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  1. Jim, I think this might represent a springboard booster that could lift the whole team to a level never dreamed about before our team leader woke up that morning with such a great idea. PM me for a link to permission to access ever increasing horizons of opportunity!
  2. Sorry, but the OP appears to be a query by "Flipper McGee", just trying to "maximize his equity", as they teach them in MBA skool.
  3. In our area there was a time (now we're talking early 60's) when a university here was granted approval to reduce floor/ceiling concrete slab thickness by some measure (not sure exactly the difference) by spraying ceilings with popcorn containing asbestos. The reason had to do with fire rating. It only made sense past a certain threshold of scale. These were 6 to 10 storey high rise dormitories using large amounts of concrete. About 15 yrs after occupancy a student noticed a thin dusty film on the top of a drink in a cup. Analysis found the film was asbestos fiber that had drifted
  4. This post reads like a google translation from another language, ergo "wrench" instead of ranch. As an AHJ I inspected a home where new owners jumped the gun and moved in prior to final inspect. It was one of these "kit" homes where everything is engineered and parts are shipped for on site assembly. It used wood manufactured I-joists that bounced so much the newly moved in and loaded china cabinet rattled when you passed it.
  5. If the buyer walked that faucet likely was not the only problem you found. The listing agent was likely used to the "other" kind of inspector who never causes a deal to go down.
  6. With that age they have to be "Patina".
  7. T'was 6 days before Christmas, and all through the town, people wore masks, that covered their frown. The frown had begun way back in the spring when a global pandemic changed everything. They called it corona, but unlike the beer, It didn’t bring good times, it didn’t bring cheer. Airplanes were grounded, travel was banned. Borders were closed across air, sea, and land. As the world entered lockdown to flatten the curve, the economy halted, and folks lost their nerve. From March to July we rode the first wave, people stayed home, they tried to behave. When summer emerged the lockdown wa
  8. I usually leave crawl till end, and when I crawled a 70's ranch for a friend. I pushed my screwdriver through every joist I touched, declared house a bust, so my client made an offer only for the site, and declared he would remove the building one rolloff at a time. Seller accepted, and my friend moved in, though there are areas inside where floors are caving and he can't enter them.
  9. Japanese maple I planted as a seedling 30 yrs ago died suddenly.
  10. We were wondering whither the weather and whether it will be waxing, waning wintry, windy, wet, or what and where and when?
  11. Just like residential brick veneer, where I have almost never seen weeps and flashing at openings and first floor, I usually don't go into that much description on 75 yr old houses.
  12. Thanks for the replies. In this case the installer did not like the photos when shown them and returned to correct.
  13. IRC calls for metal chimney cap to made so that water drains off. See pics of new cap not draining. Do you think the cap is not designed right, or is installation the problem?
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