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  1. Here in Michigan we have been locked in since March. It is time to begin the re-opening process. In Sweden it may not be so important as here in the states.
  2. Hey Patrick you aren't going out of business are you?
  3. I have read your post and the piece in the Reporter. I remain uncomfortable with this information as presented. There simply is no insurance policy that will indemnify an inspector or hold the inspector harmless. Your inspection agreement must be written by your attorney, not your insurance company. Just my opinion.
  4. hope and a meal for the tree rats. nice photo.
  5. We signed one. I called the Michigan Association of Realtors, the author, and requested they read it. They did and agreed it was BS. They wrote it. They read it. They rejected it. Do the common sense thing(s).
  6. Hey Jim, is it really about the water? My mother's brother's cousin's uncle told me that Mike Holmes told him a little water is not all bad.
  7. Mike - very nice! But as an inspector could you explain why he only has eight toes? I want to share, but can't find your facebook acct.
  8. Sunrise is a good company.
  9. what was the outside spore count? for both test sets. I have never seen real mold testing with values of 1 or 2 spores. Who did the testing? every house I have ever been in (actually one was clean because it was a sterile air-lock house) has mold.
  10. Les

    Condition of roof

    Hmmm, seems my experience and knowledge would be contrary to your opinion. Moss covered roofs and those with extensive growth (of anything) are regarded as an issue as far as I am concerned. I do not recommend "soft brush" cleaning. Is this a recommendation for Colorado roofs or everywhere?
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