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  1. "Time was, When we got along..."--Canned Heat
  2. GA 2020 Amendments allow up direction but also require visible, safe termination, which is what these pics don't show.
  3. I never heard of an amendment that allows that in GA. That discharge should just turn down and terminate near the floor where nobody will get scalded. Because it is open ended the little drain makes no sense. I bet the fixer was no plumber at all.
  4. I often see gable ends vents with ordinary screen wire on them. Minimum mesh for roof vents is 1/8". It allows max vent area while still keeping bugs out. Old screen wire can get mighty clogged with dust.
  5. I have never seen acceptable canned software. I used Word for many years until my version "retired". Then I threw off the Microsoft manacles and switched to open source software, specifically called LibreOffice.
  6. The photo of the tile on what looks like the sill of a window opening indicates a thickness of wall consistent with typical basement wall. There are two kinds of basements. Those that leak and those that will leak. If it is a basement dwelling it likely has always been a little dank, a little musty, even a little moisty.
  7. I have a Hitachi that folds to pistol shape. Have used it so many years I had to buy a new charger. Leaving the straight bit works best. For tough screws I use a 5/16 straight manual that doubles as a joist stabber.
  8. A ferrous forest in the golden gloaming.
  9. Thanks Erby. So much space in one place, Grace.
  10. What Mike said. Too many layers. This building had so many layers the topmost surface looked like the choppy windblown one of a huge lake. Just as many places for runoff to gather as places to drain.
  11. As usual I appreciate all replies here. How ironic to praise brevity and post a one sentence paragraph. I have seen lots of overloaded roof covers lately. When my goal is to get my client off the hook of an unwise offer I can tend towards hyperbole.
  12. See be pasted copy of my last report. One of those where your buyer dogs your heels and you talk a lot. As with some I convinced her to call off the search and to declare the offer a blunder based on scathing review by a disinterested inspector. C&C welcome.
  13. ...this must have been written by one of those ambulance chasing lawyers that put those billboards out on the freeway.
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