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  1. Marc

    Galvanized steel water pipe and cancer?

    In California, toothpaste causes cancer. So does the box that it comes in. This concludes my rant.
  2. Marc

    Post Frame Construction Home

    Regarding 'pole barn' and 'post framed': pole and post are two different things right? Pole is round and in the ground and post is rectangular and above ground, anchored atop a poured-concrete pile, yes?
  3. Because it's mostly about vendors selling their wares. My reason for going is that the two founders of the inspectedhouses.com program that I've just bought into will be there. They'll meet with me in private to explain the workings of the program. The silent tutorials that they have did not help at all.
  4. Yeah, good approximation. I'm getting into seller inspections and this conference will give me roots.
  5. Marc

    Wait for it....

    Having fun on the job.
  6. Marc


    Welcome Jennifer.
  7. I stopped touching them after finding a copy that had some pages stuck together.
  8. I thought gravity systems contained steam and condensate in a one pipe configuration.
  9. Marc

    Flashing Integration/Exposure

    The flashing should be installed in shingle fashion. How much of the lower mid-section of the flashing is exposed doesn't matter. Covering up the sides of the flashing is fine as long as the entire lower mid-section is left exposed. JMHO
  10. Marc

    Closing my HI business sale

    Are you retiring Charlie?
  11. It's amazing that it has yet to deteriorate after 51 years in the ground.
  12. I'd set it up in an HI classroom, completely operational. I'm guessing that duct on top is the flue, so where is the heat siphoned off to warm the house?
  13. Marc

    Boot flange fastening

    The screws I install in the crest are short and do not touch any wood.
  14. Marc

    Arc-faults for AC circuit

    The compressor motor has no brushes and those little window units don't have start capacitors that switch out, so I don't see why it would trip an AFCI, assuming no defect. Do the codes call for an AFCI on a window unit?