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  1. He's adding a cooling load. There won't be any energy savings. Plus mini splits are expensive, not to mention ugly AF.
  2. My brother's 71 split has the mechanical room under the landing. A boiler, a water heater, service equipment, and the water main. I had to pull the zone valves and part of the cover off the boiler to have room to slide the new tank horizontally over everything and drop it in behind. It fit, but it rubbed everything and took 3 of us to squeeze it in there.
  3. Our water quality is horrible. In the 22 years I've owned my house I've put 5 water heaters in. Except for the one that rusted through in 9 months, they tend to last a month or two longer than the 6 year warranty.
  4. My wife asks me to turn on our antique oven. "Ooh baby, it's gonna get hot in here."
  5. I had one where the client was all excited because the goats conveyed with the house. The seller was relocating to California and couldn't take them. So excited they were willing to overlook the 6" deep piles of carpenter ant grass around 3 sides of the crawlspace. Luckily for them the seller's backed out because their relo jobs evaporated.
  6. Many also take issue with Murray, Bryant, and Challenger. It's misguided. How would they even know what equipment is there? In my State they never even look at the house. Who tells them?
  7. The method I use is slightly controversial. I simply let the wife go first. I always have instant hot water.
  8. Are you sure it's siding and not cast with patterned forms?
  9. I wouldn't necessarily call this siding trash, but, it was often installed over existing siding. If there's already two layers of siding on the house I'd tear it all off and start fresh.
  10. According to most of the Georgia professional inspectors on Facebook, that arrangement is not only allowed, it's expected when there is a basement. I don't know why they don't just dump it on the floor like we do here.
  11. The Georgia amendment allowing this is dangerous. It violates every plumbing code (must drain via gravity, cannot be trapped, can't have more than 3 90° elbows), and the valve manufacturer instructions. In the event of a high temp or high pressure failure of the water heater, IF the safety valve functions that mess of plumbing is going to burst...either between the first and second elbow or the bleeder cap is going to become a projectile. And that's a big if. The valve is likely to be corroded from water trapped against it and fail to open, turning the tank into a bomb. That water heater would be safer without a drain extension at all. I was home alone as a teenager when a pressure be vessel exploded. Not an experience I would recommend.
  12. That is prohibited by every plumbing code except for a Georgia amendment. Are you in Georgia? If you are it's probably allowed. It's still wrong though.
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