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  1. Having a blast. Brought the spouse yesterday for the welcoming event. Meeting friends.
  2. That's about 123,000 btu/hr. The largest resid gas-fueled tankless heater you'll find here is 199,000 btu/hr, so 123K isn't too bad off. The service entrances must be large and the electrical grid possessed of abundant capacity for the utility to allow such a thirsty water heater.
  3. If you're seeing the exterior brickwork from the inside of the condo, then it sounds like structural brick, with little, if any, insulation. That's going to waste a lot of the heat that's produced inside the house, regardless of whether it's generated by electric heating strips or otherwise.
  4. Given enough time, you're likely going to get mold growth regardless of which method you use to moisturize the air (atomize the water) but some methods might do it better with less growth. Regardless of which method you choose, occasional cleaning will still be needed.
  5. I might prefer to say something along the lines of...inquire of the HOA if there are any other condo's in this building also known to have aluminum wiring and if so, what has been done about it.
  6. The issue, Bustmold, is not with the guidelines but with a prevailing sentiment among the members of this forum that mold inspectors take advantage of a consumer's fear of mold to get them to open their pocketbook and fork it over. Comprendo? Granted, I've not the manners of most members here, especially when that god-forsaken topic - MOLD - crops up, yet again. What Charlie said.
  7. By 'foundation floor', I think you may be referring to what I call the crawlspace grounds. If so, it could be anything you want, or nothing at all, just soil. Soft spots could be any of several things. More description might bring better responses.
  8. Power should be routed from a service entrance in a common area to all units. Perhaps some renovations got done that put a breaker, that controls your power, in another person's unit. Absolutely get them to fix it. You've been badly inconvenienced. Don't want that to happen again.
  9. Post some photos. I don't click links posted by newcomers that I don't know.
  10. Corrosion doesn't indicate a leak but it does indicate the wrong fitting. That fitting is the wrong one. If there's no sight of any oil, I'd not write it. If there is oil, there's likely a leak.
  11. The contribution of the software is dwarfed by the degree of writing skill possessed by the inspector. JMHO
  12. Got lots of folks 'milking the cow' in this business, putting the almighty dollar ahead of service and integrity.
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