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  1. Tub/Shower Step

    It looks like a hazard, so I'd at least talk about it and probably include it in my written report. Then offer a solution, such as changing it to a walk-in shower stall. Or they could spin the toilet 90 degrees and add a wider step, maybe.
  2. Fuse panel (Skeleton man)

    That's got Avatar potential, no?
  3. Unknown Object

    A telegraph office would be possible if the location seems right. If it is just a residence, it is probably as mentioned by Rob, nothing more than an antenna connector for the big console radio. They didn't start having internal loop antennas until the early 30's. And for short wave, they'd add a long wire antenna, maybe strung up in the attic.
  4. HI Image - Old GE Sign

    GE was a big name then, in Canada as well. But there was no free trade, so they built factories in Toronto, Montreal and maybe West of there as well. I like that one, but it is dwarfed by some of your others. Cheers.
  5. Cool Historical Building

    Needs a big firepit and some Vikings on benches. Skoal!
  6. Hope y'all adjust to the time loss, and have a great Spring!
  7. New roof raised in areas

    That's right, the edges are painted. Green means one thing, orange another. A look at sheathing seams in the attic might show something.
  8. New roof raised in areas

    That is good practice, but doesn't leave a hump.
  9. New roof raised in areas

    Are those ribs 4 feet apart, I think so. OSB with swollen lips. The stack sat out in the rain without a cover, and the edges all swelled up? I imagine that would do it.
  10. Plastic access cover (garage-house wall)

    Back in the day, someone, such as Mycroft, would take a torch to one of those covers to see if they burn. Maybe they don't.
  11. obelisk

    Could we get a moderator over here? Oh, right, Bill's a moderator. To get the proportions right, we'll need a better shot of that phallus, I mean, tower.
  12. obelisk

    And don't forget to paint those nuts where you scratched them, eh?
  13. Artography - Birds and fog

    This one is worthy of the hallway or the lobby, even.
  14. I'd call it out, because chances are good it doesn't comply with Marc's rule.
  15. Need opinion on home im looking at.

    Include that you want a termite inspection. A home inspector might include that, but if he doen't inspect for termites, you want that as well. If the property has a septic tank, that needs to be pumped, and the system inspected as well as possible. If the property has a well, not likely in that location, but if so, you want water testing for basic chloroforms at least.