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  1. i've worked a few "elderly-child endangerment cases" thru attys, 1 published in a 3 week newspaper exposé the attys were all large & in charge types, wanted what's best for the "innocents" & knew who, what. where & when further action, beyond their office was required if your atty isn't providing assistance & direction prob need a new-better atty
  2. right or wrong it's my opinion i see no difference than some of the properly sized-installed, yet maintenance neglected, decks-stairs that i've seen reported in the news causing injuries or collapsing in your & my markets i'm in a licensed state that requires me to use a promulgated form in the "preamble" of said report form is this quote in all bold caps ITEMS IDENTIFIED IN THE REPORT DO NOT OBLIGATE ANY PARTY TO MAKE REPAIRS OR TAKE OTHER ACTIONS, NOR IS THE PURCHASER REQUIRED TO REQUEST THAT THE SELLER TAKE ANY ACTION. there are no pre or post inspection police that i'm aware of like i tell folks "don't follow my lead, what i may be doing has gotten others in a world of hurt"
  3. some stats say falls are #1 cause of household accidents i clearly report the facts (you noted), advise replacement if situation warrants (i would based on your narrative of conditions present), costs be damned & let the client decide on how they want to move forward purchasing opp (other peoples problems) is an adult decision & adulting has become as rare as common sense
  4. discoloration could be anything recently had separate black brick veneer with black mortar & natural austin stone veneer with white mortar gigs that browning-yellowing all of a sudden appeared post-construction at isolated hi-mid-low areas of brick, stone, mortar materials no moisture intrusion bleed & not a thing w/vb, sheathing or from the required 1 1/2" void was found after invassive-destructive testing, bricks & stones were removed the culprit was determined to be the "slag-slop" mortar cleaning products used by the masons they're removing all affected materials...
  5. i've worked the dfw & farther markets for over 24 years municipal inspectors will allow almost anything to pass & exercise sovereign immunity, they are not consumer protection advocates, they work for a system whose main purpose is to collect more taxes, improved property brings in much more revenue than a vacant lot that being said, there was a long period where "code required" wrb were not required over exterior substrate sheathing of any type for any exterior cladding glad to see you've encountered slight moisture intrusion vs. many of the props i've inspected I don't have Text Available please call or email only Best Regards, Barry Adair Owner-Professional Inspector-Moisture Analyst-Infrared Thermographer Commercial-Residential-Construction-EIFS-Stucco-Exterior Claddings Inspections TREC Professional Inspector License # 4563 Exterior Design Institute: EIFS-MA TX # 39 Texas Infrared: Level I Certified Thermographer National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers™ Member ID 12011-14TX NSPF Certified Pool Inspector CPI Operator CPO # 75-221486 ADAIR INSPECTION office: 972.487.5634 e-mail: adairinspex@hotmail.com website: http://www.adairinspection.com
  6. happened to be slumming the other day & saw this appeared similar shape does size matter? https://www.lowes.com/pd/Rinnai-Tankless-Gas-Plastic-Water-Heater-Vent-Kit/1000234039?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-plb-_-google-_-pla-_-209-_-soswaterheatersparts-_-1000234039-_-0&placeholder=null&ds_rl=1286981&gclid=Cj0KCQjwiqWHBhD2ARIsAPCDzam9Oa-psDNtY36b_8PM-o0rqSrB6_vnRguhCSaSSXnIsUBnqL6bqUsaAj94EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  7. thought the top might be a smoked colored lens like skylights i've seen let us know if/when you find out
  8. wag: solar tube skylight what was below
  9. inspected numerous "conservatories" & canned hunt compounds with animals from all over the planet & multiple structures on-site all across tx & ok not my cup of tea but a gig is a gig & many have converted to other usage, better imo
  10. without pictures i can only hazard a guess wrench house? or did you mean ranch-house possibly bridging, blocking or strip could help: R502.7.1 Joists exceeding a nominal 2 inches by 12 inches (51 mm by 305 mm) shall be supported laterally by solid blocking, diagonal bridging (wood or metal), or a continuous 1 inch by 3 inch (25.4 mm by 76 mm) strip nailed across the bottom of joists perpendicular to joists at intervals not exceeding 8 feet (2438 mm).
  11. cockamamie stuff happen on & with the interweb 2 yr old replies, because! scifier in me relies, ghosts in the machine take your pick HAPPY NEW YEAR to all may all stay safe, healthy, happy & prosperous in the New Year we lost way too many good ones in 2020
  12. depending on the comm/res sales market in your area & gov/licensing & with your background i'd heavily market comm less agent & client bs & less emotional & spousal issues to deal with hrs entailed & $s are much better as well
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