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  1. Painters gone wild

    ...for those irregular surfaces the painter has to use a long nap roller of course.
  2. Dun, kaput, washed up

    ...speaking of washed up sailors, now that you are retired, check Gabriel Garcia Marquez' novel of a seaman lost and washed up in the Caribbean...
  3. Dun, kaput, washed up

    ...if I knew you I know we would be friends. Please take my best wishes for whatever it is you do.
  4. Orlando Inspector Needed

    So, Tom, I guess it is a buyers rather than a seller's game for inspections? Around here the franchise types still carry on about "ask about our mold and radon packages". As some have posted here, if an inspector brings up mold as a wild game he bird dogs for, you can start to gradually ease away slow. I agree that twenty minutes is a long time on the phone. If you cannot get a good grasp of the communication level that might occur on site and after, it's time to hang up. OTOH, recently I had some connectivity issues with modems etc, and I could not resolve them by phone help. Only after I logged onto a "chat" format where client and helper communicated only in writing, could I get the issue resolved.
  5. Cut Rafters

    "Creative" framer with payday approaching and short on needed lengths.
  6. Name of Floor Framing System?

    There is a fire station near here that has a wood framed floor like that. It made it into historic preservation when a bigger building was built around it. I knew an eccentric owner builder who formed his floor frame and poured it with concrete. He did not include central HVAC and had a system of floor fans he move around to circulate heat from a wood furnace in the basement.
  7. Screenless roof venting

    The material popular here is formed by local supply houses that buy the forming machinery and then get the enameled steel in rolls. Thus there are no "manufacturer's instruction", because the material is not designed for particular use. To screen the ridge you have to figure something out. I was called too early once to inspect a greenhorn spec builder's pre-sold house. He had applied the stuff with no solid decking, as code required at the time. The insulator showed up while I was at the site. Their blown fiberglass fell like snow all around the perimeter of the house escaping through the metal profiles at the eaves.
  8. HI Artography - Chicago Chimney

    ...our nation's crumbling superstructure.
  9. Traveling to the West

    Hurricane Ridge is worth the drive if you ferry over to Olympic Peninsula. Pic taken in June
  10. Screenless roof venting

    Enameled steel roof panels, mostly used on ag buildings until their recent raging popularity in our area for houses, fall short of residential needs if you just buy the panel supplier's stuff. Their ridge vents are wide and open and not screened at all. This attic has a deposit of autumn leaves enough to carry up a rake when you stow away the Xmas decs.
  11. Crawlspace height

    I think I set a personal record with this one. Who here has stooped so low?
  12. Raceway in cabinet?

    That is what we call exposed NM. It is not rated for exposure to physical damage.
  13. Wood Pellet Insulation

    ...I just use my Stanley ax to make the big chips. No battery or plug-in needed, tho they tend to just fly and fall where they may.
  14. Wood Pellet Insulation

    Right, Jim, but larger planers, like the ones in commercial grade chippers used to grind up limbs, make the big chips.
  15. Wood Pellet Insulation

    Pix look to me like a coarse grade of planer chips.