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  1. Great. How can I share it? did you post on Facebook?
  2. all of the above. we see it on nearly all octopus furnaces regardless of fuel used.
  3. Jim has again demonstrated his writing skill. I like Torrey and hope he sticks around to help with finance issues!
  4. I am a little late to the conversation. We have been under a shelter in place since Monday. We have specifically been designated non essential and must stay home. We finished our week. Our schedule is blank for next week except one appointment. I can't answer Jim's question because I do not think in terms of it being ethical or not. I agree with Bill's assessment. My advice would be to not do the inspection because it violates the ASHI SOP that also protects me. Most of you know I am inherently a rule breaker. I can get slippery and do inspections and protect (legally) my other inspectors. But I have relied upon my emotions to cancel inspections and not do them. I don't judge others and don't want them to judge me or my business.
  5. Jim and Bill are right. It really is amazingly good looking!
  6. OK, these articles have turned into commercials. just my opinion. anecdotes are fun, but facts are better.
  7. She was an awfully good looking dog! You are right - it is about time and money at the end of the day. What did they pay in NY?
  8. I suspect you could leave the board in place and add to it making a two piece flitch plate and adding another piece of dimensional that would be an effective sister.
  9. I agree with Jim K. I would be surprised if you could get 250 for a usual insurance inspection. Where are you located? Here in Mid-Michigan they pay only $100+-. We do not do them, but would if it kept beans and bacon on the table.
  10. too bland to enjoy. unless you have seen a bizillion a/c lines.
  11. That sure is a bunch of work!
  12. is the first photo the lower left of the last photo on the hearth?
  13. True. If it was racked enough to crack chimney it is pretty likely there would be other clues. I have seen that phenomena when there was an explosion on the first level of a house with a basement. I have no experience with a house on crawl or slab. Extreme event(s) require a little more investigation and experience than a typical home inspection. Could be a simple masonry issue and nothing exotic at all.
  14. any interior indicators of racking: interior doors, wall corners at ceiling, and window openings. location of cracks below the roof line on the chimney.
  15. yes the tornado could have been culprit. the house envelope can and will rack with the storm forces and it can crack a chimney like that. because it is interior only the racking would only impact interior brick. tornadoes are much like explosions - you can believe anything.
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