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  1. stepping back in

    I could sit and watch Marc and John do it for hours on end. Chad what ever happened to your doodle bug?
  2. we no longer light anything, even with a pizo. also don't turn the gas on .
  3. Snow intrusion through roof vents

    nothing other than anecdotal observations. The vents look too close to ridge. We see it on houses with steep roofs, facing westerly (lake effect winds). I don't know of snow proof vents.
  4. Integrity of the electric equipment

    I insisted that an agent be present for many years. Then, we got supra-key access, because we were forced to, and now we are alone or with the client only. It is a change I do not like, but really have little control over. Simply saying we will not do it without agent is a tack I have taken with some success, but it would be risky.
  5. Integrity of the electric equipment

    we are getting close to 33% that agent not present or sits in car. Many refuse to even talk to us directly. We are in a very eclectic market here in mid-Michigan.
  6. Integrity of the electric equipment

    little thread drift - How many inspections do you do with no agent present? Not an actual number, just curious if you are seeing more instances where there is no agent. We are seeing many more during the past two years. Mostly the agents do not care if we inspect interior or do not inspect interior of panel. We care.
  7. Integrity of the electric equipment

    Agents generally do not give any "permissions". We just note that we did not open. Usually we will go back for a small charge or no charge if they give us written permission or cut and gouge on their own. We actually go back less than 1% of the time and never for apartment buildings.
  8. Integrity of the electric equipment

    We treat them much like attic skuttles that are painted closed or nailed. Our market would "eat our lunch" if we cut or gouged.
  9. Integrity of the electric equipment

    John, I agree with you abt the interior. But, when they are painted in multi-family units they almost always are painted to the wall. We will not pull them if painted. We don't need to be painting walls after the inspection.
  10. Integrity of the electric equipment

    Hey Mike, when we do apartment bldgs we write painted or damaged covers. we also have learned to write all (as many as seen) damaged switch and outlet covers. Usually we make a blanket statement. As far as I know covers are not to be painted and fasteners clean and clear. EDIT: we write them because they are painted to the wall, fasteners filled in with paint, etc. not the fact they are just "painted"
  11. My friend JD Grewell passed on couple of weeks ago. The link is for his memorial service. Every inspector owes JD a debt of gratitude. He was a pioneer and all around nice guy! http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/washingtonpost/obituary.aspx?n=john-grewell&pid=187768481
  12. You really are never going to work again!
  13. While I agree with the code suggestion, I would caution that it is a knowledge base that requires close attention in implementation. If you go out in the field and start with "the code requires this and that" you will have some difficulty. Code knowledge is essential. How to implement that knowledge is where some get into trouble. The NHIE is essential. Do it asap. It will tell you lots of things about the scope of your knowledge. One of the senior members here, John Dirks, has lots in common with you. He will be checking in and I am sure will have some insight!
  14. stepping back in

    I joined coupe of the Facebook pages and tried to participate now and then. Found out I was not worthy of the respect I seem to get here! One of two of the newer inspectors thought it would be "funny" to question most responses, so I quit responding. "Never do business with a snake" come to mind.
  15. stepping back in

    Welcome back John! It is nice to see everyone back and participating. There is never anything to loose by stopping by and putting your two cents into the conversation.