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  1. Yeah, that's what comes out when you inhale too many hydrocarbons. Just joking.
  2. National builders are some of the worse builders I've seen. Something went dead wrong with that pour. It may or may not be an issue later. Builder may well fight you fiercely, claiming it's not an issue. I've seen it happen in my own area to a friend of mine.
  3. The majority, for sure. Their lack of familiarity with houses and the things that can go wrong with them, their inability to write, and their particular inspecting & reporting style, make them naturally appealing to the interests of agents. They're oblivious to what's going on and don't believe there's any conflict at all. I believe they're being honest, though they're dead wrong. A much smaller number are highly proficient in what we do, well aware of the conflict that agents face when faced with a request for an HI referral. Of these, some value the balance in their bank account more than the service they provide and deliberately deceive the client. Others give a damn and are fortunate enough to live in a real estate climate where they're rewarded for their stellar performance. The remainder are unfortunate few who live in a climate where agents enjoy the devotion of their clients and funnel their referrals to their preferred HIs. If these few thrive, its because of side jobs where such conflicts doesn't reside. I sold one HI last month, 19 so far this year. It's pretty much been that way 18 years. Currently I'm doing much more service work in electrical/mechanical than inspections. Just gave a quote to paint the interior walls of a house belonging to a guy whose gasoline dispensing station I've done lots of electrical work on. I've no regrets about the choice I've made. I work for, and represents the interests, of the one who pays for the inspection. Can't see myself doing otherwise. So there.
  4. I'm glad I can count you among my like-minded colleagues. I too prefer the pure and simple, the unmolested approach, to just say it like it is and be done.
  5. Yeah, sure, but what about when the latch is engaged with the window in a slightly open position? This latch can do that.
  6. When it's latched in an open position, what's keeping someone from sticking their hand inside and unlatching it?
  7. Running trap The only application for 'running' trap that I've ever heard is on the condensate drain line for the indoor section of a split-style AC system. I don't recall it being used in plumbing.
  8. Mitenbuler is also very fluent with brick, but he isn't couillon like this guy so...I'd feel safer talking to him.
  9. I never really understood the difference between them two until now. You can explain all you want but until I get the 'why', It doesn't stick. Good post. Who are you? Haven't seen you around here before.
  10. Someone griped about cold rooms in an older home, so they added the fan coil to further tap into the boiler capacity?
  11. I gave up on checkbox reporting and report writing software at least a decade ago. I use Word for Mac now, to allow my report writing template to float and evolve. My current template is extremely simple, basically a numerical list of the write-ups, with headings and subheadings, arranged in order of gravity and relevance. It still takes me 2 to 4 times as long to write a report as it takes me to do the inspection. The inspection is just about gathering the data. Writing it is where I earn my fee.
  12. That document doesn't say that a circuit to a detached must be buried, rather it simply gives the spec for a buried line. It does not treat aerials. JMHO The requirements for an aerial might be such that it's near impossible to do it in a heavily populated area.
  13. So I've confirmed, but its crosses a pivotal threshold. It's exceedingly poor practice of a legislature to grant that power to an administrative agency. JMHO
  14. The standards don't dictate that hazards be corrected. I hope no state legislature ever passes language like you mentioned in bold. All hell will break loose when a legislature, or board, starts telling inspectors how to report on a house that the legislature, or board, has never seen.
  15. I've installed that product many times, long ago. It was very popular for a while. It can be cleaned only on the aluminum foil side (outside). If it's disintegrating or dirty, get a professional to replace it with something else. Don't mess with it yourself.
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