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  1. Tom Raymond

    Raised stair nosing

    Random directions you say?
  2. Tom Raymond

    Mold remediation or paint?

    Looks like the same thinned out white paint sprayed all over every distressed bank owned POS I've ever been in.
  3. Tom Raymond

    Post Frame Construction Home

    Exactly what Marc said. Air infiltration. Some from outside, some stack effect. Odd because it doesn't move like you would expect in more conventionally framed buildings.
  4. Tom Raymond

    Post Frame Construction Home

    I've been in several homes built this way. They all had unusual bypass issues, particularly at the floor platforms. How do you reduce thermal bridging when you replace slim studs with chunky columns?
  5. Tom Raymond

    HI Artography - Old Boiler

    Are nudes allowed here?
  6. Tom Raymond

    square footage

    I have commented on square footage a couple of times. On every occasion my gut tells me the actual square footage is significantly different then the listing or the tax data. I actually instructed one client to grieve their tax assessment, the assessors nearly doubled the size of the building.
  7. Tom Raymond

    Crappy drill press

    Get out the Granger catalog, or watch the curb for a free bicycle. Either way, you're looking at a repower.
  8. Tom Raymond

    Antique Meter

    That is very much like the meter in my house when I bought it. A new service was part of my 203k, and the power company wouldn't let me keep it.
  9. Because adults are allowed to think for themselves, and enter into contracts for things they wish to purchase (or not purchase in this case). Legislating what must be purchased is an overreach that seldom turns out well for the purchaser.
  10. Tom Raymond

    Roof rack for ladder

    Just snapped this cool set up on an Isuzu Rodeo. Maybe you can find some inspiration.
  11. I'll see your crawlspace and raise you an open sewer pipe.
  12. Tom Raymond

    Tree growing around the neutral wire

    The tree has been removed. That's a log.😉 It's very likely the utility, or their contractor, is the party responsible for leaving it.
  13. Tom Raymond

    HI Artography - Recent images

    At first glance on my phone, the RTUs looked like zambonis on an ice rink. Or, maybe I spent too much time in the sun today.
  14. Tom Raymond

    Paint Quality

    Never used Aura, but love Marquis.
  15. Tom Raymond

    bad smell under sink and in base cabinets

    You said cottage. Is it over a crawlspace? I bet its nasty down there.