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  1. I'm with Jim. That is not a popcorn ceiling and if it was there are several coats of paint encapsulating any thing. Read something about the characteristics of asbestos; it is a crystal, hard, brittle, and not transdermal. Do NOT grind, sand or otherwise abrade it. Look up pixels ala asbestos. relax. there are a bizzilion products with asbestos today.
  2. mostly you are wrong. if you can post something meaningful from the Philippines, please do so.
  3. not a bad idea, but one that is very rare in this business. you have a good starting point and seem to have the right attitude! Good Luck
  4. Sarcasm - I do not know many expert surgeons or attorneys that work at it part-time and keep their full time job at the hardware store.
  5. I agree with everything written above. Not 100%, but mostly. Commercial is a completely different process for me and my company. There are many aspects of the inspection business including commercial, legal, residential, investment, reserve study(s), construction draws, and on and on. Likely you could find your "specialty" and succeed with your background. I believe there is more profit in the pre-sale residential market. You have to have the sales/numbers and therein lays the rub. Simply look at the job as a business. I don't know the answers and would question those that se
  6. formed in place. not uncommon in parts of mid-michigan.
  7. Pretty nifty! Ironically, I first saw ne of these a million years ago in Oak Park, Il. Then again in Austin, Il I have never seen one in Michigan.
  8. Hey Bill, are you saying that horse hair was not used? that is not been my experience.
  9. not very likely. that would be horse hair. or a close neighbor of Rapunzel.
  10. In my mind it make sense to replace the unit with any major repair. around here the service call is $125 and any minor repair would be an additional $100-200 and that would represent what percentage of the total replacement cost of entire component. When it gets to 33% - I would replace.
  11. It sure has been an unusual year for me. We worked with a completely different protocol, spent less time in the office, way more time in the field, and ended up with a slight gain in sales and revenue for 2020. I have been at this for several decades and chose 2020 as my last year to actively do inspections. The company remains with all the same people along with one more part-time inspector It will continue to grow and innovate. This year taught me that adversity comes in many forms; economy, virus, age, etc. Adversity does not always translate into less sales or money/profit
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