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  1. ...probably burns like those black invisible fires of Hell... "...Our earthly fire also consumes more or less rapidly according as the object which it attacks is more or less combustible, so that human ingenuity has even succeeded in inventing chemical preparations to check or frustrate its action. But the sulphurous brimstone which burns in hell is a substance which is specially designed to burn for ever and for ever with unspeakable fury. Moreover, our earthly fire destroys at the same time as it burns, so that the more intense it is the shorter is its duration; but the fire of hell has this property, that it preserves that which it burns, and, though it rages with incredible intensity, it rages for ever...."--James Joyce
  2. ...sure looks like automotive heater hose. Love the careful attention to the spray paint of the clamps.
  3. I sure have not seen much 3-ply half inch decking. Have seen plenty 3-ply 3/8 decking, which usually does not survive old shingle strip without delam. What must have happened here was strip job required replacing some pieces, and replacement effort fell short of a good job. Photo shows what will be a soft spot until it gets corrected (or not) by the next re-roof.
  4. The New Yorker did a story a few years ago about survivalist developments, some done inside de-commissioned missle silos!
  5. "Stachybotris'll get you if you don't watch out!"
  6. ...I appreciate this kind of support. Client and I have talked. When shoes start to drop I feel ready.
  7. ...many times I have been startled by my electric screwdriver in my back pocket when I forget to lock it off.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I inspected a home after a contractor referred me. He found weird stuff and advised she have me look. Evidence revealed by contractor showed serious effort to conceal structural problems. Another inspector preceded me but I did not see his report. An engineer followed me to prescribe a fixit, so I likely am only a choir member. My client has not answered me but I am giving it some days.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I have not talked to my client yet, and I have about 30 days to answer defendant lawyer "request". Lawyer letters can make a request sound like a demand.
  10. Letter from defendant lawyer in a suit related to my inspection of a dwelling demands "all documents, photos, etc". I am about to call them and inform them that my report stands alone as any documents I issue. They want me to have a notary sign off on my affirmation of my report as mine. Comments?
  11. My most satisfying jobs are the ones when the client follows me like a dog on my heels and listens to my verbal description. Almost all of that kind like me better. I do take pride in my writing, but the verbal delivery feels to me like a job better done.
  12. One curse of an inspector's life is looking around for code violations wherever he goes, even on vacation. The pic posted is in a bath with no window, and the "vent fan" is only a fan cover screwed to wall. A wall switch that appears to be associated has no effect, of course.
  13. ...also makes a rated separation.
  14. Pours when rains dept, after finding first wind up ding dong bell I find three of them in one house, but don't touch them with even a pole.
  15. Thanks, Jim. The only time I ever visited Vail, Colorado the thing that struck my eye was the number of buildings that were so close together that I don't think you could wedge a paint brush between one eave and another. That must be why slim rollers were invented.
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