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  1. Tub/Shower Step

    i attempt to skirt code citation on old construction dif on new but do know where to find when challenged & would say something along the lines of the stair does not appear to meet minimum tread depth for secure footing & glazed tile at damp/wet locations presents a known slip/fall hazard...ymmv
  2. Old and frayed cloth covered wires

    Mike- try this pdf www.usfa.fema.gov/downloads/pdf/statistics/v14i13.pdf
  3. i use a Leica Disto to check construction dimension to plans although not intentionally designed for form placement a laser doesn't bend or skew at odd angles occasionally i've found some pretty extreme out of square forms or just plain botched dimensional form installations either at plumbing w/rough forms in place or pre-pour phase inspections the worst was a client received a 3'x56' "gift" extension on the house slab at the master bdr & great room that i reported but they never let the builder know wink wink nod nod & another the forms were over 12" out of square along a 69ft section of the forthcoming slab the flooring looked similar to the Jim's in the end
  4. Lint Trap

    i'll concede vertical was/is known to have a different interpretation in cajun land, at least whenever i worked across the Red ;~))
  5. Lint Trap

    https://dryerbox.com/building-code.htm all depends on which code cycle the muni has adopted the wording has been around since 2009 if memory seves Cleanout. Each vertical riser shall be provided with a means for cleanout. mesh cap? Screens shall not be installed at the duct termination.
  6. cement siding abuse

    pneumatic 16ga finish nails are very common around here w/most installers for blind & face nailing i expect on arrival & rarely surprised to include my boilerplate comment & https://www.jameshardie.com/JamesHardieMainSite/media/Site-Documents/TechnicalBulletins/5-alternate-fasteners.pdf
  7. 12V AC vs DC

    i had the pleasure of inspecting a nice portion of the satco 343,125 sqft facility early last year if it's anything to do with bulbs they'd know & know where to purchase the right replacement
  8. What brand is this siding?

    possibly certainteed line durapress weatherboard www.sidingsolutions.com/infopages/WBContractorGuide.pdf
  9. like JK i've had great luck w/near new used...last house/set i picked up for $750 has lasted over 10 yrs paid around $100~$150 per appliance...range, frig, dw, w & d bought from individuals in higher-end markets & got 3 of 5 from 1 seller wound up doing inspections for them & their family mems later always get receipts, document make/model/serial in case of theft, natural disaster or other catastrophes always keep total cost below tenants deposit just in case their background blows up during their tenancy once had to file theft charges/insurance claim for what on 1st appearance seemed like a very nice couple w/1 kid things went south in their relationship & 1 of them thought that taking the kit appliances was a good idea...not
  10. S-trap in new construction

  11. What is the name for this exterior piece?

    it's a good thing when the Heads are aligned proper water table trim when produced from wood requires the bottom kerf or expect premature failure
  12. Brick veneer as a structural member

    done these numerous times, don't care for the look & had to explain the poor design to clients pneumatic nails will horseshoe back upon themselves, attaching to the stud only, or break brick so any that actually penetrate are most likely temporarily attached to fractured mortar this can/will loosen the wall over time or one good door slam-bam argument best application is to predrill all holes, apply dbl bead air/moisture sealant to wall stud & tapcon or similar directly into brick @ min 12"ctr based on the pic i question the joist/rafter attachment & door jamb appears out of plumb
  13. Elevator Machine Room Lighting

    afaik incandescent is not specified basics are permanent electric lighting shall be provided in all elevator machine rooms and machinery spaces the illumination shall be not less than 19 foot candle at the floor level light switch is to be located in the machine room and placed near the machine room doorjamb (i add "strike plate/keeper side" for those with no commonsense) luminaires must be lensed or equipped with wire guards to protect the lamps from breakage any required lighting shall not be connected to the load side of a gfci Rich, i understand your frustration please understand overkill should be your last option excessive glare may endanger those trades that may come after to service equipment always remember compliance & keeping anyone safe is our intent
  14. Large gap btwn thimble + vent for oil fired boiler

    never seen oil fired down here i'm aware of nfpa & csia that covers this http://www.csia.org/oil_fired_chimneys.html i'd note your concerns, request owner furnish seasonal/annual maintenance docs & refer client to someone competent & qualified to inspect & service the flue my 2 cents "appears" & actually does are 2 different things are you willing to risk the flue not exhausting/exiting properly? "assume" should not be any part of inspector jargon