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  1. That reminded me that Chrome has a 'set pages' setting that allows you to decide which site pages the browser will open up to so I set one of those pages to and that works best for me.
  2. Just beginning to settle down and find where I'm most comfortable at on this new forum software and that seems to be the 'Activity' tab and 'All Activity' sub-tab. That my home. Its where I park and wait for incoming posts. I have to keep refreshing the 'All Activity' tab every time I sit down or is that necessary? Is there an auto refresh somewhere? Where is everyone else parking at?
  3. Without knowing the circuitry of either device, I'd guess that the testing circuitry of the GFCI sent a mild voltage spike down the line that penetrated the smoke alarm's power supply and caused the 'hiccup'. The same thing (inductance) that causes induced currents can also create voltage spikes when currents are abruptly stopped. A marginalized backup battery in the smoke alarm might have contributed to causing this hiccup because it's an internal component of the power supply and affects its characteristics. 'Course this could be all wrong and I haven't the foggiest idea of what's going on.
  4. The main panel feeders are protected only by the downstream device. The super-lag utility fuse situated upstream is too big to protect it. If you consider a branch circuit conductor in the same conduit as those feeders, a failure in the respective branch circuit breaker could cascade into a feeder failure with violent and catastrophic results.
  5. I can't see an argument for it. I suspect the idea came from someone who thrives mostly on ego.
  6. I'm sure the panel would conduct heat along its length. I can't fathom a panel extending into a conditioned space of the house though. Where's that website you mentioned? I'm sure remodelers would love it if it were true, maybe enough to convince themselves it were.
  7. You sound like the perfect guy to write/provide this sort of training. Maybe do a draft and propose it to your Board. I'd like a copy and provide it in Louisiana.
  8. Page 5, lines 16 thru 24: This line may impose significant accountability upon the Board where in other states accountability is ignored. What’s important here is whether the Secretary of Labor/Industry himself is held accountable for his performance. Page 6: This model of HI regulation brings 3 public members, an engineer and a real estate agent into the Board member list along with 6 HIs. Excellent planning, in my view. Page 8, lines 16 thru 23: Good to see someone exceeding the usual 90 hr pre-licensing requirement. An issue comes up on the 75 mentored home inspections: Licensure might effectively be limited to those applicants who are able to gain the cooperation of an existing licensee. With this model and with my deafness, I would never have succeeded in getting a license. Page 20, lines 12 thru 20: There are about ten other exemptions that should be in there including FHA Fee inspectors, insurance inspectors, certain contractors in the performance of their duties as contractors, etc Page 21, lines 21 thru 27: This language should clarify that the word ‘violation’ means any number of violations of a single type considered by the board at a given adjudicatory hearing. The reason is, for example, if an HI unknowingly commits a violation ten times before discovery. The hearing that follows might consider this as ten violations instead of one, where the intent of the statute was to consider it as one violation with a limit of $1,000 fine. The Louisiana HI Board makes this mistake on a regular basis, resulting in single fines well in excess of the statutory limit of $1,000. Page 23, line 6 thru page 24, line 7: These are the measures against COIs. They are seriously flawed and omit several COIs common in the real estate industry, including one of the most damaging of all. Consumers and inspectors of the highest competence and ethics will be harmed the most by the omissions in this section. I stopped at page 20 and this was just a quick overview. The response of the PHIC might as well have been that of an emotional and hysterical child.
  9. What did you recommend? Wholesale system replacement?
  10. I've sent you a copy of a recent report of mine. Focus on the pages between the first and the last two. Keep in mind that it was made with Word and a free photo editor that I downloaded years ago. Now you can go buy some home inspector software and wait for that epiphany 5 or 15 years from now or you can go straight to what homebuyers want right now: something brief and easy to read that has everything they need to know and want to know. If you wish, I can tell you the commands and a few tricks I used to make this report. It takes some getting used to but it'll grow on you and all your inspection buddies will wonder where in the heck did this green thumb of an inspector get ahold of this 'new inspection software'.
  11. It wasn't exactly 6' long, that's just the legend. It's what's known as the Erby screwdriver. I've got the specs lying around here somewhere. Marc
  12. It's looking great Mike. Question: What is the 'Community Reputation' rating?
  13. Alright. Perhaps someone could correct me on terminology: I thought a townhome was one unit in a multi-story condo building. Marc
  14. Party wall between two units in a condo bldg needs a 2-hour rating or maybe that's just in my state. Marc