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  1. Looks more like LP smartside to me. It moves so much it requires gaps and caulking.
  2. Gas appliances? Your going to get permit approval prior to the NG prohibition?
  3. Fiberglass is a terrible choice for insulation there. It performs poorly in my climate, and we're not as cold as you. Western NY.
  4. These weren't uniform either. If you look at the first picture, the red spacers are 1/8" and the white 1/16". Had to mix and match to keep it square.
  5. (Let's see if this angle helps you figure out what you're looking at. The drain cover has been removed so we don't accidentally grout it into place.
  6. Marc, the wall tile is done. This angle might make more sense. It gets grouted tomorrow.
  7. Marc, on the left is a channel drain. It has metal edging on it to make grouting cleaner and easier. The tiles are cut so the woodgrain pattern continues across the drain. On the right is a metal edge at the end of the shower pan. A large sheet of glass will be sitting there. I don't have a picture of the pan before I tiled. I'll post a pic after its grouted.
  8. 6 weeks on tilework in this house. 4 1/2 baths, 2 custom curbless showers, mudroom and laundry. The 2'x4' wall tile in the master shower was fun.
  9. This is tile craftsmanship. The grain is matched across the drain. 64 man hours, it's ready for grout.
  10. I've toured that factory. Aaron Applegate is an interesting person to talk to.
  11. It's confetti made from recycled newspapers and cereal boxes. The boric acid treatment is a fire retardant and makes it pest resistant. Without the treatment, it's kindling and pet bedding.
  12. One layer tear off, IWS at eaves, steel drip edge, synthetic underlayment, builder grade architectural shingles, $350 a square. Add for high, steep, complexity.
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