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  1. Michael Brown

    Furnace/Boiler Age Decoder Chart

    Version 2.0.0


    Furnace/Boiler serial number decoder chart that is used to determine the date of manufacture of furnaces and boilers.
  2. Michael Brown

    Server Upgrade

    This weekend we moved to new faster server hardware and infrastructure. The name server and IP's had to be updated so the site was down for a while. During the move it looks like a couple posts got left behind on the old server(hard to time this stuff exactly). This also includes anyone else I'm hosting at nitroshock.com. Michael
  3. Michael Brown

    1969 Home wiring

    I am not jumping onto Marc's bandwagon either but lets attack the comments not the commenters. This just drifted off topic. No I'm NOT trying out for moderator... it's an awful job!
  4. Michael Brown

    1969 Home wiring

    I just thought i would point out that the original post was: Is a 1969 home likely to have aluminum wiring in Solon, Ohio? Everyone is welcome to their own opinion but lets try and stay on topic and not drift or hijack threads into other topics that belong in their/your own threads. That being said I admire your humility.
  5. Michael Brown

    Dun, kaput, washed up

    Thanks for all your contributions! Go have fun with the grand kids!
  6. Michael Brown

    Inbox full

    This is fixed now. I was looking in the wrong place for the settings... although I'm wondering how any members were able to send messages at all.
  7. Michael Brown

    Inbox full

    It looks like it might be a glitch in the system? I checked all your settings a couple times. Thought it might be the 5MB report you uploaded in PM... I deleted it but nothing changed yet. Somethings are not updated right away so I will leave it and check again tomorrow and see if it's still the same. Will let you know when I find the issue. We have full support from the software provider if needed.
  8. Michael Brown

    Responding to articles

    Try it now... let me know if you find anything else. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Michael Brown

    Bruce Ramsey

    If your looking for the inspector locator, it was moved back to the inspectexpress.com website for now: https://www.inspectexpress.com/locate/default.asp It will be linked up back up in the future.
  10. Michael Brown

    Log in trouble

    We are on a new server with a different IP from before. We are also https now with new software, every page url has changed including the home page (now https). Old bookmarks are junk. It could also be the DNS Resolver Cache on your machine (pointing to old IP), it's only a couple steps to flush.
  11. Michael Brown

    Log in trouble

    Flush and Reset the DNS Resolver Cache in Windows 8? http://mywindowshub.com/flush-and-reset-the-dns-resolver-cache-in-windows-8/ Sounds like it could be pointing at the old IP possibly? But before doing that why not try and login with a different browser on that machine?
  12. Michael Brown

    Log in trouble

    What's the message your getting when trying to login?
  13. Michael Brown

    Aluminum Alloy Conductor Specs

    Version 1.0.0


    Specs For Aluminum Alloy Conductors by Alcan
  14. Michael Brown

    Roof/Ceiling Framing

    Version 1.0.0


    32-page manual explains the code requirements of roof and ceiling framing. American Forest & Paper Products Assoc.
  15. Michael Brown

    Active topics?

    Try Activity on menu: https://www.inspectorsjournal.com/discover/
  16. Michael Brown

    Site Advertisements

    The board totals your likes and content contributions: https://www.inspectorsjournal.com/leaderboard/ We can offer benefits to users with high rep, but at this point nothing like that is set up.
  17. Michael Brown

    Site Advertisements

    TIJ is paid for by Advertisements but we plan to limit ads for our members. Like the previous board the ads will be primarily be for visitors, lurkers and members with only a few posts. This should be all setup in the next few days. Please be patient.
  18. Michael Brown

    Conversion Progress

    Please report any broken/missing thumbnails and or images. Post a link to the topic. The new forum is case sensitive unlike the old Windows forum software. If you decided to capitalize your user name sometime in the past many of your image links could be broken. If that's the case I will have to run a replace in the database.
  19. Michael Brown

    Conversion Progress

    Just a quick update on progress. Most of the images have gone up but some are 0 bytes. Users images with names that start with M and many N are 0 byte so they are being reprocessed now and should be re-uploaded soon. We have written and tested a script to fix the topic attribution and will try and apply that tonight. There are still quite a few changes ahead but these have a high priority. If you find one of your posts with some code that didn't get converted quite right (youtube vids etc.) go ahead and do an edit.
  20. Michael Brown

    Conversion Progress

    All images have been uploaded and topic attribution has been fixed.
  21. Michael Brown

    Image resizer

    The limit was actually set on the server and it was only 2MB I upped it to 16MB for now. This software is different than the old obviously... before if the image was large it would make a thumbnail and link to the larger image that also was restrained in size. This software is similar except there is no restraint on the larger image that I can find at this point. How big of an image should we allow so it doesn't bother users that open them is the question? Not worried about storage or bandwidth really we have 12,000.00 MB storage set now and we can up it. We are around 3,000MB.
  22. Michael Brown

    IJ app??

    Mobile version is coming... it's converting the data that's the problem... mssql to mysql. Michael
  23. Michael Brown

    Time to rebuild

    I think everyone is pretty sensitive to fake news about Donald right now, after the election. Like the video I posted... it's funny they got caught creating fake news again... but maybe not so funny they did it in the first place.
  24. Michael Brown

    Time to rebuild

    We know that - it was a joke. You S.M.s don't have a sense of humor? Sorry, should have known you knew that! We do have a sense of humor though and I thought this video was absolutely hilarious btw: [utube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSfS2u-SmoI" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="344">