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  1. HI Artography - Black Mannequin

    Black mannequins matter.
  2. Just a couple photos

    I'd love to get my hands on a defective panel. I have an outbuilding I wouldn't mind having burn down.
  3. Dun, kaput, washed up

    Enjoy your retirement.
  4. Expansion/movement joints at brick veneer walls

    Doors, and to a certain extent windows, often provide enough room for expansion. Plus, residential veneers are designed for aesthetics. Expansion joints aren't very pleasing to look at.
  5. Offering Inspection Warranty

    Warranties are the bread and butter of Nick and Nathan's business models. Retailers and contractors offer warranties. I don't think consultants should.
  6. Orlando Inspector Needed

    20 minutes is a long interview. That's enough info to wager that's much closer to a good vetting than a hard pitch.
  7. Orlando Inspector Needed

    Reach out to FABI...on both prospects.
  8. Date this Crane furnace

    In my experience midcentury FAUs are big. Like 3 to 4 times the size of a modern unit. Size, color, and aesthetic all help narrow your guess.
  9. Funky Brick Veneer Failure

    That deep recessed sash is what makes me think LP. I've replaced hundreds of them. The seal failures may still be under warranty. LP will provide glass. Too bad they are not reglazable sash profiles.
  10. Funky Brick Veneer Failure

    Actually, after a closer look those appear to be LP clad wood windows. Probably more like 20 years past a 15 year service life.
  11. Funky Brick Veneer Failure

    I worked for a mason in the 80s. The only thing consistently done right was a WRB. No flashing, no weeps. When there were ties they were nailed to the sheathing rather than the studs. Rowlocks were either too long or too short and never had proper clearance, let alone backer rod and caulk. I would bet the veneer issues are all related to poor installation. The windows are shot because they are 15 years or more beyond their 20 year service life.
  12. Cut Rafters

    The house I framed last summer actually had that detail in the plans. Horrible idea. We omitted it.
  13. Funky Brick Veneer Failure

    The production builders all did that in the 80s in that area. Crap materials and crappy workmanship in 80 days or less. Any idea who built It? Marrano, Forbes, or Essex?
  14. Run away

    I had a double wide once where I told my client that every single component of the building was significantly past it's intended service life. The most cost effective way to fix it all would be to put the wheels back under it, roll it off the lot and haul in a new one. He didn't go through with the purchase.
  15. Anyone familiar with this window trim?

    People complained that vinyl windows didn't look like real windows so manufacturers started putting brickmold on them. It's supposed to be installed like a brickmold window, tight against the sheathing with a drip cap.