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  1. Continuing Education

    If I ever do start making CE courses, I'll send them to you.
  2. Cool Historical Building

    That's an octopus central heater, yes?
  3. Client needs inspector in Atlanta.

    Isn't that in Jim Baird's vicinity?
  4. I'm going to be here for a while...

    Closet too congested, difficult to service should it be needed. What configuration is it? Delta, Wye, unbalanced neutral?
  5. New roof raised in areas

    Maybe its my imagination but mid-span of those two lines is a third one running at right angles to, and between, the first two. John K's suggestion seems to fit. I thought that newer OSB wasn't supposed to do that.
  6. Plastic access cover (garage-house wall)

    Unless its rated.
  7. obelisk

    Without your foot there, I would've of estimated the bolts as about an inch across.
  8. Nature meets industrialization.
  9. According to chapter 13 of NFPA 54 (fuel gas code), they can be joined but only in compliance with that chapter.
  10. Gutter Guards

    Perhaps we all have a slant in our writing that varies with each of us and becomes part of our character. My slant comes from my 8 yr participation in TIJ but with a slight twist.
  11. Gutter Guards

    They're taking a break from taking turns sliding down the downspout. And we thought frogs were dumb.
  12. Need opinion on home im looking at.

    The photos don't reveal a major issue and a 19 yr old house without at least one major issue is quite unusual. What Les said.
  13. Old and frayed cloth covered wires

    I don't see how that reflects on the frayed cloth. There's still some rubber or thermoplastic insulation beneath that, right? The frayed material is not the ignition source, just the first thing to light up. Perhaps recommend that the frayed material inside the panel be trimmed away, reducing the amount of combustible inside the panel.
  14. Another *What is this*

    I'm guessing temperature sensor for the thermostat or flow control solenoid.
  15. WTF?

    I know it's wrong. The guy who did it knew it was wrong, but what's the worse that gonna happen? Gas traps will keep it it from coming out of basin, toilet and tub drains.