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Chicago - No bonding jumper to metal box


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Good afternoon Gentlemen,

I believe that some of you are in Chicago and give some local insight. I know a LOT of things are done differently there. 
I have 2019 apartment complex with EMT to the device box - but the straps do not touch the box because of sheetrock and there is no bonding jumper. 

Is this ok in Chicago? I know that it is not ok everywhere else. 




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The real problem there is that junction box edge should be flush with the outer edge of the drywall.  It’s wrong the way it is because you can’t properly secure the receptacle tight against the box.  Furthermore, when you put the cover on it likely will not properly enclose the wiring because there are gaps between the box edge and the drywall edge.   The concern is that arching in the box can allow sparks to get behind the wall which is a fire hazard.   

Installing a proper depth box extender could fix that. 

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You're not supposed to rely on the yoke for grounding unless it's a self-grounding-type receptacle. The portion of the yolk in your picture doesn't show the self-grounding feature, but it might be present at the other end. Do you have a picture of the whole receptacle? 

Also, as John pointed out, the entire purpose of the mud ring is to bring the enclosure out flush with the surface of the drywall - or at least not more than 1/4" behind it. 

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