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  1. New blog

    Benign, in this case, refers to reports that are friendly to the buyer's agent. They pose little if any threat to his commission because of major findings that don't make it into the report. Inspectors of little expertise produce these benign reports. They are also available from inspectors that deliberately water-down their reports to make them more appealing to the agents that furnish their referrals and make them successful inspectors. The more helpful a report is to the buyer, the more harmful it is to the agent.
  2. New blog

    Thought I'd post this new blog topic here, maybe stir up some activity...or not.
  3. Bouncy TPO

    Water underneath the membrane evaporated when temperatures went up. It'll migrate out eventually.
  4. Flir One Pro (for iPhone)

    $399? I got mine for $250 and yeah, I use it for home inspections. Resolution is well enough. Battery goes dead real quick though. You probably have a better model.
  5. Multi-unit interior air well name

    I've known it to be called 'light well'.
  6. Dang! Oh, well...Enjoy your retirement. The archives are riddled with your contributions, contributions that'll be here for a long, long time.
  7. Inbox full

    Thanks. It works now.
  8. Inbox full

    This is what I get when when I click anyone's avatar, then click 'mailbox': It worked when I responded to a msg sent by Charlie R, but only because it was a response. I can't originate a msg to anyone.
  9. My guess is politics. I don't know about Chicago but here in Louisiana, enforcement of resid building codes is lax. Builders are able to influence the cities and parishes that are supposed to enforce the codes and they often end up having it their way. Expansion joints take more time therefore cost the builder more so they don't want them. Same story for a lot of other stuff. I doubt a brick knows whether it's installed on a resid building or a commercial one.
  10. Inbox full

    Ok. It's Messages..at the top right corner of the TIJ home page.
  11. Inbox full

    TiJ reports that it cannot send an Email from my account because my inbox is full but there's actually only a single email within it. Anyone else experience this issue?
  12. Yet another furnace age question, Old Airco

    12 X 18 X 1 air filter
  13. Ask the best inspector you can find to examine the roof. The roofer has a huge stake in selling you a new roof cover and is thus conflicted with being honest in reporting its condition. Besides that, insurance companies don't bother with confirming damage (at least here they don't), they just send you a check. Roofers love it. A good friend recently asked me the same question. Roofers were working on his neighbor's roof as we spoke. The roof was allegedly damaged by recent hail. On my friend's house, I found some manufacturer defects on the shingles but no hail damage and nothing of consequence. In the 4 weeks since then, at least three other houses on the same block had their roof cover replaced. They're architectural shingles and the entire subdivision is only about 14 years old.
  14. Don't trust your your battery sensors

    What if you were to just throw 5 gallons of water into the sump once a month and watch how much battery charge it takes to empty it? Replace the battery when the needed charge is considerably higher than typical.
  15. Offering Inspection Warranty

    After pondering it for a minute, I don't any interests that would conflict if an inspector were to pitch the sale of an inspection warranty having just sold a home inspection. I just bought a new printer yesterday and bought a warranty that was offered to me once I put the printer in my shopping cart.