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  1. Marc

    Cost Estimates

    I don't think it exists anywhere, but I wouldn't rest my laurels on a hard and fast legal requirement. If a client of mine loses the benefit of 300K worth of E&O that I paid for, that's putting them at risk. I'm not saying I'd put my clients at risk, I'm saying if the rule were applied uniformly a great many HI clients would definitely be put at risk, with no one to turn to if the their inspector were to screw up big time.
  2. Marc

    Flashing above window

    Aren't those details around the window decorative only? Like EIFS trim on each side of a window opening in a wall that's finished in cement board stucco?
  3. Marc

    Cost Estimates

    It's more of a disservice when there's no way you can know even approximately how much the client's future chosen contractor will charge. I choose my words carefully when I write something up, why would I throw that to the wind trying to guess what it's gonna cost to fix it? It doesn't extend my service, it degrades it. Each to his own.
  4. Marc

    Cost Estimates

    That's fine, as long as it isn't a number, or even a range.
  5. Marc

    Cost Estimates

    If you get quotes for a given repair job, you'll find they range enormously from one contractor to another. If, as an inspector, you give an estimate to a client, and that client does end up hiring a contractor that charges more than your estimate, an attorney won't have any trouble translating that discrepancy into damage you've done to his client. The client will likely ignore small discrepancies but might well get emotional and complain about larger ones, the ones in the thousands of dollars. That's when you get the call, and that's when your E&O kicks out on account of that estimate you gave. Not a pretty picture.
  6. Marc

    Cost Estimates

    Associations can interpret their rules in any way they wish. Practically, it's that interpretation that matters.
  7. Marc

    I triple dog dare ya...

    What's the plan? Want a suggestion? Get some technical representation on your side of the table. Someone who knows enough about houses to put to paper exactly what needs to happen and to confirm that it does indeed happen. Such language will scare off any future prospective contractor should they turn out to be just another horse arse (with teeth).
  8. Marc

    This ladder still OK?

    I'd be concerned with that much wear, regardless of what the manufacturer said. It's me that's climbing up the thing. What Tom said.
  9. Marc

    Roof Design / Name

    Doesn't qualify for either mansard or gambrel. I'd just describe it: flat roof surrounded by a sloped hip roof.
  10. Marc

    Common Wire Connection at Furnace

    This is the standard I've followed for decades: White is heat Yellow is cool (A/C) Green is blower Red is 24 volt supply Black is common Orange or sometimes purple is the reversing valve on heat pumps. DIYers get them mixed up all the time. If they are, you might have to trace them and figure it out. Spent many a service call doing that.
  11. Marc

    Pier and beam offset

  12. Marc

    HI Artography - Gargoyle

    What's the appeal of such ghastly creatures?
  13. Sort of like the flashing/counter-flashing concept, but I still wouldn't do it. I like clean, straightforward construction.
  14. Marc

    Chicago inspection question

    So,,, a high loop is better than a backwater valve?