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  1. I would take to appliance repair shop and try and match up with replacement dryer coils (I'm no home inspector though).
  2. Been trying to clean out all of the dead inspection links out of the inspector locator. I'm a little shocked at how many just closed up after Covid? Would have thought most would leave up websites in hopes of returning someday but seems not the case for many.
  3. I meant of the dark mode screen. Software support has asked for it and may fix it.
  4. Can you upload a screen shot please.
  5. That's what you get when NOT logged in? Are you not logged in... you must be to post?
  6. At the bottom it looks like below. Click the Theme link and select default... there's also a dark theme available by selecting Bravo 6. Theme Privacy Policy Contact Us © 2020 The Inspector's Journal Powered by Invision Community
  7. There was a new default theme created and I have not created new ones based on it yet. Scroll to bottom of page and click themes. Make sure it's set to default and not TIJ. If there's still a problem let me know. Michael
  8. Recent software update to Version 4.5. Many changes to theme made us revert back to default theme for the time being. Will make up custom theme from new default theme asap. More info here: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/company/welcome-to-invision-community-45-r1206/ There's also a beta app for iOS and android if anyone want to signup as tester: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/invision-community-apps-for-ios-android-r1161/ Michael
  9. You're welcome! Managed to find some time to make some speed improvements. Gzip compression, caching and lazy loading images should speed things up a little. I have few more updates coming also that will also add some speed improvements in the next couple days.
  10. The SSL cert expired and there should be a new one applied by morning.
  11. Not being a home inspector I only see it from its SEO value... because it's copied from another site it would likely considered negative and no benefit to TIJ. To use duplicate content safely you would need a conical meta tag on this page pointing back to original content. Google would then pass link juice etc. back to the original page. This post is negative towards our seo and Google doesn't care if the original writer posted it or not, and has no way of telling if it was him or someone just ripped it off and posted it here. Not to mention this isn't a great idea for Kenton either as hi
  12. Well at least somebody else noticed the false info at our government funded news outlet (Unless you're already infected, masks won't help you.) and they corrected it! Although now factually correct... some of the N95 mask most are recommending only filters inbound air and has a one way valve and a deflector that sends unfiltered exhausted breath downwards in front of user. These types of N95 probably won't help much when it comes to someone that's infected NOT infecting others. Other masks types are probably better at preventing someone infected from infecting others?
  13. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/coronavirus-update-what-you-need-to-know-march-29-1.5513970 This is what they are telling us in Canada... I think the last line is fake news! No mention of HEPA air filters either. What can I do to protect myself? Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Keep them clean. Keep at least two metres away from people who are sick. When outside the home, keep two metres away from other people. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Unless you're already infected, masks won't help you.
  14. As the saying goes... "it's never safe to update" LOL Sorry for the interruption. Michael
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