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  1. Was that a jab, or a left hook?😎
  2. He is, and has pissed off a few moderators on Facebook. I know of at least 2 threads deleted because of his comments.
  3. Wow. I'm honored, and quite frankly a little horrified, that one of my reports was selected for this piece. Thank you. I learned something. No, I won't identify my work.😉
  4. There's another one on the right coast.
  5. If you want to go out of business, just stay home. It's lots less work. Seriously, I charge my mother more than that to check out her investment properties.
  6. The eastern powder post beetle leaves a hole slightly larger than 1/16". Hardly huge.
  7. Ryan still can't build a decent house with conventional framing. They have no business experimenting with unconventional components.
  8. That doesn't look like it had a chimney fire to me.
  9. Forget the siding. This guy needs a radiant barrier, aka the whole house solution for itchy foil hats.
  10. I was thinking pygmy goats. Mowed and fertilized at the same time. My wife vetoes all my good ideas.
  11. I go a step further and recommend the ducts be sealed shut, especially when they are asbestos. Cool pic.
  12. I carry Werner folders. A 22 and a 15. They are a little heavy, but nowhere near as heavy as the wooden ladders I started with ( building, not inspecting).
  13. I'll try the resizer Bill suggested. Thanks.
  14. New site looks great. Gonna take a bit to get used to the new buttons. One thing that didn't get fixed is the image size limit. I have thousands of pictures on my phone. Hundreds of them are decent, dozens of them worth sharing here. Alas, I can't share them because they are too big and my phone doesn't have a resizer app. Anybody got a good app that won't bombard me with ads or steal my data? Samsung Galaxy S6.