windows, door, columns, etc., are built up using styrofoam and appear to have only the color coat over them. There are signs of failure, and the owner asked me for an opinion. My opinion is that a specialist in this type of cladding system needs to be the primary, and specify all of the repairs. This is in zip 98250, between Seattle and Bellingham. Anyone come to mind? Click to Enlarge 11.83 KB Click to Enlarge 115.63 KB
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