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  1. Jim Baird

    HI Artography - Recent images

    ...I always remove my false nails before I start a job, Mike.
  2. Jim Baird

    Artography non HI

    I'm not being sarcastic John. I really think she is a performance artist. She is trying to show us something about self expression.☺️
  3. Jim Baird

    Artography non HI

    Sorry Marc, it's just the bright shiny shell of the hard nut of reality, but, no worry, with the right approach anyone can crack it, ergo, the clogger.
  4. This lone clogger makes her own costume and dances all the way thru the annual 4th of July parade in a town of about 1K souls. She is poetry in motion.
  5. Jim Baird

    Raised stair nosing

    ...risers are supposed to be the same height within 3/8 inch. The laminate is likely 3/8 and the nosing 3/4. I would say it is on the line of being busted, but would still call this out as a hazard.
  6. Jim Baird

    HI Artography - Jug of Butts

    That is probably one of the jugs that doc and friends shared at Cannery Row.
  7. Jim Baird

    HI Artography - Jug of Butts

    ...when it gets full you can send it to RJReynolds for a free carton.
  8. Jim Baird

    Porch Steps

    Nosing is very important. I write it up all the time. Is that a ten inch tread? In GA we have tread amended to 9 I think.
  9. Jim Baird

    bad smell under sink and in base cabinets

    I smell a rat. Though I have found tomcat mummies in crawls.
  10. Point of attachment is a long piece of metal with a bolt at each end. One bolt pulled almost all the way out. This stout rope, with taped ends, was somehow wrapped around the drip loop, to what effect I could not tell.
  11. Jim Baird

    residential egress

    Patio sets usually have both head and foot bolts to keep one side inactive. I would say not everyone in a house knows how to operate those. Everyone knows how to turn a doorknob.
  12. Jim Baird

    residential egress

    Please define normal hardware.
  13. Jim Baird

    residential egress

    Thanks guys. Chad did not say yes or no. Jim K. says yes, but Jim B. says no. Patio set is two doors, not one. Neither leaf when swung makes it.
  14. Does a twin 30" patio door set meet residential egress?
  15. Jim Baird

    Face in the clouds!

    "...it was just my imagination runnin' away with me..."