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  1. Les

    Oven Location

    nothing I am aware of.
  2. three is nice. two not so much. one is interesting, but chaotic
  3. Les

    Fun Design Challenge

    I don't care what those other guys are saying - I am claiming to know the guy that designed that place. I really like to see work done by others that I can't do!
  4. Les

    Fun Design Challenge

    Steven, is there a particular reason every other rafter in the dome terminates in a sawn point? how is that piece held in place?
  5. Mike, what are you using for camera?
  6. Les

    sill rot on older Anderson windows

    John, anecdotally we started writing the open sill ends and were corrected by the local distributor. We had advised simply caulking them. He, informally, told us that was designed to be open, but offered no real scientific reason. Mentioned it may be for ventilation or prevent the water that may have penetrated the horizontal sill becoming seal into wood. we still mention it. we have found, like you, many rotted and many nothing. interested to see what others post.
  7. yes, occasionally.
  8. Just my opinion, but relying on any zillow type site for ages is a slippery slope. with a bit of knowledge you use site condition and all that Marc states above. Once in a while I will use public records for commercial. This not to say you should not use zillow sites, just that you should not rely upon them.
  9. I insist that we disclose we were there before. It is impossible to forget a previous inspection. We do not share the report under any circumstance. Even with the previous client permission. If someone wants the report go the the person were did it for.
  10. Les

    pvc flue pipe

    Interesting. furnace is abt 22' below roof line. Do you install a 180 on top of pipe, use a storm collar ? etc. I know you can research it and find all kinds of information, but the intent here is what do you think at the time of inspection.
  11. Les

    Gutter Guards

    Thanks Bill. That is a really good photo. Better than what Mike Lamb has been posting lately!
  12. What all above said. The key is just a standard HUD padlock key. The crawl has to be secured by the preservation company/Safeguard. The soil looks soft like rodent trails or moles. The shed definitly has animal activity. Most components are at life expectancy. the price is average for our mid-michigan market repos. Without fail, get it inspected by a professional.
  13. Les

    Lint Trap

    I don't have a dryer. Rope and two cedar posts in the back yard. My gas dryer vent is 22'long. 90 out of dryer, 7' rise, 90, then 15' to exterior wall. Too long, but I clean it every six months or so and am always surprised how little lint there is. I clean it with the air setting and from the exterior inward abt 18'. I suppose a family of three or four would need to clean more often.
  14. we are so poor we have not waste other than plastic and stained paper.