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  1. Somebody said an outlet by a sink had to be GFI.
  2. When you say, "will not reset", did you throw breaker into off before reset? It will not "reset" unless you do that.
  3. Wonder what your state-licensed electrician has to say. Way too little info for a post here.
  4. Been there with Marc. Mine was a cherry (Prunus nigra) stump that looked like a foxhole by the time I got done. Shovel, mattock, ax, and a wheelbarrow load of resolve.
  5. My best guess is the plastic was supposed to make up for that pine pier cap not being treated material? The cap it drapes over is a solid piece, no? The metal shield idea is like Marc said, making the bugs be more visible in their tube construction.
  6. ...what a funny picture. No wall visible, no foundation. Truck way to small to o pull that tooth. Not many contractors would be willing to dig and pour with stumps that big inside.
  7. I visited a new const. site where a friend did woodwork. Small local bank, in offices installed faux wood grain tile that was 8x24" or so. My unheard question was why not real instead of faux? Tile cannot have been cheaper.
  8. Thanks for the reply, Les. I looked at Applegate site and they showed install between studs and talked about attics, but not about crawlspaces. This application was on inside of crawlspace walls. BTW the same termite man told me on site that they do not touch contracts with plastic foam sealed/conditioned crawls, which are very rare here. I think what we are seeing is diffs in termite infestation zones. Here in the Georgia piney woods we are very vulnerable to termite infestation. The further south you go the worse it gets. A friend rehabbed a 10th floor condo in San Juan, Puerto Rico many years ago. Even on the tenth floor he had to be sure that every stick of wood he used was treated. He took me on a drive and pointed out termite nests on palm trees that were forty feet off the ground. My termite inspector, who makes an annual visit to my home, has told me that chemical treatments through time have backed off from toxicity in the direction of safety to such a degree that his company will not offer a warranty for more than about five years. My original contract with them was a 20 yr repair guarantee. Now we just have a "control" contract where they will treat infestations they may find, but any repairs needed are my problem.
  9. I appreciate the replies. Local termite licensee refuses to issue "termite letter". Buyer is asking seller to remove the material from the foundation walls and remove it from site. Clue, seller has occupied home but only as a second home and only after 9 months. They jacked price 60K over what they paid then. Only upgrade they made was vinyl plank floor throughout, and I think granite countertops. Don't think they know who/when cellulose was sprayed. I think the issue may be a deal killer.
  10. I guess this was a handyman's fixit for a roof leak. Looks like a shower curtain modified into a drip catcher.
  11. Thanks for the reply, Bill. "In these parts, I'd rather see insulation on the foundation and perimeter of the floor structure than between joists." My quick research shows about R-3 per inch of this stuff, vs R-19 for 6 inches fiberglass between joists. The termite guy was not sure he could issue a letter with all the obfuscation the cellulose presents. I don't think the seller has the receipts for the install, so how does anybody know it is borate treated?
  12. So often see weird stuff. 24 yr old crawlspace. CMU foundation etc. No floor insulation, but CMU walls sprayed with chewed up newsprint or something. Termite guy happened to be there with me and he took lots of umbrage. My thinking is insulator arrived and offered a lower cost alternate to floor insulation. Photo shows buried water supply lines. Comments welcome.
  13. Reminds me of a Frank Zappa song called Dirty Love.
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