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  1. Jim, After seeing that shirt I may have gone the other way! Good to see you guys meeting up!
  2. Frederick, would help if you told us a little about your conpany. thanks and good luck with the growth!
  3. wit, guile and charm. This kind of content makes TIJ what it is.
  4. how did you write it. not looking for verbatim, rather how was it reported? This info is what i learned today; january 18th, 2020.
  5. Michael, insertion of another link was not what I expected from you. I would suggest you tell us something about your company other than puffery. If you want to advertise, then contact Mike Brown site administrator. In the meantime, tell us something. Your audience here at TIJ is different than most inspector boards; they are typically well established knowledgeable inspectors that are difficult to bs.
  6. Bustmold, tell us a bit more about you and your company.
  7. I deleted the entire post. it was over six years old and just a link dropper.
  8. Please don't poke fun at the radon protocols. They are in place for the children. 🚽
  9. Reactions to your photo posts really intrigue me. Often, as with this one, it brings out my insecurity regarding my taste in art!
  10. There certainly is an intellectual side to this profession and it was not recognized for decades. At one point there were just a handful of individuals that were home inspectors and they got inundated with people joining the profession that had changed a light bulb or built a deck. It was not that long ago and many remain in the business. As I understand and recall your path, you choose complete immersion and are blessed with great ambition. You also brought an intellect and mindset that was not common at that time. Now you are an educator and mentor - but it has been a journey! We both (all) know inspectors that are off the scale with intelligence, knowledge and skill. They keep me humble and every beginning inspector should be so lucky to know one as a friend.
  11. the bracket that holds the pressure switch sure looks field fabricated to me. it has different fasteners than the remainder of cabinet shown in photo; raw edges, fasteners, discoloration at throat of inducer, etc. the burner cycle you describe is of concern. I really can't imagine aftermarket parts not being available. Maybe things are different in Canada.
  12. I took another look at the photo and realize I have never seen a configuration like that. I, of course, have not seen everything, but this looks like some sort of field modification. Is it original?
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