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  1. Brand new. Where to start?

    Hi Jake, You came to the right place to get perspective about things related to the home inspection business. The members here helped me stay focused on important things when I first got started. I did it on my own and I must admit it scared me pretty good at times. It can still scare me but not as much or as often. Nonetheless, when I got scared I came here to this site not afraid to ask for advice. The members here were a priceless support base for me, even though I got beat up now and then. This business is mainly about communication, in person and more importantly, in writing. It's not just the house. It's also the people buying the house. Their concerns vary and you need to be able to read them and make them feel comfortable that you are protecting their interests, even when the news is not so good. General technical knowledge is good obviously. Also good is ability to search and find information about things you don't know. Wherever you want to do this work, study the governing requirements for that locality. Whatever those requirements are, they are a minimum for which you can build on. Use the minimum as the base and expand with your knowledge from there. Again, communication is key. That and, not being afraid to say, "I don't know the answer". "I don't know but I will research and find a conclusion" I made it as an independent from the beginning. I'm glad I did it that way. I believe that if you make yourself, nobody else can break you but yourself. If you let others make you, they will break you.
  2. cable manufacturing

    Thanks for the link Jeff. Now I know more stuff to talk about with clients.
  3. cable manufacturing

    Do the NM cable manufacturers use any light oil as lubricant in the manufacturing process? I saw a drop hanging off of a conductor in the panel at an inspection yesterday. It was a light oil of sorts. I could not figure out how it had gotten there.
  4. stepping back in

    I did spend some time in the garage this past summer. If you like to read excessively, you can delve into my progress thread on rescuing a 93 Mustang from the total hack jobs of previous owners. There's a a bunch of pics and a few vids too. >> https://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/out-with-the-new-in-with-the-old.899295/ I see the discussion here on the dislike of Facebook. To make a long story short, I completely deleted my Facebook. The people who matter can find me if they want. Too much garbage for me in the social media.
  5. stepping back in

  6. stepping back in

    Hi everyone, Somewhere, somehow I fell off the Inspectors Journal bus. I don't really have an explanation that would matter much. I only know it's my new intention in 2018 to get involved in discussion here again. I hope you all are well and continue safely and prosper in both business and personal life.
  7. Run away

    I do this too. I've never told anyone to run away. But when I think people should, I make sure the report is seriously strong in explaining the big problems. To me it actually makes the report writing task easier. No tapping the brake on this one, it's full throttle all the way!
  8. ridge vent for modular home

    Thanks Bill. I understand the outer width of the Air Vent II is 12". Do you know how wide the actual vent opening is on the under side of the product? A double 2x4 of the modular home attic structure would be 3 1/2" wide if they were flush together. I was thinking one could cut a 1" slot in the sheathing on each side of the 2x4's. That would make a vent opening on each side of the ridge. Total span of vent covering opening would therefore need to be at least 5 1/2". I'm just not sure how the Air Vent is designed and if it can function properly over a 5-6" inch spread.
  9. ridge vent for modular home

    How would one go about installing a continuous ridge vent on a modular home? At the ridge there are 2x4's on each half of attic structure that block the normal place you would cut a slot in the sheathing. So, how to accomplish installing a good vent at the ridge on this type of attic structure?
  10. I'm 54 years old and can feel the effects of age. Mainly on the physical side of things and not constantly but my legs feel tired sometimes. I'm beginning to think its time (past time actually) to pay close attention to my health condition if I want to keep inspecting homes as I transition into the golden years. How do you older guys feel? At what age would you anticipate ceasing to do actual inspections? Of course this is considering you remain blessed with relatively decent health. My situation is that I've enjoyed life which included spending money. Money that I probably should have put into a retirement fund. Thus, I must continue to work. At least as long as I can stay safe and provide good service to clients. I'm hoping to continue to maybe age 70. What are some complications I might expect to face?
  11. Pennsylvania Home Inspection Law Update

    I think it's wrong to require the home inspector to give the report to the seller. In Maryland, a buyer may want to negotiate or back out of the contract regarding the results of a home inspection. If so, the buyer is obligated to give the report to the seller. The inspection is the buyers property, a tool they paid for. They don't have to use it. Then can ignore it and go right to settlement if they want. Why should the seller in any instance be entitled to a product they did not pay for?
  12. Pre-sale Inspection question

    I do "repair consultations". They don't include written reports. I look around and find stuff. We talk about it and they take notes. Most home sellers are happy with this service because it gives them the majority of the info they need for 1/2 the cost of a full inspection. I'm contracting with the client for exactly what they want. I don't see a problem with doing this.
  13. When did WRB (Tyvek) become code?

    Is that picture from one of my reports? Charlie, that's exactly what I do too. [^]
  14. When did WRB (Tyvek) become code?

    My county, Anne Arundel was stuck on 2003 IRC until June of 2012 when they adopted the 2012 IRC. I wrote up lack if WRB (Tyvek) on a house built in 2011. The buyer backed out. The builder was pissed and demanded I change my report since the local AHJ approved the house. I asked the builder what the brand name of the siding was so that we could have a look at the installation instructions. After asking that, I never heard back from them. So yeah, always go with manufacturers installation instructions. Code actually stipulates that they should be followed anyway.
  15. SOP vs QA/QA plan

    I'm curious how you would aquire a "certification" and not know the difference between SOP and QA/QC. May I ask where you acquired your certification? SOP is the methods by which you conduct the practice of performing the testing as a service to the public. QA/QC are tasks you perform behind the scenes to ensure that your equipment and methods are delivering results within a certain degree of accuracy. Licensing entities may require you to have a QA/QC program. QA/QC is also a good marketing thing since you can show the public that you are striving to deliver a good product. You show them through the documentation you develop in your QA/QC program.