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  1. Marc

    Report sample

    I tend to write the report in the evening and proof it in the morning. Sometimes my spouse, possessing a minor in linguistics, proofs it for me. I've said some outlandish things by mistake but this Trump thing beats it all. At least now I know that my friend, just west of Rochester, has wise and healthy views.
  2. Marc

    Oven Location

    From the looks at the triangle shaped wall besides the stairway, I'd say about 45 degrees.
  3. Marc

    Overheating Circuit Board?

    The light-blue colored cluster of 5 resisters are rated 1 watt each but the 6th one at the lower right is higher than that, perhaps 5 watt. Just got too hot. Background heat may have been a factor also. Design should have provided for longer leads on those power resisters to put some space between them and the board. That's a fiberglass board, I believe.
  4. Marc

    Fenix flashlights

    Same technology?
  5. Marc

    Aluminum Wire

    Not worth writing up. What's that solid aluminum doing on an 86' house? Aluminum wiring left the residential market in 72'. That's worth checking out.
  6. I think that explains a lot of the contrary responses I get at a FB message board for HIs: they seem to think that all HIs report with the same expertise. How could someone be that naive?
  7. Marc


    Yeah, its gone.
  8. The argument is that since the house isn't yet listed for sale, it isn't for sale and that's true, but wait until the Board comes out of its slumber. They'll closes this loophole by altering definitions in a way that bring pre-listed onto their turf. I think they're likely to succeed because that's exactly what pre-listed is about...homes about to be put on the market.
  9. No client or contract can over-ride the regulatory definition or requirements of a home inspection. Only the regulatory body can change the rules, and then only if the statutes that created the regulatory body allow it. A lot of regulatory bodies are lax in enforcement. Folks tend to interpret that as meaning its not a violation.
  10. A Walk and Talk violates Louisiana HI regulations.
  11. Seeking comments about the rise in seller inspections and the advent of pre-listing inspections that could end up pitting seller inspector against buyer inspector in an arena not unlike the defendants and plaintiffs of a courtroom battle. This, combined with generous E & O policies, would motivate a new cottage industry of attorneys seeking relief for damages to sellers for issues revealed by the buyer inspection report but missed by the seller inspection report. Insurance premiums would skyrocket and inspectors would exit the profession faster than you could say 'Lawsuit'. Anyone else seeing this coming?
  12. Marc

    1924 house

    No 3-phase loads?
  13. Yeah, we're getting to that age when we find ourselves talking to complete strangers about bowel movements. Now lets see if them moderators are still working.
  14. Marc

    Added bus bar

    Is it a sub-panel?
  15. Marc

    Fun Design Challenge

    I would've preferred purlins.