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  1. Raceway in cabinet?

    Dear Tom, I like whips too!
  2. Marc, everything you write is correct, except you made an assumption that the efflorescence would occur under the strap and there would be moisture under the strap, etc. IE: cracked wall, water entry, efflorescence, clean the wall, apply the strap, then what?
  3. I often use the analogy they are very similar to strapping tape on packages. I have also asked, and not gotten an answer from mfg, how efflorescence affects them.
  4. Pretty common around our area. Only failures were from improper installation aka: skilled homeowners. Are they all kevlar?
  5. Do you have any experience with inspections? Fill in your profile info for a little better introduction.
  6. What is this?

    klixon disc
  7. Wood Pellet Insulation

    We often see sawdust of various particle size, but nothing that size. I was raised in a town that had several furniture factories and sawdust was cheap/free. Every couple of years someone would die when buried in the huge piles. The planers, gouges and shapers would make large chunks of wood and that was used to fire the boilers. There was a wood bowl factory that produced coarse sawdust in strands. Seems like weight would be an issue. Don't know.
  8. Which Brand HVAC???

    I vote for Trane. particularly the xl line. good luck with several.
  9. we always call them sky cranes. likely a better moniker out west!
  10. I am seventy-three. work every day. never worked nights or week-ends and only have done one sunday inspection in last 35yrs. I have been shot five times, thrown off tall buildings, and chased by irate husbands and managed to thrive for many decades. I smoked 2 1/2 packs of Camels everyday for forty-seven years. Damn near killed me when I quit. Well it damn near killed me before I quit! I slowed down at 68yrs (heart attack), but did not stop working. I think that was the right choice for me. I really believe we, as inspectors, fail to properly address the stress in our work life. Stress management is key. I accomplished that with a strict and rigid schedule. Yoga may also have been a good choice. waiting to see what other ancient ones write.
  11. SOP vs QA/QA plan

    I read the act and came away thinking you did not. Maybe I should re-read it.
  12. SOP vs QA/QA plan

    Allison, do you have to have both in place to do screening/testing in Iowa?
  13. Perlite?

    It sure looks like Perlite. Did you taste it? It should lay on the tongue crisply with a hint of rose and McDonald's old clam shell at the finish!
  14. Radon Discharge Connections

    I partially agree. Velocity is the variable. if the air is moving across an orifice (opening) then it could create a vacuum.
  15. Radon Discharge Connections

    Mike, I don't really know either. that setup seems a tad on the "poor workmanship" side of the spectrum 'tho. it is close to the window, leaky conduit, seems the fan is too large for the capacity of gutter downspout, etc.