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  1. Stop messing with set backs. You're fluctuating the humidity far more than the temperature. Pick a comfortable temperature and leave it there.
  2. Facebook. HUD 203k PROS. If you can't find them, hit me up on messenger. I'll invite you.
  3. There is a group of good old boy HUD Consultants creating an association in an attempt communication with HUD and add a consultant voice to improvements, changes, an increase in the fee schedule. One of the founding members is Garrett Feist, who co-authored much of the gibberish in both the original and current versions of the handbook. Don't hold your breath waiting for clarification on anything.
  4. Bill, go search a Facebook HI group. Any of them. Sooner or later every one of them gets a Georgia water heater discharge going up hill. Some so much that they could be described as overhead. They defend the practice more vehemently then they do the Confederate flag.
  5. Georgia explains a lot. They have amended the plumbing code to allow it to run up hill. How else you gonna get em to drain outside when they stuck up under the house?
  6. GFCI failed to reset after pushing the test button. Recommend an electrician evaluate further.
  7. That's not a wet location. Every bath fan/light combo I've ever seen is approved for that location as long as it's GFCI protected.
  8. Then I'm in good company. I've told several clients to keep their old equipment because it will outlast anything they might replace it with. On a side note, how many stamps does it take to mail a furnace?
  9. 1968 was the summer of love...
  10. Your concern for which appliance is going to draw exhaust is backwards.
  11. That's a generous access/vent combo. My crawl hatch is made of aluminum patio enclosure parts and a 3" thick foam wall panel. I wish it was that large though.
  12. I call out all mismatched breakers, with the caveat that they may be classified. There are far too many permutations to remember them all. If sparky says they're fine ask him for the classification, or hire a guy that does what you ask.
  13. Put it directly over the shower. Make sure it's GFCI protected. Spend the money on a fan timer to make sure it runs long enough to be effective.
  14. Just take the nacho corona certificate program. A 20 minute video and multiple guess test and you're good to go. And it's 10 hours of CEUs!
  15. Gypsum sheathing was common here late 50s to mid 60s. It had black paper faces.
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