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  1. I'm going to be here for a while...

    I especially liked the light. Made me grin.
  2. pvc flue pipe

    Where's the intake? Either in the wrong zone, or the furnace is approaching 30 and should be replaced anyway. Discuss venting location with your HVAC contractor as part of the new system design.
  3. Plastic access cover (garage-house wall)

    ABS and polystyrene have virtually identical melting points and ignition temperatures. I was just amused.
  4. Plastic access cover (garage-house wall)

    Funny no one is concerned about the ABS drain right next to it that will flame out a few seconds after the access does.
  5. obelisk

    Chad's shop isn't nearly that nice, even if it does have a chandelier.
  6. Need opinion on home im looking at.

    I bought my house for 25k. I can tell you from experience it isn't for everyone.
  7. Non-Standard Construction

    One of the bigger pole barn companies here builds them. I was in one built over a basement. No idea how they attached the poles to the platform, but there were all kinds of bypass issues.
  8. Non-Standard Construction

    I inspected one like that. The listing said it was 10 years old. When I entered the crawl I found the axles of an early 70s single wide in the middle of it. My client decided to walk before I got out of the crawl.
  9. Chicago Snow

    The top layer of roof cover will have a very short lifespan, and may actually be completely worn out by closing.
  10. What is this?

    Never saw one with the motor inside. I remember having one when i was a kid. Does that make me old?
  11. inert materials burial on site

    Suburban sites it gets removed, rural (even quasi rural) it gets burned.
  12. Snow intrusion through roof vents

    See it all the time with ridge vents perpendicular to prevailing winds. Especially in rural areas.
  13. Water in the panel and outlets

    There's water in my panel. It's traveling inside the SEC jacket. It's either liquid water entering the meter can via the bushing, or it's condensation forming inside the cable assembly since it enters close to my heating equipment. I'm leaning towards the latter since its dripping now, and it's -5° today.
  14. Integrity of the electric equipment

    One of the agents is there unless it's a FSBO. Only had a few where they gave me the combo and let me go on my own. Clients always present.
  15. If I expected my wife to do that, she'd reconsider retirement with me.