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  1. Les

    This ladder still OK?

    Denny, I would not use it. But I am old and, like Chad, have an aversion to falling. Biggest field issue I have with inspectors is their use of ladders. Always too horizontal.
  2. Les

    Christmas Inspectoon

    nice! I especially like the woman's leg.
  3. Les

    Pier and beam offset

    house not so good. does not look to be in very good condition, but you can fix anything with enough money. You will need some money to fix that one. Get a real inspector.
  4. See Les's post above.
  5. a pleasant reminder of my good sense in divorcing my first wife.
  6. little details often get past our observations. This is the sort of embellishment I would love to have on my home!
  7. Les

    Foundation settlement gauge

    Pretty much the same as Jim K's experience. Have not used them for several years. I also used medical glass slides epoxied across crack - broken = movement. What that means is what ever you want it to mean.
  8. Les

    3 inspection photos you should take to manage your risk

    Marc, you win the day for that post.
  9. nice job! radio is more difficult than one would think. you sound like a million bucks!
  10. Les

    Rest of Co-Hosting

    You might have a new career in entertainment.
  11. Les

    Pit Sawn Timbers

    Rob, your post reminds me of an old girlfriend.
  12. I concur with Jim and Bill. Fix leak. Spray with Concrobium, not bleach. Fix hole. Get on with life.
  13. sure looks like kilz or BIN or other synthetic mold food. We see it 50-60 times a year. mostly advertised as a mold killer or mold stop. Far as I know it does neither. I do own a restoration company and we only use Concrobium (bakiing soda) and couple of mold color removers, hydrogen peroxide base. Some kid at big box told them what to do.