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  1. Hello gentlemen. In your experience based opinions, what is the overall best handyman vehicle? Consider you needed to buy something for 10-15k. Obviously it would be a used vehicle. But what’s better, vans or pickups?
  2. The Mrs put this picture show together. I know, I need a real vent termination for the gas stove. The one in there now is just a cheap mock to see if the thing would side vent ok. It does. I’m gonna get a proper one in before the heating season begins. I have a proper thimble in the wall already.
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. I wish I could figure out how to stop beagles from digging. At this point, it seems like they’re doing it for spite.
  4. Running now. A little sweat on the line but no ice. Looks ok from here.
  5. Running now. A little sweat on the line but no ice. Looks ok from here.
  6. So far I have not caught any human thieves in Arlo. But I’ve caught deer, squirrel, raccoon, opossum , fox, feral cat, spiders, birds and bats.
  7. I sure hope the performance holds. Otherwise, it’s back to leak hunting. I’ve got my Arlo wireless security cam positioned to remotely monitor the refrigerant lines to see if they freeze up. There’s an orange ribbon tied to the grill which I can see fluttering on the cam when the unit is running. Obviously, it’s not running in this picture.
  8. Don’t count your chickens just yet Jim. But maybe you can say “I told you so”. We will see but It’s been 10 days since the system was charged. I just tested with this tool today and the system may still have a leak. It might be partially leaked out. It’s still cooling satisfactorily as of now. I’m not gonna mess with it for now. But if it has to get charged again, I will test temps immediately after such. At that point I may be due a full bore “told you so” This thing has variable operating modes depending on conditions so it’s not really easy tell exactly what it’s doing at a given time point. . Not like the standard systems that are either on, or off.
  9. 18 degree difference with this probe type thermometer.
  10. Graded, seeded, light watering, strawed, another light watering. Mother Nature do your thing. I’ll help you with a light watering each day until germination. Then, you make the roots dive for water.
  11. I will get a proper tool for measuring air temp and do it again. But once more, the evap core is not visible through the front louvre. That 45 degree measurement is from the plastic blower wheel.
  12. Got the trough graded with a beagle approved weed barrier. In here goes rubber mulch. We have discovered it works for us. It’s not organic so it does not splatter dirt on the wall when pounded with rain. It’s also lighter than dirt and decomposed material so it stays on the surface.
  13. I know it’s surface temp on that tool. Although, the fireplace remote has a room temp display on it. It was reading 81 degrees 4’ off the floor. So the temp 8’ up the wall above the evap core can’t be lower than that. I can’t see the evap coil by looking through the louvre on the front of the unit. That 45 degree reading was off the edge of the blower wheel which is plastic. So I doubt the air temp at that point is much higher. Im not convinced that I’m substantially off the mark with those readings. But I could be wrong.
  14. That old tree with its massive stump still gets the last laugh. I guess these two get cut off short
  15. Jim, I think the thermometer is far from optimal, but not worthless. Marc, that is the widest spread I’ve ever gotten with that less than optimal thermometer.
  16. Temp drop across the evap after 5 mins of running. 80 in, 45 out
  17. Here’s one of the best hand grading tools ever. Italian Grape Hoe
  18. I hear ya Marc. All I can say is this back porch slab was always at risk of taking on water if you didn’t tend to any gathering debris during heavy rainfall. Once the tree was taken out, even then we would have an issue now and then. I fixed that by cutting some of the remaining roots that were damming things up. So for a couple years now we’ve had no flooding. After this additional stump grinding and grading, we should be in really good shape and able to handle monsoons without issue. No other drainage issues anywhere on the property. The sandy soil drains good and the basement has always been dry.
  19. Still working on finishing grade on the outside. There used to be a huge oak tree right there, 3’ diameter. It was growing thick to the point it was almost touching the gutter. Tree experts took it out several years ago and ground the stump. But remaining stump portions and roots were still in my way of getting the grade where I need it to be. I rented a stump grinder and went at it for about 3hrs. Tree parts are still there but now everything is low enough for me to put a decent swale in.
  20. All clearance to combustibles are met with extra to spare. As for heat radiating up onto the tv, we’ll have to find out. But I doubt it will be a problem.
  21. Yes, and she also needs her nails clipped. Sounds like someone’s dropping skittles on the floor when she walks. We have dog beds all over the house. And the Mrs never needs help finding reasons to buy more. We have three beagles. Hows this for a bed?
  22. The project is shaping up. We’re putting the finishing touches on.
  23. Jim, An acquaintance of mine is EPA certified to handle refrigerants and has begun helping me service this system. We discovered a poorly connected fitting which has been fixed. Although the system had leaked down, any remainder was evacuated, the system vacuumed and recharged by weight according to the information on the data plate. The repaired fitting was tested and verified leak free. The system is working great again so l'm hoping there are not other leaks. I was not here the entire time he did the work so if anything is missing from my description, I'm sure he did it correctly. We'll see how things go and if needed, I'll call him back.
  24. Thanks Marc, what would be a normal “resting” pressure at 75 degrees ambient? Ball park
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