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  1. Since that recent airport shutdown due to (criminally stupid) goofs flying drones around the airport, you bet, there will be crackdowns. She who knows best brought home a bag of Romaine lettuce yesterday, we had salad, and I am happy to report, still alive. California has water issues, lettuce is 95% water, much of the Romaine is grown across the road from an enormous feedlot.
  2. I have taken plenty of pics with a pole camera. Quick and easy compared to flying a drone in a crowded subdivision with power poles and trees everywhere. I admit drones have come a long way and we see drone film footage every day now in documentaries and TV shows. But as Jim says, why mess about with flying, retrieving, and editing when you can get close enough with a real ladder and a paint pole?
  3. John Kogel

    This ladder still OK?

    You're welcome to visit us anytime, Jim, but I found a US website here: https://www.idealproductusa.com/Catalog-of-products/Jaws-Ladders.shtml The knuckle joint locks into position with tapered teeth and two big wingnuts hold the jaws tight. The picture show a gal with her ladder angle way off. She could use a hand. 😎
  4. John Kogel

    This ladder still OK?

    Denny, wear a helmet. The rest of you Werners users, get a Jaws ladder. Seriously, I bought a Jaws from a retiring inspector, and it will never over extend like that. Also, the top section can easily be removed, making the ladder light and strong.
  5. John Kogel

    Roof Design / Name

    In this climate, Rooftop Duck Pond. 😃
  6. John Kogel

    This is COOL

    Doh! Those things are bound to leak as well, or just get left open in a rainstorm. Could be rigged to close itself with motors and sensors. Then again, why not build a permanent weathertight dormer?
  7. John Kogel

    3 inspection photos you should take to manage your risk

    Yes, good article and good responses. When I was actively inspecting, I took 80 to 180 pics per house. They are filed by date, simple. A few times, I had to pull up pics to back up my report. Replaying the shots in sequence is like reliving the inspection, and it refreshes the memory. I had a guy try, and fail, to lay a claim 2 full years after the inspection. He saw 50 pics in the report, but I had saved 160, showing walls and ceilings in all the rooms, water flowing out of faucets, etc. One thing I recommend is a notepad or just a scrap of paper and a short pencil stub in a pocket. Write down the significant deficiencies as you find them. Sometimes when writing the report, the picture you took earlier can get lost in the shuffle. A glance at the note while writing takes a couple of seconds, a quick check of the report before sending.
  8. Would that be your 'forearms' maybe? Firearms vs. mice in a crawlspace, we'll want to see the video. 😃 There's a deer mouse that has long hind legs like a kangaroo. Also those are the ones linked to the Hanta virus. Mice babies in the glove box, you could blame that on the wife's dust cloth, a cozy baby blanket.
  9. That white or green fuzz is similar to what will grow on an old orange peel. It can be wiped off with a cloth. When it dies, it turns black. Fix the caulking around the edges of your tub. I think I see stains in the plywood where water is leaking under the floor tiles or vinyl.
  10. John Kogel

    Pump run on reversed hot and neutral

    Did you go back to the original outlet that was running the pump for a year? Make sure the cord and plug are not damaged from being shifted around . The motor ran normally with neutral on the switch because it is 120 volt alternating current, not really 'polarized'.
  11. A tough job, but somebody had to do it. 😄
  12. John Kogel

    Post Frame Construction Home

    I like post (and beam) construction, but have to say stick frame is more practical. You can build a frame wall, square it with a sheet of plywood and stand it up in about an hour. I built a pergola from six 6 X 6 Douglas Fir posts this summer. One post was bowed pretty badly, and one had a bit of twist to it. I don't know how I missed the defects, except that I selected the wood by myself, hard to pick through the pile, and I was putting aside posts with visible scars and loose knots. Anyway, a post with twist or warp would be hard to use in a wall. A twisted 2X6 can be nailed at one end and then twisted straight while the other end is nailed. Getting each post plumb and bracing it was a pain, and then I had to get them all level at the top. It took quite a while. Good luck with yours. I realize you will be standing them on a level foundation maybe with beams to square them up. But it is work for a crew of guys.
  13. John Kogel

    Who did this?

    Carpenter ants is more likely. They are more industrious that beetles, constantly cleaning house. I have seen this mess in my own house and have done the forensics.☚ī¸
  14. John Kogel

    Room wall switch requirement

    This is not helpful, but I have to tell y'all, in the Canadian EC, the bathroom light switch must be out in the hall, unless it can be installed inside at least 1 meter, 39" away from the inside edge of the tub. So we have that in this house, tub right adjacent to the door so the switch is out in the hall.
  15. You would not see foam sprayed over existing batts. Certainly with the batts removed, foam makes an excellent seal. One concern is there can be a lack of air circulation between the foam and the roof sheathing. Maybe it is not a problem as long as there is no moisture trapped in there. Foamed attics are still fairly new in the scale of things.