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  1. Good evening gents, Have any of you ever seen a very large Zinsco commercial incoming service? I just saw a 5 section Zisco substation (13kV incoming). Does anyone know if these commercial panels are ok or are they just as bad as all other Zinsco?
  2. Now that you mention it, there is a white line around the fitting joint on 2 sides that is white - which indicated movement.
  3. I doubt that it will, but... Will any other type of plastic pipe work better?
  4. You could always build- it yourself. Buy some batteries and the right trickle charger.... I will admit - this is 120 V DC not AC Click to Enlarge 48.69 KB
  5. I was told that the water from the above was too hot and this was caused by overheating/melting of the pipe? This is PVC DWV pipe that they painted black along with everything else in the ceiling. Click to Enlarge 22.84 KB what are your thoughts?
  6. Alternatively, they could probably form a small box around it and pour some concrete into it protect the stub.
  7. 2008 building with a lot of buildup inside CPVC pipe. Mostly near the boiler for the circulating hot water system. Is this lime? Have you guys come across this and what did you do? Merry Christmas! Click to Enlarge 25.89 KB Click to Enlarge 36.28 KB
  8. Ok. This really fun info... It is about the "Heinemann Magnette" breaker shown In 1927, Heinemann developed an automatic protective device called a circuit breaker, and in 1930, Heinemann produced the first magnetic circuit breaker. Heinemann remains the leading manufacturer of OEM circuit breakers.
  9. That is Rigid, RGD metallic conduit, or possible IMC.
  10. Concerning the outside transformers and bus in the fence. Is there any reason to believe that these would be newer than the rest of the 90 year old capacitor bank and mains based upon what is shown?
  11. If by visually examine, you mean me operating or opening a probably 90-year-old switch which is filled with oil in a small room with one exit, I will pass... Hehehe Just kidding. I understand. I will recommend that someone else looks at it! Thank you for your insight.
  12. Marc, From your response on the switch, I am inferring that is super heavy duty switch which is designed to last a long long time outside. This is inside - and is probably ok for the next 10 years. Am I inferring that correctly? Thanks
  13. Very old club of sorts is all that I can say. Have you guys seen or heard of an electrical switch of the large type shown?
  14. There was a chain link fence that I was standing at when I took the picture. Yes, it is live.
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