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  1. I'd call it because that extra tin doesn't mean much unless there's space between it and the combustibles. Regardless, it's still a minnow. I'm sure there's bigger fish elsewhere.
  2. Marc

    HI Image - Dreamtown

    I keep clicking the photo. You have to click a video to get it started.
  3. Marc

    Faucet dripping issue.

    Lav faucets are so cheap these days that I just replace them.
  4. 'Remote Transmitting Unit'. It's a sensor that sends info to a remote control center for process control. Common in the petro-chemical background I've worked in before. I goofed. My circuits got crossed.
  5. RTUs? They're rooftop package units.
  6. Marc

    Artography non HI

    Photo-shopped, yes? Otherwise, I'll lose my sleep.
  7. Marc

    Wiring Puzzle

    404.2(C) is a new one, right? Which cycle?
  8. Marc

    Wiring Puzzle

    It would work fine if the black wire was the return for a switched circuit. The lower white would be the supply and the upper white delivered a neutral connection to whatever was being switched.
  9. Marc

    Wiring Puzzle

    Was there a wall switch nearby?
  10. Marc

    AC compressor problem

    It's fine. A delay timer in the outdoor section of the AC delays the re-start of the compressor/fan motor so that refrigerant pressures have a chance to equalize before it tries to start again. It make it easier for the compressor to start.
  11. Marc

    residential egress

    Where I'm from, those head and foot bolts are difficult and sometimes impossible to open. That's not good when there's a roaring fire and stampede of folks coming up behind you. I believe an AHJ would rule that way.
  12. Marc

    residential egress

    I'd say that the inlaid deadbolts at top and bottom do not meet the egress requirement.
  13. Marc

    Poor airflow in Air conditioner

    What Chad said. I doubt variable speed would go 'very low' in cool mode.
  14. Straight out of a Harry Potter movie.
  15. Marc

    Report sample

    Putting the right sort of humor into your reports makes it sing.