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  1. He said this is a flip and you should not do anythi ng right.
  2. We were considered "essential" by our wonderful leaders, so we only were closed for three days. We will finish the year a bit above last year for inspections and have double digit increases in radon, sewer scopes, water, pest inspections. This may be my last year as an active participant. One of the inspectors is going to put me out to pasture! This sales market for houses is better than it has been for years. We actually have dozens more inspectors in mid Michigan than ever before. Lots have closed.
  3. When I die I want to come back as a ghost in Chicago. Wander around places like this, interContinental, Palmer House, etc. Walking one block around the Water Tower takes a good week or ten days if you are curious!
  4. Marc, if you tried hard enough, I am sure you could find mold. Probably twenty or thirty varieties.
  5. We had one actually show up in Denver, Co and one in Tampa Fl over the past year. We are in Michigan. Both were eventually not recovered even though we knew where they were being used. They were 1027s and not worth the effort.
  6. one of the most beautiful tools ever produced. I have a range of them, but seldom get the chance to use them.
  7. What are you trying to say? I really don't mean to come across as an ass, but.
  8. we use mostly Extend and Climb 12.5" and 16'. been using them since 2004. They last about 1 1/2 yrs for the chunky guys and couple years for the healthy guys. We keep a 32' at the office for hazardous duty.
  9. I love writing. Not good at it, but still admire, respect and envy those that can do it. (read Jim Morrison). As far as changing or using a particular report or format goes, I have changed my mind over the years. I now think you can write a perfectly good report with just a few sentences. The deluge of 70+page boiler reports was a huge factor in my change of mind. I'll go so far as saying "99.999% of home inspection report are crap when viewed by other inspectors. My report is perfect! My report is bigger! My report can save lives! My report is for you and only you! You get the
  10. Time for true confessions of a home inspector. Several years ago I decided to limit our inspections. Still stay with the SOP's, but cut them way down. I implemented little changes - Went to a narrative, checklist report, spent more time managing client expectations by the office, etc. I would NOT suggest you do this. It worked for us. Sometimes, just sometimes you need lots of words. It makes you look smart. For instance, don't just tell the real estate lady she is "hot". Stretch it out and tell her she is beautiful, smart, your hero and hot!
  11. Well it seems she is abt 40-50miles from me. Unfortunately I don't think any of us have any answers for her, on a professional level. We would have advice - Move, but nothing professional without being on-site.
  12. I think rotating the seventh berry from the left in the fifth row from the bottom approximately 15 degrees would improve the composition.
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