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  1. Got lots of folks 'milking the cow' in this business, putting the almighty dollar ahead of service and integrity.
  2. Get an AC guy to investigate whether conditioned air, passing through chimney, is enclosed with a duct or is open to the chimney interior. If it's open to the interior of the chimney, well...there you go.
  3. Neutral and EGC should be joined at only one location. They're joined in that box in the 2nd photo and most likely they're joined up again in the main disconnect too so things are looking foul. The problem with joining up the neutral and EGC at multiple locations is that between those locations, a portion of the neutral current is going to take to the EGC and the EGC is not ever supposed to carry neutral current. I don't recall an electric car charger as one of several permitted excuses for a tap on a feeder so that's fouled up too. I'd write it. Get a sparky to examine the entire service entrance. Write it before you get started on the egg nog.
  4. Hart & Cooley says you can, with some conditions. http://www.hartandcooley.com/articles/can-i-paint-my-b-vent
  5. Marc


    Thanks for responding. I learned something.
  6. Marc


    Why would anyone choose a corner-grounded 3 phase delta configuration?
  7. I''m now registered for all three conference days, plus Sunday. Won't be staying overnight, but driving form home. Looking forward to seeing some folks there from this forum.
  8. I've not been able to register for both Sunday and Wednesday. The site won't let me do it and two folks who work the site, offering to help, have told me to call them. So, for now, I'll only be attending Sunday. When I get there, I'll try to buy Wednesday if they're not booked.
  9. It doesn't matter whether the homebuyer will read it or not. This inspector writes to the agent's delight. The buyer is just there to write the check.
  10. It's call a multi-wire circuit. Each hot wire on a multi-wire circuit is fully rated for 15 amps. Replacing them with 6 single breakers will not bring more ampacity into the kitchen. If you need more power, replace one multi-wire breaker with a 240 volt breaker with a higher amperage and use it to power a new sub-panel. Sub-panels need 4-wire service: two hot wires, a neutral and an equipment grounding conductor. Let a licensed electrician do it. There's so many things that can go wrong. You want this done right the very first time.
  11. Curious, what brand of electrical panel is currently installed? How is 6 of 1 more than 3 of 2 each?
  12. Very few are the intellectuals of our profession who have succeeded in retaining their humility. I can count the ones I know on the fingers of one hand...and I'm sure as hell not one of them, though I try.
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