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  1. Continuing Education

    Thanks, Chad. I'll give it some thought.
  2. Client needs inspector in Atlanta.

    Atlanta is outside my orbit, Steve, but I can recommend one of the members of this forum, Bruce Ramsey. His handle is rescueman I think, and I don't think he followed us into this funny new format. Bruce Ramsey, ACI (Certified Inspector)US Inspect Norcross GA 30092770-804-0640
  3. HI Artography - A Duct Too Far

    ...that must be the light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. I'm going to be here for a while...

    ...outside paint looks mighty fresh. Is this a typical flip?
  5. belated discovery of big error

    Talked to carpenter who went by. It is an exterior wall layout mistake. He says it shows, of course, in several more places.
  6. obelisk

    Here's the footing pre-pour, 28' square hole, top of ftg only 6' below grade, doesn't look too impressive to me for a 180' height. Three grids of #9 rebar in hole.
  7. obelisk

    By the way my foot does measure a foot in length with that boot on. After I told them I carried a socket set in my truck they agreed to pay me fifty cents a week to stop by on Wed mornings to snug 'em up.
  8. Artography - Birds and fog

    ...one misty moisty morning when cloudy was the weather...
  9. obelisk

    At the bottom of this tower the foot bolts have to be tight.
  10. Gutter Guards

  11. Need opinion on home im looking at.

    Looking at the pics there doesn't appear to be anywhere for water to drain away from the building. Crawl likely stays wet, which might mean lots of rot in the floor frame. If you cannot crawl that whole space probing the framing you might be getting a lemon. Jump up and down on the centers of rooms inside to check for floor stiffness.
  12. Unknown Object

    ...it's an extension to the telegraph receiver, before they had phone nooks.
  13. Non-Standard Construction

    ...would love to see some photos. How are they re codes compliance? Are what you see mainly custom homes, or are any being built spec?
  14. ...always feel humble inside a dwelling, especially a currently occupied one. You are in another creature's lair, and you owe them so much privacy. Still, I had to photograph this little mantel ceramic...
  15. inert materials burial on site

    We live so far out in the woods that it is we who live in the coons' yard. They move through here in packs at night and dig in the yard for grubs. I have a bowhunting friend I call my "gamekeeper" who reported on the coon packs. He takes deer out of our woodlot most years, has even taken a trophy buck or two. You Canadians have long been way ahead of the US in terms of environmental issues.