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  1. How bad is this?

    Very few inspections of mine over the last 14 years had reported repair costs less than 4x the inspection fee. Certainly less than 1 in 20. That includes several hundred newly constructed homes. Caveat emptor.
  2. How bad is this?

    I see a cable in there with the sheathing stripped away to about a foot or two above the top of the panel. Sheathing should not be removed until the cable is inside the panel. NM cable should be protected from damage where exposed. Each cable should be secured at entry into the panel with it's own connector, in compliance with the specs of the connector. It's the mortgage company that determines if corrections are needed.
  3. London Fire Article

    I'll buy his fluency with his subject material but this article isn't the best example of his writing style, it borders on lunacy. He's becoming more and more unbridled.
  4. Functioning as intended

    Sheesh, I don't hold back on my disgust of the silly state-mandated mentions: "There is no moisture retarder installed at the ceiling level. The State Board of Home Inspectors requires that I report this but you can disregard it. Moisture retarders are not of much consequence in this hot/humid climate we love here. That's mostly for folks up in northern frigid climates to worry about."
  5. Call from a Realtor

    In Louisiana, the influence of Realtors is such that the most successful inspectors in the state are not the ones with the greatest expertise anymore, but the inept and careless. The inept and careless, by their nature, miss things and report less. That helps protect the Realtor's commission. End of rant.
  6. Functioning as intended

    'The door has a little damage on it but works just fine. Just so you know I didn't miss it.'
  7. Cleaning a square dryer vent

    My floor plan doesn't leave me that option. House is on a slab so I can't reasonably put a standpipe in a new location, but I like how you think. Ordered a 4-inch rotary brush with 12 feet worth of extensions and will trim the brush a little on two opposite sides to fit the narrow dimensions of the rectangular duct. It'll still clean 4 inch round if I spin it with my cordless drill. Thanks to both of you. I reckon I'll be filling a 5 gallon bucket at least half-full with lint before I'm done.
  8. On my late 70's home, the clothes dryer exhaust vent transitions from round to rectangular inside the wall cavity then back to round at the top plate. Problem is that it's badly clogged with lint and I don't know how to clean it. I tried my 120 psi air compressor but it takes a brush to get it all off. I think it's a 39-year accumulation. Any ideas? The only solution I can see is to run a new 4" round on the wall surface, but I'll have to penetrate several plywood layers on a wall cabinet before it arrives at the ceiling.
  9. My in-laws back then sometimes kept a can opener on a string around the neck during the Thanksgiving/Christmas bar-b-que.
  10. What is the name for this exterior piece?

    The drip cap we have here is separate from the water table. Fits under the lowest course of clapboard like Chad's drawing but also fits over the water table below. It protrudes from the wall about a half inch more than either clapboard or water table. The only homes that have it here are about 100 yrs old or older.
  11. I couldn't find anyone worthy of mention. It seems Colorado doesn't license HIs, perhaps doesn't even register them, which may mean your in-law can legally hire from out-of-state if she's willing to pay the travel fees. That's what I'd suggest.
  12. Screenless roof venting

    I've never seen screen on a metal panel ridge.
  13. A lot of strange people on this planet. Where I come from, folks don't do things like that. I'd go back but I'm short on dilithium crystals.
  14. I could sit down over coffee with some grasshopper HI and talk for 20 minutes about what's going on with that chimney. I like it.
  15. I've got some questions I put together recently for a survey for recent homebuyers in Louisiana asking if they asked their agent for an HI referral, if the agent volunteered an HI referral, explaining what an COI is then ask if they'd rather have known that the agent/HI had invoked such a COI, etc but I doubt I'd ever come up with enough dough to hire a survey company to carry it out. If I did, I'd take the results to the Consumer Protection Committee of either legislative house and try to convince them to pass some disclosure requirements: if an agent or HI invokes a COI, they gotta tell the client in writing before they do it so the client can put that referral in the proper context.