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  1. I'd clean the dryer appliance and exhaust duct of all lint. You need a tool to remove packed lint. They're not expensive. After that, and everything is back in place, turn the dryer on and see how much air is coming out at the exhaust duct termination. If you think it's borderline, pull the dryer forward enough to remove the exhaust duct connection from the dryer, turn it on again and feel the air coming from the dryer itself. That should tell you if you've got too much constriction in the dryer duct.
  2. A true spiral would leave a clear vertical column for the liner about its axis.
  3. As someone who's never lived in a big northern city, can anyone just legally use those stairs or is it reserved for fire escape only?
  4. I hadn't heard of him until I read this article. I got sold on his integrity where he says to remember who your client is, its not the agent. I'd like to run into him someday.
  5. Got an Email from Pair Payments. I first saw them at the ASHI conference in New Orleans last January, offering inspectors a merchant account for free, no charges at all. Couldn't figure how. They weren't forthcoming. Just came to find out, from today's Email solicitation, that these sneaky folks charge $19.95 to every client of yours that uses their credit card to pay for the inspection, hence the 'free' service provided to you. Smells to stinkin' high heaven of Nicky. I wonder if he's not behind this. Bleeds my guts to be deceived. Ran my business straight forward since 03' and now I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with...how did Kurt put it...smelly piles? End of rant.
  6. A lot of discussion on the FB page where this photo came from but no consensus or even a majority opinion. My money is on micro arcing, initiated by low grade lightning strikes and facilitated by dust and moisture.
  7. I posted this photo from a FB page. I remember seeing something like it in the past but I refute the claims that it's static charges that caused it. Anyone know how it happens?
  8. Marc

    AC Sensor Issue?

    Disregard. I can't see how anything other than the thermostat or a control card in the indoor section could do this, not with that combination of symptoms. I'm assuming you didn't remove power from the system.
  9. Marc

    AC Sensor Issue?

    Is this a variable speed compressor?
  10. Marc

    AC Sensor Issue?

    That's normal operation of most older ACs when the 'fan' switch is in the 'on' position. Check the thermostat occasionally and see if the thermometer reading on it is within 2 degrees of the temperature setting. 'Cool On' means that the thermostat is in cooling mode. It doesn't mean that the outdoor section will be running. The thermostat decides that.
  11. Would you consider a roof rack? I've an aluminum 16' extension ladder that I've used for over 10 years. Retracted, it fits into the 8' bed of my pickup, weighs about 17 lbs but rated only for 200 lb loads. HD has one rated for 250 lb loads that weighs 26 lbs. I will not mount a collapsible. I wouldn't trust it with my life, much less my coffee.
  12. What's the maximum length that will fit into the Pacifica?
  13. What Bill and Jim said but I think the issues begin with the inspector. Lousy inspector. 17 years in this game and this is the first time I've ever heard this condition described as 'isolation joint'. This is how I begin writing that issue up: The edges of the cement board stucco, where it meets with window or door frames, are not properly terminated. They should be terminated with casing bead, leaving a gap into which a backer rod and an elastomeric sealant is installed. This is to accommodate the difference in expansion/contraction characteristics of the materials on either side. Failure to do this may result in cracks along the perimeter of the door or window, inviting water intrusion issues. Water intrusion issues include rot of building material, mold growth and termite infestations.
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