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  1. Run away

    I had a double wide once where I told my client that every single component of the building was significantly past it's intended service life. The most cost effective way to fix it all would be to put the wheels back under it, roll it off the lot and haul in a new one. He didn't go through with the purchase.
  2. Anyone familiar with this window trim?

    People complained that vinyl windows didn't look like real windows so manufacturers started putting brickmold on them. It's supposed to be installed like a brickmold window, tight against the sheathing with a drip cap.
  3. Crawlspace height

    It's fairly common for exterior crawl hatches to be 32x16 or 32x14 steel hopper windows here. At 6'2 and 235 it's a tight fit but I get through. The lowest crawl I was ever in was 12-14" below joists. Not fun.
  4. What is the name for this exterior piece?

    What's wrong with the name? When modern builders try to duplicate it that is exactly what they build...a table for water to sit on.
  5. HI Artography - Chicago Chimney

    It's in good company. None in the background look any better.
  6. Light Bulb Instructions

    I have a couple that are switched like that. I should have thought to label them...
  7. Traveling to the West

    There is an awesome car museum in Auburn, Indiana. About the only thing to keep you awake on that stretch of 90. Get off the interstate any chance you get.
  8. Raceway in cabinet?

    I like whips for that. $10 you get the conduit with the correct ends on it and the wires pulled through it already.
  9. Wood Pellet Insulation

    My big plane is a Stanley jointer.
  10. Burnham "Electric Steam Radiator"

    I'm not sure I could have resisted "testing" that.
  11. Which Brand HVAC???

    Can't help with the equipment, mine ranges from vintage to antique. Still works and is economical to operate. On the KIA, my wife's optima hybrid is 6 years old and has 100k miles on it. The most expensive service was brake calipers, the rear pistons gummed up because most of the stopping power is engine braking to charge the batteries. The only thing wrong with the car is the low residual value. My boy will be old enough to drive this October, and will be getting it. It would cost twice the trade value to get him in anything as safe and reliable. Three times for anything as nicely equipped.
  12. AFCI Protection (Refrigerators)

    The first house wad Square d, the second Eaton.
  13. AFCI Protection (Refrigerators)

    Plug in halogen work light. No shared neutrals.
  14. Electrical Inspections of Existing Dwellings


    I attended last October. Parked the camper at the country club. My wife made apple crisp with fresh local apples. I'm good for licensing credits thru 2018, but I'd make the trip for a meet and greet though.
  15. AFCI Protection (Refrigerators)

    I have first hand experience with afcis nuisance tripping. Brand new house, broke ground 5/16. There are 8 duplex in the garage gfci protected at the first receptacle and afci protected at the breaker. The start cap on my table saw would trip the afci about once every 20 starts. My brand new circular saw never tripped it. Same house the bedrooms are protected with afci receptacles. My circular saw tripped each of them every time. Different house 1 year older, afci breakers tripped every time halogen lights were turned on, and with high frequency when running a Kirby vacuum.