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  1. Hey Mike, nice to see a short concise response from you! In fact it was pretty easy to read. Early next year Chad is having a symposium that would be a great venue for continuing this discussion.
  2. Hey Mike, the latest is the floor heat mat folks want to blame the electrician and the electrician wants to blame the tile setter. Fact is it is 99% tile setter, possible wrong mortar and less than good tile back coverage. the tile is porcelain and great conductor.
  3. Looking back, I think the one thing I did wrong was try to inspect them as "typical". they are not typical. While many may be close to typical very few are. Little things like no shower head, disposer gone, copper removed, crud poured down drain lines, trash and left over food, etc.
  4. we have done thousands and thousands. Seriously during one 45day period we only did re-pos and not one single occupied "normal" house. no advice. abt 60% were semi-trashed and very difficult to inspect for a variety of reasons; no utilities, damage, trash etc. now we only do one or two a week.
  5. we often advise homeowners to physically move out of house when a major build or remodel goes bad for just that reason. They return home every day and see the problem. anecdotally - likely 60% of the actions we win there is no actual money or value recovered. it cost a lot of money to be right.
  6. i am too embarrassed to post the other photos of the removal. embarrassed for him, not me! I do lots of legal stuff and my kid is an atty, so you would think i would take that route, but in fact I am letting the guy off the hook a little while he wraps his head around the costs and effort this involves. maybe I will post more photos.
  7. well, he was really onboard until we started removing tiles. now not so much. At this time I am trying, in vain, to make him understand he can't remove tile and reset the same tile without clearing the back of tile. also looks like we will have to replace the heat film. stay tuned.
  8. It is the house we bought few years ago that Concetta is insisting I finish it! it is on 10acres and has little ponds and great gully areas. I am in no hurry to finish it.
  9. The mystery was mostly solved after removal of a few tiles and seeing the mortar lines. Jim is absolutely right with his observation about the mortar. now I have about 1400 more foot of tile to remove. Sounding the entire floor indicates there may be as much as 60% improperly set in mortar.
  10. we have run all the mats prior to install and one we dug out from installation. no problems there. The photo is the only one i have right now. it is giving me some clues now that we removed couple of tiles. note the mortar is not making 100% contact and the fiber film over the heat film mat. more photos later
  11. five individual circuits and t-stats. all will come "on" and all will warm floor slightly. these are film type and I have never used them before. thought they would be best for existing old concrete slab installation. I can clearly identify exact areas where the mats are with surface thermometer - gains 10-15 degrees on cold day after operating for 10 days straight. the mats almost never shut off via temp probe and operate 99% of time with no significant gain. main question is what logic is there in a self adhering mat with a textile cover being installed with a 3/8" notch trowel and there by creating a thermal break? will post couple photos later today. all instructions followed by the ceramic guy and the electrical guys. both are old time friends and great tradespeople.
  12. had several hundred foot of ceramic tile installed on an uninsulated concrete slab here in Michigan. five zones of floor heating electric film under tile. none of them work. i had contractor remove several tiles that were over mat/film and he had installed them with a latex mod mortar, notched 3/8" directly on top of mat. there is no electrical issues (all new and triple checked for continuity). best gain I can get after 10days of operation is plus five degrees .l any ideas?
  13. pretty clear it needs attention and repair.
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