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  1. I'll see your crawlspace and raise you an open sewer pipe.
  2. Tom Raymond

    Tree growing around the neutral wire

    The tree has been removed. That's a log.😉 It's very likely the utility, or their contractor, is the party responsible for leaving it.
  3. Tom Raymond

    HI Artography - Recent images

    At first glance on my phone, the RTUs looked like zambonis on an ice rink. Or, maybe I spent too much time in the sun today.
  4. Tom Raymond

    Paint Quality

    Never used Aura, but love Marquis.
  5. Tom Raymond

    bad smell under sink and in base cabinets

    You said cottage. Is it over a crawlspace? I bet its nasty down there.
  6. Tom Raymond

    Spray Foam in penetrations

    I bet all the work boxes look like that. When I foamed my addition I taped the boxes to avoid this.
  7. Tom Raymond

    Poor airflow in Air conditioner

    Change your filter.
  8. Tom Raymond

    flashlight bulbs

    My grandmother always gave us socks and underwear for Christmas. It's a tradition I carry on with my kids. Far from the only gifts they get, but they always get them.
  9. Tom Raymond

    Found at today's inspection

    Toy? My daughter has a hammer about that size. Pink, just like her crisscross screwdriver.
  10. Tom Raymond

    De facto structural element?

    If the foundation was moving the cracks in the parge coating would more closely match the distortion in the window. There is a reason the manufacturer calls for backer rod and caulk.
  11. Most licensing laws begin to define our scope with the real estate transaction. Pre listing inspections by definition occur BEFORE the transaction and are arguably outside that scope.
  12. Tom Raymond

    Fenix flashlights

    I have a xyLED MD50. Hi and low beam, plus strobe and sos functions try not to use. Focusing lense. It came with a 2100Ah 18650 and charger, a AAA adapter and a nice case for less than $50. Since I busted my teenager with an e-cig, I also have a pair of 2500Ah 18650s that I kept when I tossed his vape in the trash. This is my go to light. My backup is a $10 Eveready led that came with batteries. My backup backup is my $60 Coast that I have to smack to get it to turn on (despite 2 warranty repairs).
  13. Tom Raymond

    1924 house

    #2 is gorgeous.
  14. Tom Raymond

    New Siding Products

    I installed some Boral, it is very inconsistent. All of these are inverted T&G products. I can imagine the top facing grooves filling with enough water to pop adjacent panels when it freezes.
  15. Tom Raymond

    Fun Design Challenge

    $4 million dollar house the builder probably agrees with you on the fun. A $1 million dollar house they'd have been calling you Martha Focker. The last house I built was $1 mil. The stair didn't fit. And, out of 27 corners in front elevation, it had to be tucked into the one that was 3" out of square.