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  1. This states "FPE" as a blanket statement as being bad. What about the commercial series - or all FPE which are not Stab-Lok?
  2. I was an electrical design/builder 12 years ago, but I have having trouble remembering what size conductors are exactly. I am looking at the main on the right. It has no label - which is so wierd. Anyway, it is 120/208. Can anyone identify the probable Ampacity? I am thinking 600A. I know it can be identified from the feeder cable.
  3. Thank you for the reply Bill (and everyone)! I really appreciate your replies.
  4. Bill, do you really have experience with a number of mini-splits installed circa 2000? I am not rebutting you, I am actually really hopeful that you do. I hope that you know of a facility with tons of them. The reason for the whole question is because there are so few people who have real experience with these things for 15+ years. In the USA, there is really no-one. We all know instinctively how to handle normal split systems. We are slowly getting to a new time where we will have waves of these which are already R410a with worn out compressors. An old furnace would last 40+ years. You only replaced it if it was 30 to 40+ years old and the outdoor unit compressor died (before R410a required replacements). They are like old cars, replace the guts and keep driving. We have a new beast here. If we do not replace the indoor unit with the outdoor unit, will the indoor unit last another 15 years until the 2nd outdoor unit compressor fails from age? And then we get into multi-splits with one outdoor unit and 4 indoor units to further muddy the water.
  5. Let's say that you owned an apartment complex with 100 units each with mini-splits, and they are 15 years old. Would you replace the indoor unit with every outdoor unit as it failed, or would you repair the indoor unit and not replace until required?
  6. It has always been my understanding that NEC requires strapping within 12" of the panel or enclosure with a few exceptions. The reason that I am having trouble now is because this is a new build (2018) in the City of Charleston and it is so blatant that I must be missing something. Has there been a change that I am not aware of?
  7. 120/208 3 phase The more that I think about it, this is as well made - most likely much better - than anything today. It is just missing a layer of grounded metal for safety.
  8. All of these are hot and in-use - except for the Voltmeter.
  9. Good evening gents, Have any of you ever seen a very large Zinsco commercial incoming service? I just saw a 5 section Zisco substation (13kV incoming). Does anyone know if these commercial panels are ok or are they just as bad as all other Zinsco?
  10. Now that you mention it, there is a white line around the fitting joint on 2 sides that is white - which indicated movement.
  11. I doubt that it will, but... Will any other type of plastic pipe work better?
  12. You could always build- it yourself. Buy some batteries and the right trickle charger.... I will admit - this is 120 V DC not AC Click to Enlarge 48.69 KB
  13. I was told that the water from the above was too hot and this was caused by overheating/melting of the pipe? This is PVC DWV pipe that they painted black along with everything else in the ceiling. Click to Enlarge 22.84 KB what are your thoughts?
  14. Alternatively, they could probably form a small box around it and pour some concrete into it protect the stub.
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