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  1. After applying zoom I stand corrected. So it greater begs that question of why go to this trouble for almost no viewers.
  2. When they place the unit and the mortar gets mashed out they don't cut away the excess from the surface. After it sets a little it might be "struck" to give the brick face just a little relief. I might have a pic I will post of a house near me where the mason was instructed to over butter each brick so that it runs down a little. Around here we call it "the castle". Looks like something the Munsters would live in.
  3. Those unstruck mortar joints are also a style statement. In such narrow spaces who would appreciate it? Maybe it was offered as a cost cut.
  4. You did good, Erby. Looks like quite a squeeze thru the opening.
  5. I don't know what to call it but mofogazebo or gazebississimo, but it must be a current undercurrent in people's thinking. My wife is lobbying for me to build something stout, outdoors, and open to weather.
  6. I don't know, Erby. That one looks tricky as the one in my picture.
  7. I visited the Pacific Northwest and Olympia and loved it but everything was a little damp. The OP should move to Arizona or to central Mexico.
  8. I usually ignore any and every thing on Fox. I wonder where the disclosure of a bad report is required. My reports belong to the buyer, who does not have to show it to the seller to escape the contract. He only has to cite unsatisfactory result with a general description of defects.
  9. Thanks for the replies. This is the better of the two hazards in the 85 yr old house. The other was in a room so small there was not a picture angle available. I did not see a safe enough approach to fit a ladder on or beside either one. The bad one had a big barrel bolt holding it in the ceiling. To throw the bolt took a step ladder. Bolt thrown, the assembly fell in my lap. When I came down I left the junker hanging like a half open mouth. House offered by a young couple after only six months occupancy. They likely love those "flip this house" tv shows.
  10. Sometimes I find unsafe access ladders like this one, and I take a breath, figure out my jump path, and heave on up, in the name of doing a good job. Recently I found two of these in one dwelling. I'd like to hear comments.
  11. Your posts always are of value..No joking.ī
  12. We have to go all the way back to the risen-from-the ashes OP to clear up the confusion. The pipe refered to is not a drain one but a discharge one. It doesn't drain or run up or down it blasts like a Civil war muzzle-loader. In GA it is supposed to be directed towards advancing boys in blue.
  13. He really means condensate secondary drain.😉
  14. Almost 20 yrs ago I attended a similar meeting as a courtesy. Court was avoided, but builder settled by buying the new dump back from my client. I was honored to inspect the next house the client found.
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