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  1. carefully reading her response will guide you to enlightenment why we are in this mess. Do what you want. I will exceed standards.
  2. Mostly for other readers - I have always known what Jim thinks about SOPs. I have always had that understanding of any sop. My comment was sarcasm. I agree with Katen. I do like the Dollar Store comparison. Hopefully mine is more of a Nieman-Marcus piece of goods!
  3. I am with you Jim! I am not the best writer, but I am a pretty damn good talker!
  4. every time I see the word "squirrel" in print I think of Kurt M. He had a thing for squirrels. Maybe that is why we were friends for soooooooo long.
  5. "An inspection report that doesn't exceed the standard of practice is a piss-poor report. " Dear James Katen, Please tell us how you feel about home inspector standards of practice and what purpose they serve. Thank You Leslie Van Alstine
  6. When I first heard it was a penny. Heard it at Army basic training in Ft Knox, Ky.
  7. Les

    Newbie Here

    short single stem glass with micro bowl.
  8. Parts of Michigan had it until 1976+-. I was on a four party line until 1991. there were only two area codes. Five number worked up north until mid 1980's.
  9. my favorite is the phone number!
  10. took me a few seconds, but I did get it!
  11. I keep a 3' x 9' wood raft in my lake along the shore especially for the turtles to sun on. I have had as many as 150 on there. I found the secret is to keep the top of the raft as close to the water line as possible to facilitate ease in climbing on.
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