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  1. Liability Insurance

    I've not had any issues with mine. Marty faxed a certificate to a building department for a permit last summer. Clear Creek Home Inspection was listed as the builder. What little new construction there is here pays far more to complete phases than to inspect them. None of the builders I've dealt with care what my insurance says on it, just that I have some. Clients care less about my insurance then they do about what association I belong to.
  2. Liability Insurance

    Look for RLI. I'd give you my agent but he's in NY. And, it takes stones to buy insurance from a guy named Slack.
  3. Receptacle taps

    So are properly torqued screw terminals.
  4. Receptacle taps

    An 18 year old house has aluminum wiring? Skip the pigtails and pass thru the screw termination on devices rated for aluminum wire. You'll have a better shot at getting it all to fit in the box.
  5. Vinyl on a Gambrel Roof??

    Fanfold would reduce the volume of water that reached the tyvek, but also hold a significant amount in place without a gap to promote drainage. I wouldn't count on it unless it were installed like a tile roof. A completely waterproof underlay with the cover on battens. It wouldn't look any better, but it wouldn't leak.
  6. Vinyl on a Gambrel Roof??

    Vinyl siding is a rain screen. The good stuff installed to best practices techniques allows 20% of the water that hits it behind it. The only way this will work is if the underlayment is water tight. Tall order for tyvek.
  7. Avoid this type of knee injury

    I have plantar fasciitis. Arch supports are a life saver.
  8. Holes in Radon Pipe

    How is condensate being sucked through a fan differ from condensate dripping through from the other side? The fan is wet either way.
  9. Scorching above boiler heat exchanger.

    Where is the refractory insulation? I'm betting what scorched is the adhesive left behind when the rats stole the insulation.
  10. Damaged wiring insulation repair

    It's EMT. Pull a new conductor.
  11. I couldn't get past the first page. The opening disclaimer is awful. Half of it needs to be axed, and half of what's left is in the wrong place. The checklist is annoying. Is it really that hard to label the boxes in every comment? MM? RE? How is a client supposed to decipher that?
  12. HI Artography - Black Mannequin

    Black mannequins matter.
  13. Just a couple photos

    I'd love to get my hands on a defective panel. I have an outbuilding I wouldn't mind having burn down.
  14. Dun, kaput, washed up

    Enjoy your retirement.
  15. Expansion/movement joints at brick veneer walls

    Doors, and to a certain extent windows, often provide enough room for expansion. Plus, residential veneers are designed for aesthetics. Expansion joints aren't very pleasing to look at.