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  1. Are you sure it's siding and not cast with patterned forms?
  2. I wouldn't necessarily call this siding trash, but, it was often installed over existing siding. If there's already two layers of siding on the house I'd tear it all off and start fresh.
  3. According to most of the Georgia professional inspectors on Facebook, that arrangement is not only allowed, it's expected when there is a basement. I don't know why they don't just dump it on the floor like we do here.
  4. The Georgia amendment allowing this is dangerous. It violates every plumbing code (must drain via gravity, cannot be trapped, can't have more than 3 90° elbows), and the valve manufacturer instructions. In the event of a high temp or high pressure failure of the water heater, IF the safety valve functions that mess of plumbing is going to burst...either between the first and second elbow or the bleeder cap is going to become a projectile. And that's a big if. The valve is likely to be corroded from water trapped against it and fail to open, turning the tank into a bomb. That water heater would
  5. That is prohibited by every plumbing code except for a Georgia amendment. Are you in Georgia? If you are it's probably allowed. It's still wrong though.
  6. I agree with Marc, but, the gable vents may need to be cleaned and worse case may be too small. Address the insulation first and see where that gets you. Blown cellulose is an excellent bang for your buck.
  7. We have no inventory. Decent properties sell in days, distressed properties sell in weeks. Only high end properties are getting inspections. 3 out of 4 listings are vacant land. I have acreage, I'm seriously considering building a house to sell.
  8. I should market that. Then again, I'm doing my first of 2020 on Wednesday.
  9. Fiberglass doors are fun. The hot side expands while the cool interior doesn't and bends the door off the weatherstripping.
  10. Yup. There are 40-60 million mold spores on every square inch of the planet, including you. Good news, cleaning up whatever that crud is will remove most of it.
  11. I installed a curtain drain in my yard this past June. 360 feet of trench, pipe and gravel. I found 3 old clay drains running in different directions during the dig. My house was a farm. My pool is sitting on the site of the original barn, that has been gone since the depression.
  12. There are dozens of issues with this house that could easily be resolved with a D9 Dozer. Brief enough?
  13. The cheapest way to construct a 20x24 building is with pole barn construction and a concrete slab floor. You can build suitable recording space inside any shell.
  14. They make run timers that keep fans on for a set countdown after turning off the switch. Could become of these.
  15. Why on earth would someone install gutters to prevent rain water from falling onto a roof? Isn't a roof supposed to shed water? If in fact it is leaking through the ridge vent, it likely has to do with contractor grade products (we had several house here that had snow drifts in the attics because of builder grade ridge vent) or vortex winds induced by stupid roof designs. Pull off the last section of ridge vent and reapply the caps. Far less expensive and more attractive than gutters and convectors.
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