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  1. My house is 100 years older than I am. It has a dirt floor crawl without a vapor barrier (it's too short to roll one out. I've tried). This time of year a small brook trickles through the basement. You would have to run a control sample to rule out the mold I carry into your test environment.
  2. I get it. I don't have his number. Now I know to call you.
  3. Wait, your phone a friend is Douglas Hansen? Jelly.
  4. Don't eat mold? There goes most of my diet. Dry cured meats, cave ripened cheeses, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, bread, beer.
  5. Works better than any of the all too regular updates on my phone.
  6. Nothing in the code says that the header has to be at the top of the window. There is no prohibition of placing it in the platform assembly. In fact, the TJI manuals typically detail several options for doing exactly that.
  7. Joist hangers. By moving the header into the platform you create room for installation. Especially important if you're going to rely on inefficient fiberglass.
  8. The actual header is likely at the rim joist. Did you pull back any insulation?
  9. Sounds like you mean dehumidifiers. Just dump the bins.
  10. Mom's house had them everywhere when we moved in. The foil heat sensor disks get brittle and fail and the alarms will go off, usually about 3am. A nickel is a perfect fit.
  11. The excavator is right. Your driveway isn't permeable. Once compacted enough to drive on, there will be no space left for water to reach your drainage system. If water pools on your driveway add enough stone to fill the low spots and create a crown to run it off to the sides. Then follow your excavator's advice about the box drains in the trouble spots. If water is running down the drive toward the house install a surface drain conductor and connect it to the box drain. Run everything via gravity that you can. Pumps add cost and complexity.
  12. There are 3 sample reports on my website. A $60k house, a $160k house, and a $460k house. Actual reports for real clients, names and addresses already scrubbed. Clearcreekhomeinspection.com
  13. It's an alcove. The whole left side is open.
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