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  1. at some point it likely was swept? the streaks remind me of carbon - nearby fire?
  2. I think you may be confusing what is done in your neck of the woods and what is done in mine. The tpr would never(seldom if ever) terminate on the exterior here in wonderful Michigan. That said, we never see it used that way. BTW I have fondled a fair amount of pex and never had it break in my hand.
  3. Hey Chris, posting an actual question is encouraged, however just spamming is not. does not look like you are in Canada.
  4. That is worth taking the day off and just doing what you want in there. I have been fortunate to be able to explore many buildings in the Chicago area by myself and get paid by others to do it. Nice photo record of a "day in the life of an inspector".
  5. Les

    Holland Furnace

    depends on what ZIP code.
  6. Les

    Holland Furnace

    It was prior to 1958, ala the lack of zip code. Also, I have inspected many of these and they were about 33 1/3% efficient and lasted forever. Made in Holland Michigan down by the lake and Howard Miller clock company. Chad is correct about the use of chrome. The company got started as a furnace manufacturer and morphed into a furnace cleaning company using giant vacuum trucks. http://www.hollandprofessionalclub.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2017-March-Rob-Sligh-The-Rise-and-Fall-of-Holland-Furnace-Company.pdf there are dozens of stories about the company and most are about how the company influenced commerce and fraudulent business stuff.
  7. well, at least it was not crestfallen.
  8. Here in Michigan we have been locked in since March. It is time to begin the re-opening process. In Sweden it may not be so important as here in the states.
  9. Hey Patrick you aren't going out of business are you?
  10. I have read your post and the piece in the Reporter. I remain uncomfortable with this information as presented. There simply is no insurance policy that will indemnify an inspector or hold the inspector harmless. Your inspection agreement must be written by your attorney, not your insurance company. Just my opinion.
  11. hope and a meal for the tree rats. nice photo.
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