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  1. Inspection or sampling ports?
  2. Ya know, it might be that an original capacitor-start motor was replaced with an ECM motor. ECMs don't use capacitors, they're 'electronically commutated', if that makes any sense. If that were true, the control circuitry would need to be replaced also.
  3. I don't recall ever seeing a blower with other than a capacitor-start motor. That unconnected capacitor is a mystery to me.
  4. Wouldn't surprise me. Money, and the lust for it, changes people.
  5. I suspect an underlying issue, such as your expertise being too great for the listing agent's liking, wants to damage you if he can. What Jim said. If ever there was a right time to fight, this is it. If your insurance is InspectorPro, update them. If it's not...I dunno if it's a good idea or not to bring them in.
  6. I find myself taking advantage of the 'Mark site read' option more often now.
  7. I'll need to invest in one, a pressure/flow gauge.
  8. I've a house with just 35 psi available at the first hose bib. Is this an issue?
  9. I can't think of a better launchpad for a career in home inspection. But since your experience is limited to commercial, I offer a few words of what you might encounter as an HI. This is a profession where you will frequently encounter agents. Agents have a professional duty to serve their buyers, but by law, they receive compensation only via a commission, and only if the house is sold. Inspections, by their very nature, don't help the agent sell the house and secure his commission. It's the opposite. The better an inspector can serve a buyer, the more of a threat that inspector is to t
  10. I'm not aware of any shingle manufacturer that prohibit open valleys but there's things far more seriously wrong with the roof on that photo than the fact that it has an open valley. The valley is lined with laminated shingles, shingles that are not intended for such low slopes, nor even for curved surfaces. Even without an establishing shot, I'd say that roof has a serious framing error. The central area within that photo would have been better framed with a flat roof and a single membrane roofing material, such as Mod-bit, EPDM or TPO. Until it's corrected, that area of the roof w
  11. I has surgery on my right shoulder 19 June. Had to turn down all requests for service, inspections for three months. It was by far the most difficult, and painful, recovery from any injury, illness or procedure I've ever had. Four different issues were corrected, most notably my rotator cuff, which was more than halfway torn off.
  12. I'd absolutely replace the entire system upon failure of the compressor. The reason is very simple: R 22 is now phased out. Prices for this refrigerant is now more than 10 times higher than it was before the phase-out began.
  13. I don't see any need to change the size of the pulley, provided that the RPMs of old and new motors are the same. The smaller pulley for the higher horsepower is likely to take advantage of the extra horsepower by increasing the blower speed. I wouldn't go there. Make sure the 'frame size' and shaft diameter are the same for the new motor.
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