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  1. Last Friday NY closed real estate. Agents and brokers were even prohibited from cold calls. Yesterday they reversed that decision and declared all of us essential. I want to know who was paid off and how much they got. We are at 8000 new cases a day. This wasn't a decision based on facts.
  2. Legionella in water heaters is a very low risk. One I believe is largely overblown.
  3. Masks, much like gloves, are for acute exposures. Running around a house touching everything for several hours is about as far from acute as one can get. And, your taking PPE away from the folks who really need it.
  4. NY is at 56k confirmed cases. The vast majority are in the big apple, but all but 4 counties have confirmed cases. The vast majority of cases in the city are believed to have been transmitted by subway riders touching contaminated surfaces. The virus can survive a week on some materials. It doesn't matter how many people are there during the inspection. How many people were there in the last week, and where were they before that? And before that? Because folks don't follow the loose rules we get tighter and tighter rules. The construction side of my biz is now closed as well. I'm with Mike. Stay home.
  5. Nick Gromicko is promoting a silly safe practice certificate and openly advising people to keep working, even in states that have declared inspectors as nonessential. I sincerely hope there are some sanctions headed his way
  6. NY is closed. I'm not working. It sucks.
  7. Welcome home, Mike. NY closed all nonessential business Friday. It closed real estate brokers down yesterday. I just turned down a 203k on the edge of the Indian reservation citing the RE closures as the reason. To many risks in a high density poor neighborhood for far too little pay. Construction is considered essential and still going. I'm on hold for a week before I get back to work on the big house. 7 weeks into the interior trim. At least 2 weeks to go.
  8. That much? Last I was asked they wanted to pay $50. It was hard not to laugh.
  9. If you really want to know what it is, I suggest hiring someone who actually knows how to collect samples. Look for an EPA certified Lead Dust Sampling Technician. Not suggesting that you have lead, rather that you need a collection protocol more reliable than picking bits out of your vacuum.
  10. This is an interesting take on the situation he posted.
  11. Looks more like LP smartside to me. It moves so much it requires gaps and caulking.
  12. Gas appliances? Your going to get permit approval prior to the NG prohibition?
  13. Fiberglass is a terrible choice for insulation there. It performs poorly in my climate, and we're not as cold as you. Western NY.
  14. These weren't uniform either. If you look at the first picture, the red spacers are 1/8" and the white 1/16". Had to mix and match to keep it square.
  15. (Let's see if this angle helps you figure out what you're looking at. The drain cover has been removed so we don't accidentally grout it into place.
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