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  1. ...for somebody who is so broken up physically you sure seem to be active, Denny. I went with wife and daughter to Dingle Peninsula of Ireland last Sept where we logged walks of a dozen miles each while tour company schlepped baggage. Spectacular scenery plus great ales and whiskys at days end made each day worth it. Everyone I ever knew who went to the orthopedist resulted in him getting out his knife. As I have posted here before there are lots of easy, no-sweat regimens for seniors like us, including tai chi, xi gong, and yoga that keep muscles and connectors working. I turn 70 this year and am ready to file a formal complaint with the Federal Time Commission. My beef? It ain't right!
  2. Jim Baird

    bootleg improvements

    Thanks for the reply Bill. As a client advocate I had to let off some steam generated by sales claim of "finished" basement level with its own kitchen, bath, and private entry. An 80" ceiling does not qualify as habitable space or bathroom. I've been told that by the year 2020 maybe half the population of the planet will be living in substandard housing, so maybe this kind of work is the crest of a new wave, but in the local real estate trenches I think buyers deserve a bird dog that can point and a bulldog that can growl on their behalf when the magic of the market tries to present them with a rabbit from a hat. One of the "rooms" in this basement had a door that was cut off to 74" and a roomy closet as well with no window and no heat/cool/air source. It might serve as a man-cave or even a dungeon depending on what turns you on.
  3. A fifty yr old brick ranch, for many yrs a rental owned by far away absentees, was listed as having fully finished full basement with kitchen, bath, and private entry. I found all ceiling height on that level at 80 inches to suspended ceiling, which renders the whole space below habitable status, not to mention no heating or cooling there. The private entrance door was cut off to 79". I got a picture of unscrupulous management/contractors preying on absentee owners. Saw no evidence of the basement "improvements" ever being occupied, but that did not keep the realtors from describing the space as a "mother-in-law" suite, though they cunningly exempted the area from square footage totals. How often do the brethren here see such crookedness?
  4. Jim Baird

    Unknown Object

    ...my grandfather worked for Western Union for 50 yrs. When he retired they gave him a gold watch and a salt water fishing rod, but he never got to wet that hook. He collapsed while shaving at the bathroom mirror a cpl of months after he retired.
  5. Jim Baird

    True Building Age?

    I have met realtors on site that would not even discuss something as on-site measurable as square footage because they considered the subject to be too litigious. The older a building is the more likely it will have been added to at different times. In Italy a building I entered to see an art show was built in 1430 something and remodeled in 1640.
  6. http://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-mexico-family-dead-20180324-story.html Could this event be from lack of combustion air? Or was it effluent?
  7. Jim Baird

    Continuing Education

    Thanks, Chad. I'll give it some thought.
  8. Jim Baird

    Client needs inspector in Atlanta.

    Atlanta is outside my orbit, Steve, but I can recommend one of the members of this forum, Bruce Ramsey. His handle is rescueman I think, and I don't think he followed us into this funny new format. Bruce Ramsey, ACI (Certified Inspector)US Inspect Norcross GA 30092770-804-0640
  9. Jim Baird

    HI Artography - A Duct Too Far

    ...that must be the light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. Jim Baird

    I'm going to be here for a while...

    ...outside paint looks mighty fresh. Is this a typical flip?
  11. Jim Baird

    belated discovery of big error

    Talked to carpenter who went by. It is an exterior wall layout mistake. He says it shows, of course, in several more places.
  12. Jim Baird


    Here's the footing pre-pour, 28' square hole, top of ftg only 6' below grade, doesn't look too impressive to me for a 180' height. Three grids of #9 rebar in hole.
  13. Jim Baird


    By the way my foot does measure a foot in length with that boot on. After I told them I carried a socket set in my truck they agreed to pay me fifty cents a week to stop by on Wed mornings to snug 'em up.
  14. Jim Baird

    Artography - Birds and fog

    ...one misty moisty morning when cloudy was the weather...
  15. Jim Baird


    At the bottom of this tower the foot bolts have to be tight.