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  1. John Kogel

    New roof raised in areas

    It's not too late, and thanks for the input. They are correct to say that a gap is recommended. But as usual, they back down then and say it is not a structural deficiency. That is wrong. When OSB swells, it can pull the nail heads through the wood, or just pull apart around the nail. Add wind, and you got structure damage. I'm just saying I wish the authority would speak up for best practices.
  2. John Kogel

    Overheating Circuit Board?

    You have a good eye and a good camera, Jim. My hobby is old radios, so I've seen plenty of scorched parts. When a resistor gets hot, it usually is the result of a failure in another component that is being supplied by that resistor. So the fix there is not to just replace the scorched resistor, but to find the bad component that caused the scorch. And the modern repair for that is a new circuit board. 😒
  3. John Kogel

    Oven Location

    I would call it a design flaw. Someone focused on cooking could step off into space. It can be fixed, but the seller is not obliged to do it for the buyer. It's been said before, there is no code to protect people from stupid.
  4. If you do your job right, they can't touch you, but who needs the grief? Offer a walk and talk, easier for the client to have a memory lapse. I used to print a nice color report with plenty of pics that the seller could leave on the table. That was when no major concerns came to light. If a major defect was found, I would discuss it and send the digital report after we had our chat. Whether they disclosed was up to them. I never went back. Almost never heard a squawk, but one seller's realtor mentioned the vermicky in the attic, nice pic, not too alarming of a comment. I said best to cover it with FG batts, removal is expensive and creates dust. There was a time I did a few, but then they dried up. My theory is that agents began telling sellers it was a waste of money and a bad idea. Maybe it was just the usual black ball, of which I had a few.
  5. This reminds me of my youth, dropping a match into the burner pot of an oil-fired cookstove in the kitchen. Occasionally there'd be too much oil in the pot and it would blow soot for a while. Eventually there'd be piles of carbon from all those matches. Unfortunately, gas refuses to stay in one place, so there is a hazard if the flame is not there to ignite the gas right away. It looks like those things can be fitted with a pilot light for improved safety, so there's your recommendation.
  6. John Kogel

    Exterior grade lumber

    I think you are right, no mention of pressure treatment in those stamps. HT stands for heat treated.
  7. John Kogel

    1924 house

    Yes, it would be difficult to prove that a modern breaker panel would be an improvement. Except that a breaker can be reset, and that there is a lot of exposed metal there for someone fumbling with fuses.
  8. John Kogel

    PEX with Wirsbo fittings?

    I would say Keep them visible and keep an eye out for drips. Have a plumber check the connectors, maybe if you see any reason to suspect them. If you could name the contractor who did the work, you could give that info to your client. It could be a reputable outfit that did the work, and they will stand behind their work, stuff like that.
  9. John Kogel

    Added bus bar

    Hi Trent. If only the grounding wires went to that extra bus, it would be good to go. That is how it is done here, ground wires to the back of the panel. However, I'd prefer to see all the neutrals going only to the neutral bus, the most direct route back to the source.
  10. John Kogel

    Fun Design Challenge

    Sorry if I ruffled your feathers, Steven. I am not belittling the work you have done there, not at all. I wonder at the logic of building a silo into the side of a house, but it looks fantastic. Good job.
  11. John Kogel

    HI Artography - Scorched Wire

    Re: that wire, somebody's screwdriver made a spark while he was tightening a screw on the neutral bus? Maybe his glasses were fogged up.
  12. John Kogel

    Fun Design Challenge

    Washing those windows will be a PITA. They can do whatever they want, but if I was building for those prices, it would be an efficient design, not something that will need endless upkeep. On the upside, it will provide employment, and that's a good thing.
  13. John Kogel

    Asymmetrical roof valley

    Marc, be careful up there. Us older guys can't survive a fall from that far up. Good luck with it.
  14. John Kogel

    Tub/Shower Step

    It looks like a hazard, so I'd at least talk about it and probably include it in my written report. Then offer a solution, such as changing it to a walk-in shower stall. Or they could spin the toilet 90 degrees and add a wider step, maybe.
  15. John Kogel

    Fuse panel (Skeleton man)

    That's got Avatar potential, no?