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  1. the bracket that holds the pressure switch sure looks field fabricated to me. it has different fasteners than the remainder of cabinet shown in photo; raw edges, fasteners, discoloration at throat of inducer, etc. the burner cycle you describe is of concern. I really can't imagine aftermarket parts not being available. Maybe things are different in Canada.
  2. I took another look at the photo and realize I have never seen a configuration like that. I, of course, have not seen everything, but this looks like some sort of field modification. Is it original?
  3. https://inspectorroadshow.com/ I have a friend of a friend that knows a guy in Toledo. I will get his name and post it.
  4. What Marc and Jim said and check both tubes for moisture. Pull them off on the low side while unit is idle.
  5. You are not getting on my nerves! I will be getting back on in a few hours.
  6. That was a success! Kurt M was involved with something similar years ago. Your thought process was the key. These masonry stories always make me think of Tom the Builder from Pillars of the Earth.
  7. thanks! sounds like it is going pretty well!
  8. keep us posted on your progress.
  9. 😀that makes sense. They really are authorities and certainly have lots to say! I have a little problem when an entire industry seems to think the tasks can only be accomplished in one way. For instance, some of the best reports I have ever read have no photos! However, most reports would benefit from photos that are more "meaningful" and better composed.
  10. soffit, ridge and gable vents? past mold remediation? un-insulated kitchen vent? can't say I have ever seen that much moisture on a styrofoam baffle.
  11. "Exterior / Roof Survey Findings: The roof, roof drainage systems, jacks, flashings, skylights, chimneys, other roof penetrations were observed within the limits of accessibility. The method of observation, which is suggestive of the extent to which the roof and related components were observed, is set forth in the components section. Wall cladding, flashing, trim, eaves and rake fascias (barge rafters), doors, windows, and garage doors were observed if present. If bedroom windows have security bars, they may be required to have release mechanisms. The release mechanisms are not tested by the inspection company. It is strongly recommended that you have the owner or agent demonstrate the release mechanism on each window. Significant visible deficiencies or potential concerns, if any, are reported below. Any visible deficiencies in abutting or attached decks may be reported in the STRUCTURE section rather than here. Visible signs of leaks or abnormal condensation (if any) on surfaces are reported in this, and/or other pertinent, sections. Exterior systems or components are indicated by type or described in the components section. [R] [M] [N] 1000: Roof repairs / general maintenance needed. Roof deck appeared to have sagging areas [P] [F] 1120.02: Cut back tree limbs to break contact with roof. See series 1120.02 photo(s) [P] [N] 1120.02: Cut back tree limbs to break contact with roof. See series 1120.02 photo(s) [R] [P] [N] 1230.04: Metal flashing faulty or otherwise amiss. Flashing not flat on roof - could allow wind to damage materials. See series 1230.04 photo(s) [D] [N] [P] [F] 1280.13: Downspout part(s) appear to be missing. See series 1280.13 photo(s) [A] [N] 1320.02: Siding buckled. Soffit on rear of home appears to have and area that is either sagging or a change in pitch. [A] 1320.03: Siding warped. Noted at the rear of the building. See series 1320.03 photo(s) [A] [F] 1530.03: Window faulty or otherwise amiss. Noted at the front entry door. Photo: 1120.02 (1) Photo: 1120.02 (2) Photo: 1230.04" little excerpt from Mike's report. I have a little confusion on what the letter and numbers are and why.
  12. This is not one of your better pieces. I read it as a Mertz and Sipe discussion. You posited your points and then supported them via quote. I know both and have great respect for them and their opinion(s).
  13. you have stirred my curiosity. do you have photos? inside and outside. it would not be common for that much moisture in attic, regardless.
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