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  1. John Dirks Jr

    Hockey Practice?

    Without the garage as a backstop, the kid would have to chase the puck into the field when he missed. I bet if that were the case, he would learn to shoot more accurately.
  2. John Dirks Jr

    Aluminum Wire

    That doesn’t mean someone didn’t have some AL cable laying around that they later installed for additional circuits.
  3. John Dirks Jr

    Sometimes you wonder!

    It's weird how that smaller flue tile is offset from the one on the left. Don't think I've seen that before.
  4. John Dirks Jr

    Hockey Practice?

    A kid with no regard for who pays for things.
  5. John Dirks Jr

    Aluminum Wire

    Erby, my house is 1962.
  6. John Dirks Jr

    Aluminum Wire

    I think the insurance companies stopped asking about aluminum wiring some time ago. At least that's the content of discussion I've had with realtors in recent times. I've dealt with both Allstate and Geico in the recent years. Neither of them asked me if my house had aluminum wiring.
  7. John Dirks Jr

    leaks in compressor tank

    I have this compressor with a powerful electric motor and a compressor pump that works great. It's fixed on top of a small tank that has a few tiny pin holes in the bottom. Is there a thicker type of compound I can coat the bottom of the tank to seal the pin holes? Im sure if I seal each leak individually, more will just pop up. Thats why I like to try and coat the entire bottom with something. Transferring the motor and pump to another tank is possible but it looks like more work than I care for on this thing.
  8. John Dirks Jr

    Crappy drill press

    That is how I got it
  9. John Dirks Jr

    Old Craftsman stuff

    I've decided to keep them. They work fine and if I ever need them in a bind when another tool breaks down, they're ready to use. And, if you like that old fashion electric motor smell, you get that too when you use them.
  10. John Dirks Jr

    Crappy drill press

    Ok, I found a place to hide it for now. Never know if I need to drill nice straight holes in hot butter, or maybe marshmallows
  11. John Dirks Jr

    Crappy drill press

    It actually drills nice straight holes. But if put any pressure on it it stalls. No wonder it was put out to the curb.
  12. John Dirks Jr

    Crappy drill press

    This drill press was free and I hoard junk so you know the story. Its motor is 110v and really weak. Is it possible to rewire this motor to run 240v and get some more power?
  13. John Dirks Jr

    Old Craftsman stuff

    Are these old power tools worth anything to collectors? They work. I have new cordless stuff I use now. I was about to recycle these. Should I go ahead and chuck them in the metal bin at the landfill?
  14. John Dirks Jr

    Roof rack for ladder

    Just bring Lurch from the Adams Family along. He can put is arm out the window and hold the ladder on top.
  15. John Dirks Jr

    Antique Meter

    There are still meters inside around here. Even some from the 1960's that have the meter in the basement.