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  1. The excavator is right. Your driveway isn't permeable. Once compacted enough to drive on, there will be no space left for water to reach your drainage system. If water pools on your driveway add enough stone to fill the low spots and create a crown to run it off to the sides. Then follow your excavator's advice about the box drains in the trouble spots. If water is running down the drive toward the house install a surface drain conductor and connect it to the box drain. Run everything via gravity that you can. Pumps add cost and complexity.
  2. There are 3 sample reports on my website. A $60k house, a $160k house, and a $460k house. Actual reports for real clients, names and addresses already scrubbed. Clearcreekhomeinspection.com
  3. It's an alcove. The whole left side is open.
  4. What do you think will be an issue? Venting? Both will have alcove requirements in their installation manuals.
  5. I have built several "low rise" stairs for elderly people, or their little dogs. I can't stand walking on them.
  6. That was a failed attempt at humor. And, perhaps a little venting of frustration over the modern struggle for ineptitude spilling over from personal experience.
  7. Why bother troubleshooting? Just defer it to an HVAC tech for review, analysis, and evaluation. Oops. I thought this was Facebook. My bad.
  8. I'm with Les. I'm impressed, but I'm not likely to buy any more insurance than I already have.
  9. Yes. I had a city of Buffalo light commercial license. I was asked four questions, then handed over a check. If I recall correctly it was $350 a year in the 90s. It's about revenue, not public safety.
  10. Exactly my experience in NY. I can be exempt, can be required to have coverage, and am ineligible for benefits. I have been the employer paying far too much for coverage, the injured employee suing for benefits (my attorney made more than I did), and the sole prop forced to comply with rules designed for companies 100x my size. I will take my exempt status whenever possible.
  11. Doctors. There are no doctors offices in my town, or any of the adjacent ones accepting new comp cases. They cost too much to administer, the don't reimburse enough, and what little they do pay takes 90 days or more to receive.
  12. None of the private practices in my area are accepting new workers comp cases anyway. What good is insurance if no one will accept it? I am exempt for about 90% of the work I do. I have resolved the vast majority of the remainder by becoming a w2 employee, making it someone else's problem. Once or twice year, I take my chances.
  13. I've done this several times in NY. As an officer of a corporation (two person partnership S corp) I was eligible for coverage under the corporate comp policy, but only in my capacity as an officer. If I was injured unloading a truck my claim would have been denied. As a Sole Proprietorship, there are several instances where I might be required to have comp coverage, and a few where I am required to "opt in", but none where I am eligible for benefits. Additionally, having both comp and health insurance puts me in a position where both insurers could claim my injuries are the others responsibility. No thanks.
  14. I am flabbergasted at how many cowboys are upset over no longer being hogtied. I don't get it. NY doesn't license any trades. The only time public safety is at risk, or collusion takes place, are the highly regulated public bids and projects.
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