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  1. Hey Bill, didn't they come atop an American Standard steel counter top?
  2. operated pop-up drain. not exact but gives you the idea.
  3. I must have been a sawyer in a past life. I can watch a saw mill for hours! (and have done it) my barn has scraps of wood that I have personally had for fifty years.
  4. not a difficult read and does contain some good advice for those that have appropriate insurance. Thought it was interesting that the state bar got involved.
  5. or I could go next door to my kids's law office.😊
  6. all inspectors must be aware that their insurance company is not their attorney.. consult your atty.
  7. While I appreciate your view and take on the subject, you may be a little off on your interpretation of the law. I think you are correct in most of your post, but to opine that a person may or not be covered is definitely up to the discretion of the individual state(s) and their regulators. I, as a sole proprietor, can not be covered, yet must have coverage in place - in Michigan.
  8. Now that is the Mike I know and love!
  9. $105.00, plus a Case folding knife and three sticks of Juicy Fruit gum.
  10. that is pretty good. never seen them before. thanks
  11. relatively common here in mid-Michigan. not common in floor drains, only sanitary. only way to know is visual or a sewer scope.
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