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  1. BTW, as Marc noted a mouse can't jump high enough to escape. I caught two mice in my wife's honda that had built a nest in the glove box. Their babies tumbled out while she was sitting in traffic and reached for little duster she uses to dust the dash. I bought a shiny new slippery sided 5 gallon bucket and put it in the back seat with some oatmeal in the bottom. Took a cpl of overnight settings to catch them one at a time. I used the catch and release program, made them promise not to come back.
  2. Years ago I inspected a little house that used gas space heaters, those notorious moisture generators, on which a contractor had laid a metal panel roof. In so doing he eliminated every bit of attic ventilation there was. The entire attic frame and deck was blackened by something related to moisture accumulation.
  3. Jim Baird

    HI Artography - Lamp on a Chair

    As you know, I hope, Mike, not every scene deserves a permanent record. BTW I think you are doing a good job of screening them so far.
  4. Jim Baird

    HI Artography - Lamp on a Chair

    ...must be the New Minimalist style of decor. One room I inspected with a bad floor had an attempted concealment of bad floor by filling the room with beds.
  5. Jim Baird

    Wait for it....

    ...looks to me like they were building a bench right by that fence, and they were going to lay them out that way anyway, maybe even dry stacked, so that when the video was over they were almost done for the day.
  6. Jim Baird

    Wait for it....

    ...adventures of the overpaid.
  7. Jim Baird

    Boot flange fastening

    Here Bubba Roofer decided he didn't need no flange.
  8. Jim Baird

    sill rot on older Anderson windows

    I have some Marvin casements on my master suite addition. I have to ride herd on the inside wood and recoat it with spar varnish every few years.
  9. Jim Baird

    square footage

    I have been at properties where I thought listed square footage might be in error, and had the listing agent reply that he would not discuss square footage because it is such a litigious issue. His listing only specified what the seller disclosed.
  10. Jim Baird

    Boot flange fastening

    I'm the sure that installer would say that more must be better. If the roof panels outlive the boots, boot replacement might be a challenge the way that self tappers turn the hole edges up and down.
  11. Jim Baird

    Boot flange fastening

    The manufacturer's rec I saw on these flanges said screws should be no more than 1 1/2 inches "apart". It did not say "on center". With a big fat screw head like these, 1 1/2 on center becomes about 3/4 inch apart. I am sure you will not see a rec that says to screw panels on thru the ridges. There is likely lots of loss of fastening power with that way.
  12. Jim Baird

    Crappy drill press

    If you are going to re-engineer that motor I would say to go green and hook up a rotary gerbil cage.
  13. Jim Baird

    Boot flange fastening

    Thanks, Jim. My quick research just showed more than one how to vid saying to place screws no more than 1 1/2 inch apart. I am from the common sense generation. I used these flanges on this kind of roof 20 yrs ago and only used a screw in each corner. Am pretty sure they have not leaked. Common sense tells me that minimizing holes you punch in a roof is the best way to do it. Speaking of common sense, metal roof panels with this profile are also supposed to be fastened on the flats, not on the ridges. I fastened mine on the flats, but I have seen many installations where the installer overruled the directions and put screws on the ridges. I can only think the engineers that decided the flats are where screws should go were worried about resistance to uplift more than they were about leaks.
  14. Jim Baird

    clearance otra vez

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I guess my only question now is whether "high temp rating" qualifies as "non-combustible".
  15. Jim Baird

    Portland in Early September

    ...thanks for sharing these. I swear I've seen those faces on the post office walls before.