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  1. Never install unvented gas logs if you want to keep breathing clean air. Anyway, you have chimneys. The best solution to your gas fireplaces venting into old brick chimneys is to have metal liners installed. The liner is sealed to the housing of the gas unit so no fumes enter the old flue. A metal cap keeps the rain out and protects the old mortar. That means you would be installing fireplace inserts with glass fronts.
  2. Electric dryer heating problem

    Timer switch is a suspect. One more switch - the door switch. But the motor runs, so it is not that. Check your old parts to see if one was faulty, measure for continuity with a DMM. Then you will know if you got wires crossed or loose n your repair.
  3. stepping back in

    That's a cozy workspace you got there, good job on it.
  4. Water in the panel and outlets

    Take some clear pics of the rust after you get the deadfront off. Then if you post them, someone here will advise you, usually muy pronto.
  5. Integrity of the electric equipment

    Sure, I understand your position on that. You are saying the interior of the panel is not accessible because of the paint. And in a multi-family building, there would be the time factor to consider, because it can take a while to get that cover off. Even so, it is important for someone to open those panels up, so eventually there will be some cutting and scraping.
  6. Integrity of the electric equipment

    Can't blame anyone for painting them uglies. Mike, I believe there were problems with the internals of FPE breakers in addition to the Stab-Lok bus issue. So I would call for replacement of all of them. They are antiques. Re: Paint on the deadfront, I will scrape just enough paint off the screws and cut around the edges so that it can be removed, so the paint issue is pretty minimal after that. You could describe the panel cover as 'repainted' in the report. My take on the no paint issue was that it is meant to prohibit paint on the interior.
  7. Brand new. Where to start?

    Yeah you need to know code, and answer questions about code. But I can usually call it best practice or similar, dealing with an older home. You can use 'not in compliance' if you are restricted from mentioning codes where you work. New construction,, the building must meet the current code standards, so definitely you need to know what you are looking at for those inspections.. Even then, if the building was started, permit issued before a code change, the old rules apply. Builder save money every way they can. Sometimes it is permitted.
  8. Brand new. Where to start?

    In Texas, you will be working under the TREC rules, which are not very similar to California HI regulations. But don't ask me, I'm just a casual observer. Sign on with a multi-inspector group for a couple of years. That is one way that will get you up to speed faster than sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. You need advice at first, because the training never gives you all the answers. A lot depends on the housing in your area. You need to learn local issues, what will fly and what won't. But you start with the basics, always. Find a copy of the inspection Standards of Practice, that is your basic guide. Marketing is half of your business and for many it is the hardest half. The inspection part is easy, but getting folks to call you instead of him, that is tough when you're new.
  9. stepping back in

    Hey John, bring us up to date on your backyard projects. Surviving the winter?
  10. Coulda been a griz, then you might have wanted to make some noise. Denny, I'm jealous, my house is surrounded by 5" of frozen snow.
  11. Hot Garbage Disposal

    Right, I guess those studs weren't needed either.
  12. 12V AC vs DC

    Thanks, Marc, but Chad planted the seed. When in doubt, E=IR, no matter what.
  13. Right, a high reading for dander, could that be from old carpets? Get rid of old carpets and curtains.
  14. 12V AC vs DC

    Could it be an extra bright bulb for signals or emergency flashers? They get very hot if left on. You could probably find a small 12 v running light bulb that wouldn't get as hot. Just a guess.
  15. Phone Sale?

    Arzz the bestoons to you and yours, too, Steve.