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  1. not necessarily. Mark P had conversation with him and that is the first step. Manage expectations is number one, effectively verbal communication number two and hard report is number three. I do expect an argument here.
  2. Date this Crane furnace

    likely 1950's. no zip code on tag.
  3. Did. Also I know lots of inspectors in Fla and seems there are large areas with no "good" operators.
  4. Mark, looks like you are getting no responses. I ask for a referral for the Miami-Dade area and got no referrals from ASHI or here. Maybe you and I should vacation in the south Dec, Jan and Feb?
  5. Inspection Agreements

    Jerry, went back and actually read the entire proposed contract. I would be considered a pretty good reader, especially since I am also an Inspector. I knew what the writer was writing, but never completely understood it. Go to the local bar association and find an atty that knows real estate in Illinois and retain him to read your contract and defend it on your behalf.
  6. Inspection Agreements

    Jim K make a good point. A point that has served me and my company very nicely over the past 30yrs. I remain in the camp of those that believe any contract can and will be tested and can be broken. That is just the way it all works. None is bullet-proof. I do not like unfriendly contracts. Clients that like you never sue you.
  7. Raceway in cabinet?

    Dear Tom, I like whips too!
  8. Marc, everything you write is correct, except you made an assumption that the efflorescence would occur under the strap and there would be moisture under the strap, etc. IE: cracked wall, water entry, efflorescence, clean the wall, apply the strap, then what?
  9. I often use the analogy they are very similar to strapping tape on packages. I have also asked, and not gotten an answer from mfg, how efflorescence affects them.
  10. Pretty common around our area. Only failures were from improper installation aka: skilled homeowners. Are they all kevlar?
  11. Do you have any experience with inspections? Fill in your profile info for a little better introduction.
  12. What is this?

    klixon disc
  13. Wood Pellet Insulation

    We often see sawdust of various particle size, but nothing that size. I was raised in a town that had several furniture factories and sawdust was cheap/free. Every couple of years someone would die when buried in the huge piles. The planers, gouges and shapers would make large chunks of wood and that was used to fire the boilers. There was a wood bowl factory that produced coarse sawdust in strands. Seems like weight would be an issue. Don't know.
  14. Which Brand HVAC???

    I vote for Trane. particularly the xl line. good luck with several.
  15. we always call them sky cranes. likely a better moniker out west!