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  1. had to have been transferred from my late '90s computer sometime after May 95 the date on the doc
  2. Eaton Interchangable Classified Breaker.pdf
  3. re: BFF & the same advice i give my family on large purchases & based on the info provided only 2 questions you need answered by you & you alone 1 what is the cost to properly remediate by your chosen vendor 2 is the cost of someone else's problems plus remediation within your financial comfort zone there is no deal until you pull the trigger
  4. the rack has the letters im bored play i r e d down using the m in mask to get triple word score for mired i/you are left with mbo or mob on the rack the ensuing conclusion, imo my dyslexia is an asset in some arenas
  5. thematically with that rack i'd play mired down off of mask leaving the obvious next phase mob
  6. S&C those coils are filthy have them professionally cleaned & replace or clean filter more often than what is seen we have compromised grandmonsters & use the higher quality washable type filters in our systems bought two of all sizes needed i clean & swap weekly
  7. i remember 1980 oly chant usa! usa! usa! & going to other events exalting we're #1 within the last 24 hrs both became our reality once again concerning covid everyone stay safe & well & look forward to reading you as this rapidly progresses https://bnonews.com/index.php/2020/03/the-latest-coronavirus-cases/ badair Father Sky Mother Earth Children of the Universe Forever Free Always at Peace
  8. much info at the link https://www.suezwatertechnologies.com/handbook/handbook-industrial-water-treatment cooling water systems 26 may be of use although i'm not a proponent; you may want to test the solids & a water sample to identify what it is and pinpoint a course of action because it may not be mold
  9. you'd be surprised 20 something years ago pro inspectors right in my market as well as outside mentored me & used my vehicle for ride alongs, no sense in wasting their gas & time to train me on their gigs & it also showed them i was willing to show up on time and treat this as a profession unlike many that think this is a get training & licensed where required & start making $70k or more a year as advertised by many of the schools over the years i've annually sent out invitations to the newly licensed for collaborative "earn while you learn" opportunities my thinking is better for clients to have knowledgeable inspections rather than getting ripped off by some of the checkbox chimps still infiltrating the industry & what i offer will be repaid in spades which it has this list i created over a number of years are the many that have 10 fold I'd like to thank all of you for your continued trust, confidence and support when referring the Commercial, EIFS, AMSV, Infrared Thermography, Moisture Analysis, Phase, Stucco, exterior cladding specialty inspections & general property inspections making this another fantastic year for ADAIR INSPECTION. In the event your name does not appear here it's probably my age related absentmindedness or client did not mention, please feel free to add your contact details in your reply! Aaron Miller http://www.texasinspector.com/ AC Tool Supply http://www.aikencolon.com/dallas-tx-texas-infrared.html Alamode http://www.alamode.com/inspector Alan Leibel Atty. http://www.pamlaw.com/Attorneys/Alan-S-Leibel.shtml Bill Warner http://bcwarner.com/ for all the behind the scenes efforts Brian Bassett http://www.wall2wallhomeinspectionsdfw.com/ Bruce Thompson http://www.thompsonpropertyinspection.com/ Charley Bottger http://www.freedomexpressinspections.com/ Collin Cowan http://www.cowaninspection.com/ Craig Lemmon 817-291-9056 Dale Duffy for all the behind the scenes efforts Dan Cahill D & B Inspection Services, Inc. 214-808-3665 Donnie D. Mortimer http://www.tx-reab.com/agents-list/54098-donnie-d-mortimer-priority-home-inspections-allen-tx-75013 Emmanuel Scanlan http://www.psinspection.com/index.php Frank Adame http://www.sbhinspections.com/contact.html George Russell http://georgerussellprofessionalinspections.com/ James Young MasterTechHomes LLC J.D. Fuller http://easttexashomeinspection.com/contact-us/ Jim Cole Cole Real Estate Services 972-571-6646 Jim Gibbs http://www.gibbsandgibbs.com/ Jim Luttrall http://www.mrinspector.net/seller/about-us.html John Bowman for all the behind the scenes efforts John Cahill http://www.cahillinspection.com/ John Safstrom http://www.systematichomeinspections.com/ Kris Svendsen http://www.vikinginspections.com/ Lila Feng Keller Williams Realty 817-920-7700 Office Mike Wortman http://www.homesafeinspections.net/i...id=2&Itemid=25 NACBI http://nacbi.org/ Paul Ito http://www.theitogroup.com/index.htm Rashada Hemingway http://rhemingway.cbapex.com/agent/8174036886/rashada-hemingway Rick Hurst http://www.homeworksinspection.com/ Terry Smith Metro Dallas Realty 469-251-7698 Thom Walker http://castleinspectionagency.com/index.php US Inspect http://www.usinspect.com/ Will Misegades http://redfishinspections.com/
  10. looks like tectum from mi casa are they sure it's not a retrofit replacement for a previous ceiling
  11. from linked manual Air Shutter Adjustment An air shutter adjusting screw is located on the exterior, bottom of the inner body. Screw air shutter adjusting screw IN to close air shutter top (increase yellow flame). Screw air shutter adjusting screw OUT to open air shutter top (decrease yellow flame). If main burner flame pattern is incorrect, as shown in Figure 19 • See Troubleshooting, page 21
  12. my experience is limited w/legal threats; so to speak i contacted my atty$ & e$o they said never have any unwritten communication with parties not my client & to have those demanding confidential docs to contact them never heard any further
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