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  1. John Kogel

    Who did this?

    Carpenter ants is more likely. They are more industrious that beetles, constantly cleaning house. I have seen this mess in my own house and have done the forensics.☚ī¸
  2. John Kogel

    Room wall switch requirement

    This is not helpful, but I have to tell y'all, in the Canadian EC, the bathroom light switch must be out in the hall, unless it can be installed inside at least 1 meter, 39" away from the inside edge of the tub. So we have that in this house, tub right adjacent to the door so the switch is out in the hall.
  3. You would not see foam sprayed over existing batts. Certainly with the batts removed, foam makes an excellent seal. One concern is there can be a lack of air circulation between the foam and the roof sheathing. Maybe it is not a problem as long as there is no moisture trapped in there. Foamed attics are still fairly new in the scale of things.
  4. John Kogel

    Hockey Practice?

    😄 But the goalie kid has nerves of steel.
  5. John Kogel

    Hockey Practice?

    Parents too disinterested or whatever to instruct their children.
  6. John Kogel

    square footage

    The clients are wrong and the realtor is either a greenhorn or on meds. However, you could offer to return to the condo and measure it for an hourly fee. Maybe learn to combine appraisals with inspections, why not?
  7. Slits will work, and the best vapor barrier is poly sealed with tape. In my climate, we are required by code to seal around electrical boxes with poly covers or use boxes with built-in gaskets. Keep indoor air out of the rafter cavities, and provide air circulation of the cavities and you will have no issues. Soffit vents and ridge vents. You can form a bag around an electrical box from a square piece of 6 mil poly. Make it large enough to have several inches hanging all around the box. Tape around the wire. Then when you staple up the vapor barrier, cut a small hole and pull your bag edges out, trim and tape.
  8. John Kogel

    Crappy drill press

    Google the brand and model. Maybe a stronger motor can be installed. How about a lawnmower engine? Play with the pulleys for a faster drill speed. Hook it up to a stationary bike so you can pedal it, or maybe peddle it. 😎
  9. John Kogel

    Portland in Early September

    Yeah that was fun. Some of us were there in spirit. Just a ripe, I mean rich, bunch of guys. 😎
  10. John Kogel

    Crack in wall

    Hopefully the engineer from last year has pictures of those transition areas. You could have a look at the contract that was drawn up for the work .You want to see an explanation for why the loose mortar in the vulnerable areas was not fixed.
  11. John Kogel

    Crack in wall

    With this new info, I'm inclined to see you point of view. Water runs down over the wall or just heavy rain, and then a hard frost and something has to give. Is the stucco on the right an example of the old surface that was removed from the brick? Did an engineer inspect the condition of the brick and the mortar? I see some old loose mortar in the closeup pictures. Does the roof drainage keep the walls dry?
  12. John Kogel

    Crack in wall

    You're suggesting that the caulk is stronger than the brick, no? The crack may have opened up since the work was done, but I would not say the repair work was the cause, but maybe that the work was stopped when it should have continued. Just a guess until we know more. Is the building wood frame with a brick veneer, or is it an actual brick structure? What is the condition of the foundation, and is it accessible, such as a basement below this area? I am not saying there is a major issue because we can't see enough of the wall to make a judgement on it. We need more info. A picture from farther back would be helpful.
  13. Note to myself: Make sure client has a whistle.
  14. John Kogel

    Antique Meter

    Right,, you could monitor how much power your light bulb is using. A meter with wingnuts? Must be adjustable. 😊
  15. How about when the client and you decide because of a major issue, to curtail the inspection half done? Legislation shouldn't force the inspection to continue.against the client's will. My client one day thought he was buying a modular and I pointed out it was actually a mobile with a metal frame and spring shackles. Right there, he was no longer interested, but he owed me for the hour and a half before he arrived. Also there has to be flexibility for a roof inspection for a client's insurance company or some other focused inspection, crawlspace only or just the new installation..