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  1. It may have been accepted at the time, but is a funky mess by the standards of today. Best to recommend a new breaker panel, and an electrician might want to install a new meter housing. Then the power company may want the weather heads upgraded to a single mast, and in the case of two owners, this could escalate into a big headache for a new home buyer. So don't go too easy on something like this, which was just barely adequate to start with.
  2. Right, if a professional electrician installed them, you could look like a gringo calling them out and cause unnecessary delays for a home buyer.. Ask local electricians if they use those subs. Just a thought.
  3. The most quiet exhaust fan is one that in inline with just the intake vent in the room. A really noisy fan won't get used at all. Don't try to mount a ceiling fan on its side in a wall. The fan bearings need to be designed for a sideways mount. The actual position of the fan in the ceiling is not that critical. It should change all the air in the room in a reasonable length of time. I'd put the fan away from the door, where the makeup air comes in. I wouldn't mount it inside the shower enclosure, not necessary, increases possibility of a shock hazard, like after a tenant breaks or loses the vent cover. I like the timer switch with the choice of 5 time periods. In a basement suite, typical low ceiling, Mr. Handy had fixed the noisy bath fan that always came on with the light. He installed a metal-handled toggle switch right on the cover, inside the shower enclosure, yikes.
  4. Right, the next thing to do would be to search for the filler cap. Even if the filler cap is gone, good chance the tank is still there, otherwise that vent wouldn't be left behind. Sometimes the tank has been filled with sand and left in place, but not likely in this case, or you would have it in writing, and they'd get rid of the vent in most cases. PITA for mowing for 62 years now.
  5. Right, if you have ever seen a standard-sized washer empty into a laundry sink, you know how fast the washer pump will fill that sink to within a few inches of the top. The little sink drain can't catch up, so yes, it needs to be a big reservoir. Basement laundry drains are fun. I remember one where the washer hose was extended straight up to a very short standpipe/elbow and a drain pipe suspended from the ceiling joists. The sewer drain was in the basement wall several feet above the floor, and the bottom landing for the stairs was there, so up and over was really the only option. I looked up the specs for the washer pump and it was rated for a max lift of 8 feet, acceptable IMO, but the short standpipe was wrong.
  6. Thanks, Jim. I'm in full agreement, and who can argue with the math? Machines are in separate units with a common laundry room wall, and both draining in unison would be a disaster. A parallel drain pipe is a bit of work but eliminates the Russian roulette aspect. This made me think of the old Power Miser relay that we used to see here on electric dryer circuits. When one appliance is running, another appliance on that circuit has power cut off.
  7. Adjoining laundry rooms share the same 2" ABS plastic drain pipe. The pipe connects to a vent stack and a 4" drain. Is it acceptable for the two washers to share one trap through a Y or T above the trap? That is, can they share the stand pipe?
  8. It stops water streaming down the valley from running along the top of a shingle strip. Good luck with that. If I was closer I'd stop by to lend a hand.😷
  9. 2. How dense the population is. This reminds me of something Lil' Abner said once or twice - "It's gonna take brains to figure this out, so (Gulp) we is licked!" 🤓
  10. Thanks, Jim. A brand I'm familiar with is JB Woody. Two jars of putty, mix equal parts together. It sets up hard enough to sand in a few hours, but won't take a stain, has to be painted.
  11. In some climates you'll see mold spores everywhere you go. You haven't given us a general location. If you can visualize a swamp in the spot where the house is now, it could be a problem. There should be good drainage around the basement foundation and some where for rain water to go. Those are basic things to check if you're in a place where it rains.
  12. Thanks, Mike. "Who was that masked man?" The Lone 'Spector? 🤓 Seniors here, what we used to call little old ladies, but that would make some of us little old men, no? Senior ladies groups are sewing masks from cloth and they are nice masks, kind of like squares from a quilt. You could even have your logo embroidered on there. The mask helps to keep your covid breath from contaminating the home, so it is a service feature for your marketing.
  13. Right, Marc knows mold, living in swamp country all his life . 😎 Mold doesn't grow on metal, it grows on the dirt on the metal. There has to be some dust or dirt for it to eat. Metal window frames collect dust and moisture, and then a bit of mold will grow on that. Some algae don't need much food, that's the green slime you see on a car that never gets washed. When it dies, it turns black. That black stain is harmless. There is a black mold that releases spores that can be an irritant to some people, and it is often seen when drywall is allowed to get wet. That mold grows on the paper coating of drywall.
  14. As far as construction all over North America having to continue, all fine but who is monitoring? In Vancouver, laborers are riding on buses, then climbing 17 flights of stairs to go to work. Think they use the handrails without washing? They work all day in cold weather, do their noses run a bit? Then climb down and get on buses to go home. Washing station is a cold water hose on the ground floor. Just a small example. On the upside, some clever young folk are using their skills with 3-D printing to fabricate safety gear, good for them. We need hand washing facilities and unfortunately we need policing, wash before you get on this bus. Here's something else that needs to be fixed - truckers have no access to toilets or wash basins. That would go for delivery drivers as well, think about it. Local delivery, they can return to base and wash their hands. But some parcel guys are out all day.
  15. I want the deluxe model with sleeves and gloves attached. And a kangaroo pouch for money. [:)]
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