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  1. I got it, and thought it was pretty funny. But then, I just read a related recent comment,of Jim's regarding Facebook in another thread.
  2. I appreciate that, Jim! Yes, Facebook definitely has far more negative aspects than positive ones. Best wishes.
  3. I'd be interested in this as well. Please keep me in the loop.
  4. I too, John, am very guilty of getting entirely too busy to return to TIJ as much as I'd like to . I hope to return here more myself. So, you're not alone at all. Best wishes for a safe, productive and profitable 2018.
  5. Belated, but wishing all of my old friends here a stellar year.
  6. Thanks Mark! Yep, I tell folks basically the same thing regarding brick veneer: It's just an incredibly durable super high PSI rated facade - a siding. Relax!
  7. @Big Tool, If you have a few more pictures to post of both the steel and the openings, I can probably shed some light on the construction - if you're interested. Regarding the work of lintels in general, in most cases the hardest a window or door lintel ever works is the day that it's loaded with green masonry (all dead and completely saturated weight). If a steel lintel is going to deflect it will be that day. Sometimes undersized lintels will merely twist outward in the center causing a belly in the brickwork. And on rare occasions the lintel would twist enough to literally dump the masonry on the catwalk before it ever set up. (Architects or Builders are notorious for selecting undersized lintels.) It's helpful to understand that steel within a masonry system almost never deflects after installation. It can't without massive "tell-tale" cracks in the masonry. (Masonry does have some flex thanks to the mortar, but it's not as flexible as steel.) With all this in mind, you will most often notice that most bulged brickwork on twisted steel shows little or very minor cracking - because it all happened while the world was green. Once the masonry IS set up. The lintel could be removed with no immediate consequence whatsoever as long as there is substantial masonry above. The half bond pattern carries the weight across the opening in a matter of courses leaving only a small triangular area directly over the opening more hanging from the masonry above than supported by anything below. Masonry is so durable. Just picture the bombed out buildings in Europe after WWII with 1/3 of the masonry blown away and still standing. What appears to be flat steel might be a "hung-plate" attached to the underside of an I-Beam. Or the masonry might actually be laid on the bottom flange of an I-Beam. In these cases, steel is flexible and masonry not so flexible. Cracks are inevitable. More pictures would make it a little easier to decide what's really going on. All the best!
  8. Latest shocker on this diet: I just, for the first time in years can do complete full range knee bends. I was dealing with inflammation that I had passed off as permanent injury from snowboarding and past HI related repetitive motion. Negative! It's gone, and my knee is as good as if I was a kid. AMAZING! Every day i realize some new significant improvement in my quality of life through this diet. Wish i had known to do it sooner.
  9. We are Home Inspectors. are we really sane?[:-paperba[:-taped] Have you considered a local TV channel show to compete with Holmes - something catchy? Shanty Shivers perhaps... [:-sonar]
  10. I've seen him about three times: twice purely by channel surfing, and once this morning on Fox. I find him almost instantly annoying. This morning, he's ripping off wall finish to discover damage, and pretty much acting as if a home inspector should have known it's there. I think the main thing that I find particularly abbrasive is his eagerness to find fault with everyone but himself. So, I cant watch him for very long, because I can only handle tiny doses of negativity at a time, before I am ready to claw my way through a concrete wall to get away. [:-banghea
  11. There's no doubt in my mind, as you say, that it comes in handy, and I remember your initial satisfaction with having purchased one. Yet, in my entire career, I have yet to get a call, through which I ever recognized that an IR would have made a difference. I wouldn't mind owning one, but heck I think it's general experience that keeps us out of trouble, by knowing where to concentrate. I haven't had a call back in years. Nonetheless, I am sure that you're right - eventually, we will have to add it to the show.
  12. I love the fact that they loaded the cores of those 4 x 8 x 16 block to properly support the weight of that girder - well almost all of the cores. And, never mind the fact that a concrete block isn't designed to receive a load in that orientation. The whole affair is wrong on so many levels... [:-propell
  13. That could be hazardous if you fall forward - face first into your food, Tom. [:-eyebrow
  14. Yep, that's how we all got the way we are. The funny thing is - most of us would NEVER treat our cars and trucks as we do our bodies...
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