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  1. Ryan still can't build a decent house with conventional framing. They have no business experimenting with unconventional components.
  2. That doesn't look like it had a chimney fire to me.
  3. Forget the siding. This guy needs a radiant barrier, aka the whole house solution for itchy foil hats.
  4. I was thinking pygmy goats. Mowed and fertilized at the same time. My wife vetoes all my good ideas.
  5. I go a step further and recommend the ducts be sealed shut, especially when they are asbestos. Cool pic.
  6. I carry Werner folders. A 22 and a 15. They are a little heavy, but nowhere near as heavy as the wooden ladders I started with ( building, not inspecting).
  7. I'll try the resizer Bill suggested. Thanks.
  8. New site looks great. Gonna take a bit to get used to the new buttons. One thing that didn't get fixed is the image size limit. I have thousands of pictures on my phone. Hundreds of them are decent, dozens of them worth sharing here. Alas, I can't share them because they are too big and my phone doesn't have a resizer app. Anybody got a good app that won't bombard me with ads or steal my data? Samsung Galaxy S6.
  9. A human hand is faster and the result is far prettier...for now.
  10. Get the tool. They're cheap. Lots cheaper than breaking a piece of siding that hasn't been made in a decade.
  11. One of mine only made it 9 months.
  12. Recently I tuned an old wood jack plane. I mean it's as good as it was in 1860. After a few test passes, I had it perfect and the transparent layers just a few cells thick seemed motorized as they emerged from the throat. The stroke was effortless. Perfect ribbons of walnut fell to the floor. The sound was clean and indescribable. The tool felt happy. When the bricklayer's skill is unnecessary, when no work is done with hand tools and the finesse lies within keys tapped by a programmer, it won't be a better world. I laid up 1 3/4" mahogany countertops today and lamented that I had forgotten my Stanley jointer. I was relieved when my Maples 80 tooth saw blade left me ready to glue planks, but it wasn't as satisfying as the slick of a good plane.
  13. That was awesome.
  14. 2006. It was in siding manufacturer instructions prior though.
  15. Someone forgot to order the hip and ridge. It's ugly. It will delaminate. Then it will be uglier. Except for a bunch of HIs arguing about them, that's the worst thing that will happen.