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  1. thought the top might be a smoked colored lens like skylights i've seen let us know if/when you find out
  2. wag: solar tube skylight what was below
  3. inspected numerous "conservatories" & canned hunt compounds with animals from all over the planet & multiple structures on-site all across tx & ok not my cup of tea but a gig is a gig & many have converted to other usage, better imo
  4. without pictures i can only hazard a guess wrench house? or did you mean ranch-house possibly bridging, blocking or strip could help: R502.7.1 Joists exceeding a nominal 2 inches by 12 inches (51 mm by 305 mm) shall be supported laterally by solid blocking, diagonal bridging (wood or metal), or a continuous 1 inch by 3 inch (25.4 mm by 76 mm) strip nailed across the bottom of joists perpendicular to joists at intervals not exceeding 8 feet (2438 mm).
  5. cockamamie stuff happen on & with the interweb 2 yr old replies, because! scifier in me relies, ghosts in the machine take your pick HAPPY NEW YEAR to all may all stay safe, healthy, happy & prosperous in the New Year we lost way too many good ones in 2020
  6. depending on the comm/res sales market in your area & gov/licensing & with your background i'd heavily market comm less agent & client bs & less emotional & spousal issues to deal with hrs entailed & $s are much better as well
  7. that took some serious 3B consideration bud & bayou brain-storming the bud could be liquid or horticultural variety ran crews in SBC in the '90s Joie de vivre
  8. i personally stay away from prescribing any retrofit-upgrade-alteration to properties i've not inspected & really have no knowledge of beyond that of the op w/o any pix numerous prospective clients actually send me pix & my standard reply is "unless i can see the current conditions in person i cannot factually comment any further, if you need someone to offsite evaluate i am not your inspector"
  9. baby steps i was just trying to exhibit to the young man, as most others had expressed, there's more to it than passing a test
  10. homewhisperer here's your challenge inspect your own home & create a factual report based on your current knowledge & thoroughly covering all of the items in the attached document...any possible clientele will expect this and more from you post it here for the Gurus of Wisdom to critique btw your clients will want instant gratification or most licensed states require report delivery within days so either accept 09-30-2020 as your deadline or you have failed the TX requirements Residential Rehabilitation Inspection Guide.pdf
  11. other factors causing the rust & staining makes me suspicious of just galvanic corrosion i've seen similar evaporating MC in commercial from rats or mice using the cable as their highways & byways their urine isn't metallic friendly
  12. https://forum.nachi.org/t/more-courses-with-closed-captioning-for-members-with-deafness-or-hearing-loss/170902
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