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  1. ...this tablet points to the old one too, it appears. Tells me what I seek is no longer there. Except this little home button gets me there.
  2. ...tells me site cannot be located. After more tries my account is locked.
  3. I need Ramsey contact info to refer him to customer, but new site won't help me find it.
  4. I can log in with Android tablet but not with Windows laptop.
  5. Photos would be a big help.
  6. Extra slack is great, but that looks like enough extra rope to have a hanging.
  7. There are code requirements relating to distance of a footing from the edge of slopes above a certain steepness (maybe >1in3).
  8. ...I think it is just a show of robotic skills improvement. A brick laying John Henry would leave this machine far behind, just like in Johnny Cash's rendition of the song.
  9. I split firewood by hand that I cut from my woodlot. My favorite landscaping tool is a square point shovel. I hand-dig my vegetable plots with a 12 inch straight spade. I think about John Henry a lot. BTW he did beat that steam drill in the contest.
  10. I am told my father and his father designed one in the 1940's and submitted it for patent, but I never saw the drawings. John Henry, they say, left his hammer by the side of the road.
  11. Have never seen vinyl without one. Have seen many hardi sided ones without.
  12. That fireplace flue connector looks pretty scary to me.
  13. I was once certified as a lead inspector/risk assessor (2001) when I did HUD funded inspections. The "training", not paid for by me, was an insult to an average intelligence. An attendee told me then that the xrf cost 15K. I doubt that demand has driven down the price since then. BTW the one knowledge nugget the training yielded was that the best action anyone anywhere anytime can take to avoid lead poisoning is to wash hands. ...unless you live in Flint.
  14. Love it but remember that rafter endgrain ain't the best fastener field by far. Likely the rationale behind the two fastener rule.
  15. ...would love to bid on this, but it would include travel and lodging and...oh, nevermind.