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  1. I trust my nose. No batteries to replace, no moving parts to go bad, works well.
  2. They're not overly complicated systems. Have a look at it, see if you can determine where it's leaking.
  3. Ya know, when my father got mad, his cursing had a rhythm to it, like a song. We had to be careful not to laugh or he's get more angry.
  4. The neutral must accompany each circuit. It's because separating them results in stray magnetic fields that can heat conductive materials in the vicinity. Besides that, the codes offer no formula for calculating the size of common neutrals that serve several branch circuits.
  5. Are you trying to say that the individual neutrals for a number of circuits, running from the main panel to an 'auxiliary' panel, are replaced by a single large neutral?
  6. Thanks guys. I've forwarded all three names.
  7. Can someone refresh my memory and tell me if Jerry Simon is from Chicago. Got someone looking for an inspector there.
  8. I write stab-locks and FPE panels with red on the breakers. I'm not so quick to write off everything else that's FPE, even though they're old.
  9. 600 looks in the ballpark. I doubt the utility conductors passing through the current transformers could handle 800. 600 would mean 200 through each set of SE conductors, which makes sense.
  10. At some point, the interior heat needed to operate the defrost (by switching into AC mode) will exceed the heat brought into the house during heat mode.
  11. I've never heard of storage-compatible and tankless-compatible freshwater supply systems.
  12. Years of experience means nothing here. If you're going to be disrespectful, take your great knowledge of HI elsewhere.
  13. An issue with as many symptoms as this calls for an onsite presence by a top level inspector. Hard to be of help on an online forum, except to find someone that stands the best chance to help you. Where are you?
  14. I seldom write it on account of always finding other issues much more worthwhile of my client's time. I look for the Marlins, not the Minnows.
  15. Asbestos becomes harmful when it becomes airborne as fibers and gets in your lungs. Touching it ain't going to hurt you. I'm not aware of any products that are asbestos but a lot of stuff contains it. It's still in may things now, but much less because its presence in products is regulated. Relax, relax, relax.
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