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  1. flashlight bulbs

    $300 used!
  2. flashlight bulbs

    Underwood Speed 65, manual. Damn Selectrics are not dependable and require electricity to even operate!
  3. flashlight bulbs

    I still use a candle and a bit of tin foil.
  4. Holes in Radon Pipe

    how is the vacuum affected by the bypass?
  5. second photo is my favorite. like the line and shapes.
  6. 1969 Home wiring

    I do trust you are being sarcastic. Regardless, it does lower my respect of you. It is not my nature to place people in tiny boxes.
  7. Ezra is very good. He would be my choice. Did not know about Terry, he is a good guy and quite smart!
  8. Holes in Radon Pipe

    I learn something every day! And, I do forget a few things.
  9. 1969 Home wiring

    I am not jumping onto Marc's bandwagon. I have the greatest respect for him, but he does have a bad attitude about real estate agents. All real estate agents are not "bad". Marc often makes statements that do not reflect the entire inspection profession. Not that they are always wrong, just not fair nor balanced. Every real estate agent does not want a poor inspection done. Every real estate agent is not in the business to screw people. As soon as this conversation turned from aluminum wire to statements about real estate agents and bad inspectors, you lost me. I do not care who buys what or when or for how much. Never have and likely never will. I love conversations about housing trends, but abhor statements that are emotional.
  10. that is what I thought. Too.
  11. whole house surge protectors

    there are times you guys "kill" me. disect that John!
  12. Jim's post is worth reading again. Maybe the best post of the year. I like Bill K's post too. "bad milk" took me to Walter Jower's writing and reminds me how much I miss him.
  13. I know what you are "saying", but it can be cleaned up a tad. I would write: (using your example) I saw signs of mold growth on the roof sheahting at the north side of attic. Mold is typically a result of trapped moisture vapor that may be entering attic from the living space below. I recommend the attic be properly insulated and ventilated. Be sure exhaust fans terminate outside of the house. Furnace humidifiers often do more harm than good when overused or improperly set. Be sure to address cause of mold before any remediation work is done. The EPA website has good information regarding mold and remediation. I don't like to be as specific as "14" of blown in cellulose... " I don't like sentence #4, it makes no sense to me. Remember you did ask!
  14. I kinda looked it over, but did not have the discipline to read it. Forget about the format of report, repetition, poor grammar, etc. Did the inspector meet the expectations of his client? Likely no he/she did not. Some of the comments are not understood by me, a home inspector, so how can a client understand it? I remain in the school of short and sweet for reporting. Do not explain the defect, just report it. Lightening can strike anywhere. the nonsense about client personal protection is crap; you can trip and fall anywhere and die! Find it and report it. Have the confidence in your own ability and knowledge to make "pronouncements". The electrical system is unsafe, bad, crap, etc. Get an electrician to fix it. No I did not spend all day making a list of the defects. No, I will not tell you how to re-wire the subpanel. I have problems with inspectors that think they are saving the world one client at a time.
  15. New blog

    I am sure the real estate market in Louisiana is as Marc describes. The influence of an agent on the inspection and process is up for discussion. I think Marc is a little jaded in his writings and can tell you that it is not exactly that situation in Michigan. Yes we have some inspectors that "soften" there reports and conversations, but not always to benefit the agent. Agents are not inherently evil! Agents do not have to protect anyone that is acting unethically or outside the law. I have been in this business for many decades, am married to a real estate broker, and count many real estate people as my personal friends. I have been in many markets across the United States and interacted on a personal level with both inspectors and real estate agents. To lump them together, all as slackers and crooks, is not reasonable. Nor is it reasonable to spout platitudes about me, myself and I. I also believe that "benign" is not a good word for this conversation. Benign means gentle or not effective to this northern boy. Of course, we all think of benign and cancer. Hope others will contribute to this discussion.